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   Chapter 73 No.73

The Black and White Angel By Lady Lilium Characters: 5009

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'This way' said one of the holy men, leading them to one side of the room where there was a great grey stone slab that acted as a table. A deep blood-red cloth had been laid over it, and little candles flickered in the centre.

'Please sit' the man said to them as several other holy figures carried simple wooden benches into the room and placed them on either side of the long stone slab.

Jaspin was the first to sit, stretching his wings out wide, before drawing them close to him again, relaxing his body. His wings remained.

Around him the other angels took their seats. Lilith sat opposite him, shifting tentatively, resting with her hands on her lap. She raised her head to glance at Jaspin opposite her. He gave her a flickering smile, before turning away again.

'You must be exhausted' one of the holy woman said to them. 'You all look like you've gone without food and rest for far too long.'

'It's true' Gael turned to her. 'Our journey has been long…'

'Eat' the holy woman said to him, reaching forward tentatively and brushing his shoulder, before drawing back again. 'Sleep.' She said. 'Rest.'

She drew back, and hurried away.

Around them some the holy figures bustled around, while some of the others simply watched.

The angels sat in silence for no more than a minute, before the food was brought to them. Large plates stacked with an array of foods from every corner of the map. From spiced meats from the hot plains to the south, to the succulent fruits that grew on mountain tops on the icy peaks in the north. Many temples always had vast amounts of food on hand, and this temple they had come to, was a larger one.

'Why do they all want to touch us?' Lilith asked Jaspin in a quiet voice as the food was placed before them. The holy figures retreated now, though they still watched from a distance.

'They believe we are holy' Jaspin replied. 'If they touch us, then they are blessed.'

'Don't worry about it' Aski told her, as Reuben beside him began to eat as fast as he could, reaching for anything edible in his vicinity. 'Just enjoy the food.'

Lilith hesitated; staring at the plates piled high.

'It's alright' Jaspin told her.

'What if they betray us?' Lilith asked him.

'I trust them' he told her. 'You trust me.' He smiled. 'Eat.'

'But what about the earth maiden?'

'We will find her' Reuben said. 'But we must care for our bodies first, and fulfil our needs. We cannot find her if we are weak.'

Lilith reached for the pl

ate nearest her, and began to eat.

When they had all finished, the food was taken away, and the five angels moved to the soft platforms covered with cushions and lay down to rest.

'Relax' Jaspin told Lilith, as he lay down beside her. 'I'll be here.'

Lilith curled up upon the cushions, hugging one of the green cushions to her and sighing.

She closed her eyes.

She slept deeply, and peacefully. Twitching occasionally as she rested, her wings moved gently on their own as she dreamed.

She woke many hours later, opening her eyes, and blinking.

She closed her eyes, breathing a heavy sigh and stretching, opening her eyes again and sitting up.

Around her the other angels continued their slumber, wings still visible, and beside her, Jaspin's breath was slow.

Lilith gazed down at him, smiling warmly. He looked so peaceful as he slept, so tranquil and serene.

Lilith felt a surge of love towards him then, before turning away, and rising to her feet.

The room around them was utterly still. It was dark now, the lanterns hanging from gold chains from the ceiling were lit now, their flames burning brightly.

Lilith stepped off the platform, and onto the level ground, curling her wings around her body.

She walked away from the angels, moving off on her own.

The place was deserted. Nothing moved around her.

Lilith's steps were light, and she drifted silently through the halls and corridors, coming eventually to an open garden where the stars shone down upon her from the heavens above.

Lilith tilted her head back, gazing at the blanket of stars that twinkled over her. She listened the gentle sound of trickling water nearby.

'Such a beautiful world' Lilith whispered, 'so vast….'

Lilith looked ahead then, heart jumping slightly as she realised she was not alone after all.

A woman approached her, body hunched over and head covered by a hood.

She shuffled closer to Lilith.

'I'm sorry' the stranger whispered, bowing submissively, 'when I heard of your arrival…I had to come here…'

'Do I know you?' Lilith asked the woman.

'N-no' the woman replied. She shuddered in the cool night around her. 'I came….' she said, '…for you…'

The woman straightened slightly. It was then that Lilith noticed she carried a bundle.

'My child' the woman mumbled, tears welling in her eyes. 'He's sick.'

Lilith looked down at the bundle as the woman revealed it.

It was a little boy.

'Does he have the sickness?' Lilith asked him.

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