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   Chapter 74 No.74

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'No' the woman shook her head. 'Poor baby……it's another illness, an illness that took my last child…naught but a few years ago….at the age.' She began to tremble then, tears running down her cheeks. 'He has a fever…' the woman continued, '…and all the same symptoms as my child before…before…..she died….'

The woman raised her head.

'Please save him.'

'How can I?'

'Bless him…' the woman begged her. '…Please…'

'I don't know how.'

'Just a touch' the woman uttered. 'That's all it takes.'

Lilith stared at the woman for a moment, before her eyes travelled back down to the little boy she held. He was utterly still. Lilith could see his breathing was shallow.

She reached towards him, touching his forehead with her fingertips. He was indeed hot, his skin burned.

Lilith kept the contact for a moment, the woman staring down at her son with wide eyed, before withdrawing.

The woman let out the breath she had been holding.

'Thank you' she said in a hushed voice to Lilith. 'Thank you….'

She made to turn away, pausing for a moment and glancing back at Lilith one last time.

'Your wings by the way…' she said, '…they're beautiful…'

She turned and hurried away.

Lilith watched her go, turning when she heard a faint noise behind her, the sound of wings when they beat the air, feeling the sudden downdraft of wind.

'Jaspin' she said.


They stood side by side, staring out onto the silent garden. Three white wings, and one black.

The sky was just beginning to lighten above them, as the sun slowly began to rise.

'Can anyone recover from the sickness?' Lilith asked him.

'No' Jaspin replied. 'Once you show the first symptoms of the sickness…its already too late….only the earth maiden could….could….' he bowed his head, holding his chin as he thought silently to himself. 'We have to find her soon' he mumbled, but he spoke more to himself now than he did Lilith.

Lilith was hardly listening to him now. Her mind was far away, and she thought of that woman and her child.

I hope he makes it she thought. I hope he will be alright….

The other angels when Lilith returned to the hall in which they slept were gone.

'Don't worry' Jaspin reassured her. 'They're about…somewhere…'

He turned to her then, and spoke to her.

'Are you happy Lilith?'

'Yes' she replied. 'It feels good to finally shed this veil' she said, 'and show people who I truly am, and not what they want

or expect me to be. I don't care if people worship or ridicule me. From now on, I am an angel.'

Jaspin watched her closely as she spoke, turning away when she had fallen silent.

'Those are wise words' he grumbled. 'We should not hide who we truly are.'

Sometime later, and the sun rose.

The holy men and women of the temple began to emerge, and those who were simply visitors to the church, began to gather in mass.

Whispers of 'angel' and 'holy relic' seeped through the crowd. Lilith walked through the throng of people, feeling their hands as they reached out to touch her wings. Here they worshiped her, loved her, as they did the other angels.

One of the women suddenly called out, pointing to the roof of the temple. The heads of the people turned towards the figure that sat upon the roof. Here they saw the figure of Reuben sitting on the roof, his burnished gold wings glistening in the early morning light. On the other rooftop opposite him, was Gael, standing on the edge and leaning over the courtyard, his light blue wings spread wide around him. Aski, with his steely silver wings, moved upon the ground through the crowd, and Jaspin, standing at the head of the courtyard, curled his wings around him. One white and one black. Upon his face painted in thick black lines were divine markings, drawn on him by the holy figures around him.

The people in the courtyard all knelt, bowing their heads to the angels around them.

Chapter Twenty Four

The Beacon

'We thank you for all you've done for us' Jaspin said to the holy man. 'But we've stayed already for far too long. We have to find the earth maiden' he told him.

'And you believe she can cure this world of the sickness?' the holy man asked.

'I hope so' Jaspin bowed.

The holy figure nodded to him. 'I am sure you will succeed' he said. 'I feel it in my heart.' He sighed. 'We will be sad to see you go.'

'I know, but we all must move on.'

'I know' the figure nodded.

A short time later, the five angels were gathered outside the temple, walking away from it and towards the open plains.

As they went, Lilith glanced to the side. In the gardens that grew outside temple she saw a woman, by her side, holding her hand, was a little boy. The boy was smiling and waving at the angels, his skin was healthy and he seemed happy. His mother beside him smiled too. She raised her hand, waving at Lilith. Lilith nodded back in acknowledgment.

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