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   Chapter 67 No.67

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She gave a nod weakly.

Gael placed her gently on the ground, and Lilith stood, supporting her own weight.

Tears came to Jaspin's eyes as he saw the wound in her back. Lilith flinched as he touched her skin lightly.

'I'm sorry' Jaspin whispered to her. 'This is my fault. You were hurt because of me.'

'But how?' Lilith asked, her body hunched over, the great cut in her skin visible clearly through the tear in her dress. 'How did this happen?'

'You and I are bound as one' Jaspin told Lilith. 'We are meant to be together.'

'But how?' she mumbled to him as he tended to the wound on her back, cleaning it with a piece of Lilith's torn dress, soaked in the water from a nearby stream.

Beside them Reuben has regained consciousness at last. He had been severely beaten. There were wounds all over his body. Large bruising here and there, great slashes where he had been cut, grazes, a cut lip, a black eye and a great bump at the back of his head. This is what had knocked him out.

Aski and Gael were injured also, but no so badly as Reuben had been hurt. They both tended to him, each using torn fabric from their clothes to clean the blood away. When they were done they left him to rest. Now he lay still, resting on his back and gazing up at the stars over head.

Gael and Aski now tended to each other's injuries, as Jaspin tended to Lilith's.

'Black angels' Jaspin explained, 'and white angels are both bound to me. I am the strongest angel.'

He paused for a moment, dabbing the cloth gently against her skin.

'They act as a shield for me' Jaspin went on, 'and I am the weapon. If I am injured in battle, then the black angels and white angels bear the damage. That is why you are hurt…I'm sorry.'

'Is that how she died?' Lilith asked quietly. 'The woman you grieve for…you said she died because of you…'

Jaspin drew back slightly. Lilith wondered for a moment if she had hurt him. She began to feel nervous when at first he didn't speak, thinking that she had said the wrong thing.

'Yes' Jaspin finally answered, speaking quietly. He placed the cold rag against her skin again, wiping away the blood. 'I was fighting…I took too much damage….' He gritted his teeth. 'I was careless….she died because of me…it was all my fault.'

'No' Lilith whispered. 'It was an accident.'

'I loved her' Jaspin said. 'I should have been more careful.'

Lilith hugg

ed her knees, staring unfocused at the ground.

'How did we become bound as one?' Lilith asked him. 'Was I born with this attachment to you?'

'No. The bond forms only on physical contact. When I carried you from the sea, the bond between us was sealed. I'm sorry…I should not have touched you.'

'No' Lilith mumbled. 'I was glad. You saved my life. If it wasn't for you I would have died.'

'But you are in danger because of me' Jaspin told her, leaning back from her having finished cleaning the wound, which had stopped bleeding now.

Lilith turned to him.

'I told you' Jaspin said. 'I am a target. I am the most powerful, the most sought after, and now that I have revealed myself, I will be hunted…' his expression sadden. 'You will die now because of me.'

'No' Lilith shook her head. 'I will live.'

'How can you be so sure?' he asked her.

'Because I have faith in you' she answered.

He reached to her face, touching her gently.

'Seaden said the exact same thing to be before.'

'Was that her name?' Lilith asked him. 'Seaden?'

'Yes' Jaspin said lowering his hand. 'She was a black angel.'

He drew away from her.

'I miss her more than the earth. She died a very long time ago…but after all these years…the pain of her loss still has not left me.'

Lilith gazed up at him with wide eyes.

She reached tentatively towards him, touching his chest, before leaning into him, embracing him, as he embraced her.

'I will do what I can to keep you safe' Jaspin whispered, resting his cheek against her hair.

'As will I' Lilith replied.

'How did they find out about us?' Lilith asked later as she pulled the arrows from Jaspin's wings. His wings were riddled with them; they were embedded deep in his flesh, but seemed to cause him no pain as she pulled them out one by one.

'Word spread' Jaspin growled, turning to glare at Aski.

'I'm sorry' Aski said. 'I wish I could take it back.'

'Leave him alone' Gael shot at Jaspin. 'It would have happened eventually anyway. Personally I'm glad it happened. It feels so good to be myself again. It feels so good to be free!'

His wings erupted from his back, coloured a beautiful light blue shade, they glistened in the moonlight.

'I am myself again' Gael sighed content, closing his eyes and reaching his wings out wide. 'The breeze between my feathers…' he opened his eyes, '…it's so liberating.'

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