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'We shouldn't linger' Jaspin told him, rising to his feet once Lilith had removed the last arrow. His wings glowed before fading away. Once again he appeared as a normal man. 'They will come after us.' He walked over to Reuben who still lay on his back. He offered a hand out to him. 'Can you walk?' he asked him.

'I believe so' Reuben mumbled, grasping Jaspin's hand and planting his feet on the floor.

Jaspin hauled him to his feet and Reuben groaned as he straightened.

'We should travel on foot for a while' Jaspin told the others, 'it will give us a chance to rest our wings' he said glancing towards Lilith.

'Where are we heading towards?' Aski voiced.

'I don't think the earth maiden is in these lands' Jaspin said. 'I say we head across the desert. There is an old friend of mine I wish to see, one I have not seen for a long time.'

'Who is it?' Gael asked.

'A black angel' Jaspin answered in a grumble. 'He has connections. He will help us find the other angels. The more of us there are, the easier it will be for us to find the earth maiden. The more of us there are gathered together, the more she will feel our presence, and the more we will feel hers.'

'So we travel across the desert' Aski said.

'My friend the black angel is a wise man' Jaspin went on. 'He lives in a study with many books. He is an alchemist, a biologist, a scholar…' Jaspin paused. 'It's time we saw each other again.'

'Who is this man?' Lilith asked Jaspin as they walked across the land.

'A childhood friend' Jaspin replied.

'Are you bound to him as you are to me?' she asked.

'No. We both knew about the bond early on and didn't want such a bond…I didn't want him to be hurt because of me and so we stopped the bond from ever forming….were were very careful. We would both always wear gloves when we were around each other, and would always be extra careful never to touch each other. I've still got those gloves on me' Jaspin added, pulling a pair of worn gloves from his person, before returning them to his pocket.

'It has been far too long time since I last saw him' Jaspin said forlorn, 'and I miss him very much.'

The journey across the desert was long and arduous. The orange rocks around them were hard, the earth dry and the sun hot. Jaspin glanced back at Lilith as they walked, everyone was exhausted, Lilith especially so.

'You're weak' Gael told her at one point. 'You don't travel enough.'

'Thank you Gael' Lilith told him sarcastically. 'Your comments are most helpful.'

'Don't worry' Gael gleamed putting an arm around he

r. 'You'll have lots of exercise as long as you stick with us.'

'Of that I don't doubt' Lilith grumbled, too tired to even bother pushing him away.

'You'll build up your strength soon enough' Gael continued encouragingly.

'When do we fly?' Reuben asked Jaspin.

'At nightfall' Jaspin mumbled back as they trudged onwards, 'when its cooler. If we fly now we will overheat in this desert. To even attempt to fly now would only cause us harm.'

'So when do we rest?' Aski asked Jaspin.

'We don't. Not until we get there.'

Reuben slowed to a stop, glancing back at Jaspin. His face was still heavily bruised, and the cuts would take days to heal.

'Do you remember where this place is?' he asked Jaspin.

'Yes' Jaspin replied. 'More or less.'

That evening, as the sun touched the horizon, the angels paused momentarily, waiting for it to sink into the horizon. The instant the last glimmer of its rays were gone, they released their wings.

Jaspin revealed his wings first, signalling the others to do the same. Lilith watched at his beautiful feathers grew from his back, one wing black, and the other white. Aski and Gael called forth their own wings, Aski's silver like the edge of a sword, and Gael's pale blue like the sky.

And Reuben's, when he called them forth, where a deep and burnished gold, striking they were, they glistened, even in the dying light.

'Are you well enough to fly?' Jaspin asked him.

'Don't worry about me' Reuben waved him off. 'I'll be fine.'

Jaspin turned to glance at Lilith. She thought for a moment that he might say something to her. But he turned his back to her, crouching his body and leaping into the sky, beating his wings downwards and beginning to climb higher towards the clouds.

Lilith held her skirt down at the downdraft from his wings caused a wind. Around her the others took off until only Lilith was left standing.

She let out a weary sigh, body and mind utterly exhausted from everything that had happened.

But she pushed all that to the back of her mind, unfurling her wings and following the others as they followed Jaspin.

The five angels flew over the desert, heading to the place where Jaspin's old friend lived.

The black angel.

Chapter Twenty Two

The Study

The five angels flew for many hours across the desert with Jaspin leading the way, soaring amongst the clouds in this still world, this separate world.

The world the angels experienced was a different one to the one that humans lived in. Here they could be free, unhindered by the troubles of men.

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