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   Chapter 71 No.71

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'I wish I had such upbringing' Gael spoke up mournfully. 'I wish the people I had loved died through illness and not due to the fault of anyone else. My father killed my mother when he found out she was an angel. I still remember his screams as he called that he was coming for me next. I was still very young at the time, and had not flown yet. My father threw me off the seaside cliff we lived by. I fell like a stone, waking up some hours later to find a masked figure standing over me, a mask with a long beak and eyes like windows, through which I could see nothing. He cared for me, tended to my injuries, healed my broken bones and sent me on my way……I never saw him nor my father again.' He crossed his arms. 'I knew the other angels were dead, though I didn't want to believe it. The masked figure told me the sickness had claimed them all, that is why he imprisoned us all together later on, we had all been found, we were trapped together, while Lilith…the last angel…drew closer and closer to us….'

'I…' Lilith began. 'I never knew' she said staring at all of them. 'I never knew any of this.'

'We've all got a maggot in our past' Gael said unfolding his arms, 'Jaspin, Aski, Reuben and myself. And you Lilith, you who have lived a life of loneliness and solitude, rejected by your own parents, losing your own grandmother, the only family member who loved you, so soon after meeting her for the first time.' He turned away. 'All we have now is each other.'

'My grandmother…' Lilith spoke. 'She was a blonde angel…she showed me her wings…before she died.' Lilith brushed the tears away, even though she had known her grandmother for only a short time, the loss still cut her deep, and stung bitterly. 'There is no one else in my family that was an angel' Lilith finished, '…only me.'

'Now there are just five of us left…in the whole world.' Aski closed the book, turning to the others. In his hand he held the map, the co-ordinates to the place the earth maiden was supposed to be, the last place the black angel knew her to be. 'We have a destination' he told them. 'There is no use for us to stay her any longer.'

'Shouldn't we rest first?' Gael asked. 'We've not had food nor sleep in…'

'No' Jaspin spoke loudly. 'We leave now.'

Chapter Twenty Three


They flew for hours, even though everyone was exhausted, stopping only when Lilith could no further. They came to

rest on the peak of a mountain.

'I'm sorry' Lilith whispered, sitting hugging herself as her body trembled. 'I don't want to be a burden for you.'

'You are not a burden to us' Reuben told her calmly. 'Not before, and especially not now since we have learnt that we are all that is left.'

Lilith raised her eyes to him. He like the other angels was tired and hungry, though unlike Lilith he still had the strength to carry on if he must. Like the others.

He smiled to Lilith wearily; Lilith turned her gaze away from him, and towards Jaspin, who sat away from them.

Since they had taken flight, he had not said a single word. They had rested here on this peak for hours, and still he had not spoken.

He was as he had been before.

'What's wrong?' Lilith uttered as she stared at him. He sat with his back to her on the edge of the cliff, legs dangling over the sheer drop.

'He is in mourning' Gael told her in a hushed voice. 'He was like this before. Last time…he was silent for months.'

'That black angel, who lived in the study' Aski said, 'must have been a very dear friend to him indeed.'

'Who did he grieve for before?' Lilith wondered aloud.

'The female black angel' Reuben told her quietly. 'Seaden.'

'Yes' Lilith mumbled. 'I remember. He mentioned her before.'

Jaspin she thought. You are a puzzle indeed.

'Maybe' Gael suggested, 'you can get him to speak again….if you go over to him.'

'I could do that?' she echoed. 'But why?'

'He loves you' Reuben told her, 'as he loved Seaden. You two are bound together. Go' he ushered. 'Speak to him. Mend his aching heart.'

Lilith rose uncertainly to her feet, trying to ignore the other angels as they watched her expectantly.

She moved away from them, stepping lightly through the valley of jagged rocks and towards Jaspin.

He turned to her as she sat beside him, hanging her legs over the drop as he did.

She smiled as he watched her with a stony expression.

'Speak to me' she asked him. 'Please…'

His expression changed then. His body seemed to relax, and he broke into a smile.

'Lilith' he said reaching for her, placing his hand on the back of her head and resting his forehead against hers. 'Are you worried for me?'

'Of course I am' she told him, voice breaking as she blinked back tears.

'Don't be' he said reassuringly. 'I am fine, ' he closed his eyes content, 'because of you.'

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