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   Chapter 72 No.72

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He slowly drew his hand back, leaning away again and turning to face the sky before them.

Lilith watched him closely, silent for several minutes, before speaking.

'What was Seaden to you?' Lilith asked him tentatively.

'Like a sibling' Jaspin replied without pause. 'She was like my little sister, and treated me like I was her older brother….' he smiled again, eyes beginning to shimmer. 'I loved her…dearly.'

Lilith stared at him wide eyed.

'I know how you must feel' she said. 'The only person I ever truly cared about was my grandmother, and she died so soon after I first met her.'

'No' Jaspin said. 'You don't know how I feel. Seaden and I had a special bond, stronger than any natural bond. We could feel one another, and the longer we were together, the stronger the bond grew.' Jaspin bowed his head. 'When she died…I feel like a lost a large piece of myself, a piece of my very soul.' He clenched his fists. 'She died a long time ago, yet the pain is only now just beginning to ebb away, since I met you' he said, turning to Lilith. 'You are healing me Lilith' Jaspin told him, 'the more time I spend with you' Jaspin said, 'the more my heart is mending.' He smiled. 'Thank you.'

Lilith didn't answer.

'The longer we stay together' Jaspin told her, 'the stronger our bond will become. I know we are bound, I am the weapon, and you are the shield, but I will do everything I can to protect you. I love you Lilith. I love you.'

'I love you too' Lilith replied. 'Jaspin.'

Hours later, when the five angels were rested, they set off again, flying to their destination where the earth maiden was last known to be. As Lilith soared through the air, she saw the temple coming into view. It was a large grey building built outwards, the back of which was set against the rocky cliff that overlooked it. There were rivers which ran and trees which grew between the buildings, looking as if the structure had been built around the land, instead of over it. The tallest part of the building in the middle, where there was a great hall, was topped with a wide conical. At one side of the building, was a massive round stained glass window, intricately and painstakingly designed with a depiction of a meadow filled with flowers, their multicoloured leaves blowing in the wind with the tall grass.

The angels began to descend. Lilith tilted her wings as the ground drew closer to her.

She landed lightly, straightening up. Around her the other angels were doing the same, sighing with relief at finally landing. They were all exhausted, having not eaten or slept in over a day.

The five angels clung together in the courtyard. T

here were many levels around them, the higher levels holding beds of flowers and square fountains where water ran freely.

As Lilith listened to the gentle flow of the water, she noticed then a figure watching them. Around her, the other angels had noticed too. They all watched this figure as the figure watched them.

'A holy woman' Lilith realised, seeing the white robes that the woman wore, the blue sash around her waist, and her hair covered.

She turned to the side, seeing another figure, then another, and another.

A crowd was beginning to slowly gather, drawing closer to them gradually. Men and women of varying ages, all dressed in the same clothes worn by those who were blessed.

Lilith at first began to feel a little nervous, until she realised that the people stared not with fear or revulsion, but with admiration.

'What are they doing?' Lilith asked in a whisper.

'They are worshipping us' Gael told her.

He turned away from her, towards a young woman who approached. She reached out towards him as she came closer, her hands running down his light blue wings.

Lilith felt something touch her own wings. She turned, to see a man dressed in white had touched her. She watched him, and he reached for her again, caressing her wings.

It felt strange to be touched this way, foreign.

Many began to gather around Jaspin, and he stretched his wings out further, so that people could see them, touch them, feel his feathers.

'It's alright' Aski told Lilith. 'They won't hurt you.'

'How can they worship us?' Lilith asked him. 'I thought we were considered an abomination.'

'Not in all places' Reuben told her. 'Not here.'

One of the women drew closer to Lilith still, reaching out to touch her face.

Gael spoke to one of the men near him. 'Food' he said. 'Sleep.'

'Come with us' the holy man said to them. 'We will give you food and a place to stay.'

'Keep your wings out' Jaspin mumbled to Lilith as he walked past her, following the holy men and women as they were led to another place.

Lilith's wings brushed the walls and ceiling of the corridors as they went.

Along the way, more began to follow them on the ground, and in the windows above them when they stepped out into a larger hall, people stood waiting for them, watching, as whispers of angel and holy being travelled throughout the temple.

The five angels were led to an open hall, where there were many large platforms with soft floors and massive cushions which covered them. Golden curtains covered one wall, before which was a little pool of water in a shallow basin, where the water was almost still. The flow was gentle.

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