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   Chapter 69 No.69

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Here, they were themselves.

Only when they saw their destination in sight, did they begin their descent.

Lilith's feet touched the ground and she straightened up.

'How are you feeling?' Jaspin asked her.

'My muscles ache' Lilith replied, 'but I feel myself growing stronger.'

Jaspin gave a nod. He turned to face the tower.

'Is this the place?' Reuben asked doubtfully. 'It seems rather small.'

'How much space does one man need?' Jaspin asked him.

As Lilith observed the building before her, she saw a basic structure. It was a simple rectangular flat-topped building, with arched windows covered by wooden shutters to keep out the suns heat. Built at one corner above the rest of the building was a tower, with a conical roof and a single window at its head. The whole structure was very basic, made of yellow stone with no adornment or embellishment at all on the outside; it blended very well with the surrounding rock. From a distance, it would have been near enough impossible to see.

'Did he live here?' Gael asked doubtfully. 'And for how long?'

'He spent the majority of his life here' Jaspin explained. 'He travels a lot at times, but this is the place he calls home.'

'And he will be here?' Lilith asked him.

'This is the most likely place we will find him' Jaspin finished.

He marched up to it, indicating no further wish for talk. The others followed.

'How are you?' Gael asked hanging back to speak to Lilith. 'Are you feeling alright?'

'I'm a little tired' she confessed.

'Your first real flight' Gael nodded. 'It is an exhausting experience. Next time however, you will be able to fly even further.'

She nodded to him.

Reuben and Aski followed Jaspin as he ascended the steps to the building, leading to a simple door in one side. The only door. The entrance.

Lilith and Gael stood at the bottom of the steps, waiting expectantly as Jaspin reached his hand out and slowly opened the door.

He stepped into the building, Reuben and Aski followed behind, and after them, Lilith and Gael climbed the steps and moved through the archway.

Lilith closed the door after them, and turned to face the room.

The beauty within the room reflected none of the bland design on the outside, and for a moment it felt as if they had stepped into another place altogether. The room inside was not only beautiful, but stunning, comfortable, even homely.

The first thing that Lilith noticed when she stepped forward was the air. It was pleasantly cool compared to the hot and humid air outside. The ground Lilith walked on she noticed, was made of marble, with the most beautiful turquoise stone set into the marble itself in th

e shape of swirls and crescents, a stone that glistened like the sun reflecting off the ocean surface. Around her there were shelves full of books, many desks with an assortment of notes and papers, more books, but also some little decorations. Dried flowers in vases, forever beautiful but delicate. Crystals and rubies and amber holding insects. Lilith reached for the desk, lifting in her hands a curious thing indeed, a thing she had not seen before. A trilobite, so perfectly fossilized it looked as if it had been designed.

'Such a strange thing' Lilith commented, placing it carefully back upon the desk and continuing to examine the room.

Around her the other angels were doing the same, exploring every inch. Touching the books on the shelves, shuffling through the notes and sifting through the drawers.

Against one side of the room and set into the wall, was a half-circle fountain, trickling water into a shallow pool. Lilith crossed the room to reach it, padding lightly across an old carpet that was rolled out beneath it, a faded red carpet that looked to be ancient, almost an antique. When Lilith touched the water in the pool, she felt its cold chill.

'I don't think he's here' Reuben said, descending into a luxurious velvet sofa and sinking into the many large cushions that surrounded him.

'There's nothing up in the tower' Gael said, having wandered up the spiral staircase to the tower and returned seconds later. 'There must be more' Gael mused to himself. 'You said he lived here for ages. 'Where does he sleep? And where are all his clothes?'

Jaspin glanced down at the rug before the fountain. He indicated for Lilith to move aside, reaching down and pulling the rug back. Hidden beneath it was a trapdoor.

Jaspin knelt, pulling the door back and peering in.

Below them was another room, one with a large bed, chests lining one wall, several stacked on top of one another and a large tub in one corner that looked as if it were meant for a bath. The other walls were covered by hanging tapestries, their designs could not be clearly seen, as it was dark in the room below them.

'He's not here' Jaspin said glumly, closing the trapdoor and covering it again with the rug.

'Jaspin' Aski spoke out, 'this book…it's about you…'

The other drifted towards him. Reuben rose from the sofa and loomed over his shoulder, as the five of them gazed down at the open book, a massive book, and one that was ancient-looking.

In the open book, was a crude sketch of a man with unfurled wings. One of them was white, and the other was black.

'It's a diary entry' Aski realised, flicking through the book to the last page. He began to read.

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