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   Chapter 70 No.70

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'I'm sorry Jaspin' it read, 'if you are reading this, then I have already passed on. I know that you will look for me one day, and I'm sorry we were unable to meet, but I have succumbed to the illness. My body is in the desert somewhere, lost in the sands.' He ran his finger over the page as he continued to read. 'The other angels are dead. Whoever you come to this place which, whichever angels accompany you Jaspin, they are the last, all others have been claimed by the sickness. I'm sure you are looking for a cure for the sickness, and the earth maiden. I know where she is likely to be. The last place I knew her to be is in this place.' Aski turned his attention to the opposite page where there was a map. 'There are co-ordinates' he continued in a mumble.

Jaspin bowed his head, walking away from the others silently.

'This office is well kept' Gael noted. 'He must have died recently.

'I knew the other angels were dead' Reuben said mournfully. 'I felt it….an….absence in the world….'

Lilith reached to the book, flicking back to the earliest entries. She gasped in surprise at what she saw. The start of the diary written here was not written by the black angel, the friend of Jaspin, but by Jaspin himself.

'Jaspin' Lilith uttered. 'This was written by you.'

'So?' he mumbled glumly, standing with his back to her and trying to hide his grief after learning of the death of his friend.

'This entry…' Lilith whispered, raising her head to face him, 'it's over two hundred years old.'

Jaspin turned to face her, his expression unreadable. Around him the other angels stared.

'It says here that you came from heaven itself…' Lilith continued reading, 'the celestial plains….it says that you were the right-hand of god…and for years before you came here on earth…served at his side…'

'Those are just stories' Jaspin mumbled.

'No' Reuben said. 'I remember them too.'

'You've been to heaven?' Lilith asked him in shock.

'I was born on the celestial plains' Reuben told her. 'I am old, but not as old as Jaspin, the strongest of all angels. Some say' he said turning to Jaspin, 'that the black and white angel is thousands of years old.' He paused. 'Is that true?'

'There are many stories about me' Jaspin replied.

'You were born on the celestial plains?' Gael began excitedly. 'What are they like?'

'I…' Reuben mumbled, '…don't remember.'

'I was born on this earth' Gael said disappointed at Reuben's respon


'As was I' Aski told them.

'Me too' Lilith said.

'Why are you here on earth?' Aski said to Jaspin. 'Did god no longer love you?'

'I was….' Jaspin began reluctantly, '….cast out…'


'I….fell in love with a human' Jaspin said. 'God cast me from heaven, and I was reincarnated as a child, born to a human mother, and raised in a family.' He drew a stead breath. 'By the time I was old enough to remember my past and the reason I was rejected from heaven….I had already forgotten the name and face of the woman I had fallen in love with…as was my punishment.' He turned his back to the others then. 'I grew up, but because of what I was, I was different from others around me, even my own family.' His eyes lowered to the ground as he spoke. 'I've been alone for a very long time. My family died in ages past…I don't even remember their faces, I don't even remember how they died, I don't even remember my own family at all….' he paused. 'I don't remember my own parents…I can't remember if I had any siblings, cousins, aunts or uncles…it was so long ago.'

'You had your friend the black angel' Aski told him, 'and maybe it's a good thing you don't remember your past. I've not been around for as long as you have, and I remember…..' he drew a slow breath, 'I remember the pain.'

The others turned to him now, Aski being the centre of attention.

'My lover was an angel' Aski told the others, 'we had two children, two boys…both angels…they died…all of them…my family…I lost them.' He leant back against the desk as he continued. 'The sickness has been around for a long time, only now it's getting worse…even angels are susceptible to it, but we don't know where it comes from…it could be in the air…the water….the earth….it could even be genetic….who knows…' his eyes became distant then. 'I kissed her' he said. 'I kissed her when she was sick…I should have fallen sick myself' he said touching his own lips, 'I had hoped that it would but….I alone survived, while my family died. I alone survived and watched them die…one by one…' He touched the stone at his neck, the blood red stone. 'This holds some of her blood, infected blood. It's all I have left of her.'

'I had a similar experience' Reuben voiced. 'I grew up in an orphanage. Everyone around me died because of the sickness. Everyone died except for me. I grew up quickly from a very young age and spend my early life fending for myself…never depending on anyone.'

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