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   Chapter 66 No.66

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'Help them!' Lilith cried to Jaspin, turning towards him and shaking him by the shoulder. 'Please!'

Jaspin hesitated only for the briefest of moment, her urgency driving him to act more than anything else.

The words Jaspin had spoken rang through Lilith's mind as his beautiful wings grew from his back again.

I try to keep my identity secret. There are many who wish to harm me, to harm all of us. I would be the most valuable kill, like a trophy.

The crowd gasped in horror and shock at the sight of him. Many tried to flee. Shouts of 'usurper' and 'betrayer' rang all around from the crowd.

Aski, who had been forced to his knees, raised his head as Jaspin tore towards him, slashing at the crowd and driving them back.

Lilith saw no weapon on him. But she saw blood rain.

Many of the people fell and cried out.

Jaspin rounded on the people behind him, his wings whipping around, casting a great shadow upon the earth.

Behind him Aski rose to his feet, revealing his own wings.

Steely silver. They glistened in the moonlight.

Together they rushed towards the men that surrounded Gael, pushing them back and freeing him.

Gael rose to his feet revealing his light blue wings.

Gael and Aski fought either side of Jaspin, flanking him. One of the braver men from the crowd moved closer to Jaspin from behind, swinging a sword and slashing at his back.

Jaspin seemed not to notice. In fact he didn't react at all.

As Lilith watched, she saw the wound on his back slowly fade away, until it disappeared altogether.

Lilith felt a sudden and sharp pain in her own back. She cried out in agony, reaching behind her and touching her skin. She gasped in shock at the sight of blood on her fingers.

The wound on Jaspin's back, she had received on her own.

'But how…?'

One of the men beside her noticed.

'You're one of them!' he cried. 'A fallen angel!'

Lilith turned towards him just as another man swung a club at her, striking her over the head.

Jaspin's eyes flashed as he saw Lilith fall to her knees. A ball of light shone brightly in his hand which he threw towards her.

The spell hit the ground right beside Lilith, exploding in a flash of brilliant white light, blinding all those around. Lilith crawled towards Jaspin, moving away from the crowd. He used his wings to shield himself from a barrage of arrow that were fired his way; crossing his wings before him he protected himself. He unfurled his wings again as Lilith drew closer to him, arrows protruding from his wings. He grabbed her roughly by the arm and haled her to her feet.

The ang

els drew closer to each another, backs to one other and facing out around the crowd that surrounded them. Jaspin stepped back, reaching towards Reuben who lay on his front unmoving, and lifting him in his arms.

He crouched suddenly, leaping up into the air and beating his wings hard, flying upwards and out of reach of the crowd.

Gael followed, flying after Jaspin, Aski flew after him, the three of them soaring through the sky.

Lilith was left on the ground.

She turned to face the crowd around her, wings growing from her back as she stared at the faces around her. Anger, hate, disgust, fear and uncertainty were all she saw staring back.

She ran forwards then, beating her wings as hard as she could and taking off, clearing the heads of the hoard below her. They roared in fury as she climbed higher in the sky, reaching up to try to grab her but missing.

She was out of their reach now, turning in the air and flying in the direction the others had gone, gasping with the effort of flying, and the pain from the wound in her back, oozing blood each time she beat her wings.

They flew for over ten minutes, Lilith descending when she could no longer fly, her whole body shaking with the effort of keeping herself in the air. She drew slowly closer to the ground, landing heavily and ungracefully, falling on her hands and knees and grazing herself.

She sat back on her heels, casting her eyes across the skies above her as her wings receded into her back.

The other angels were flying onwards, but they were descending in the sky, landing some distance away.

Lilith let out a heavy sigh, letting her body slump to the side.

She lay on the ground to rest, waiting for the others to find her.

She was utterly exhausted, body hot and trembling. The pain in her back from the wound now throbbed dully. Never before in her life had she exerted herself in such a way. Never before in her life had she flown. And to fly for so long…

She fell asleep in less than a minute, and by the time Gael reached her, she was far away.

Chapter Twenty One

A New Place

'I cannot believe this has happened' Jaspin growled angrily. 'I was hoping to keep my identity secret for just a little longer…'

He turned as Gael returned to them, carrying Lilith in his arms.

'Lilith!' Jaspin gasped.

He rose quickly, rushing up to her.

'It's alright' Gael told him. 'She's fine, she's just exhausted.'

'Lilith' Jaspin said to her, holding her face gently in his hands. 'Are you alright.'

'Oh Jaspin' she whispered back opening her eyes.

'Can you stand?' Gael asked her.

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