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   Chapter 65 No.65

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'There is a vast world out there' Jaspin said throwing his arms open. 'The land isn't big enough to contain us. Our world is in the sky.' Jaspin tilted his head. 'The stars have come out to play.' He smiled. 'So beautiful' he sighed. 'So many other worlds are out there…so many other galaxies.' The stars shone in his eyes. 'No matter how high you fly' he said, reaching a hand above him, 'you will never reach them.'

'What are galaxies?' Lilith asked him.

'It doesn't matter' Jaspin replied, lowering his hand.

He turned to Lilith beside him, standing tall and proud.

'Lilith' he said to her. 'Let your spirit soar.' He smiled handsomely. 'Follow my example.'

His wings grew out of his back, large they were. One pure white, the other hellish black.

Lilith barely had time to admire them before he leapt forwards, throwing himself off the cliff and casting his wings out.

Lilith hesitated, glancing tentatively at the drop below her.

She felt a little nervous at the drop, an emotion she should never feel towards such a thing.

The sky was her world, and she was born to fly.

Lilith bit back her doubts, and leapt forward, stretching her wings out wide, feeling the air beneath her feathers, and beginning to glide.

It was an exhilarating feeling. The freedom she suddenly felt, the power, and the familiarity, despite the fact she had never flown before. She picked it up, as if she had been flying everyday of her life.

She beat her snowy wings, climbing higher in the sky as she reached for Jaspin, who had slowed his pace for her.

Jaspin suddenly folded his wing, turning in the air and flying on his back. He reached for her, as she did for him. They held hands as they flew through the air.

Jaspin only let go when they began to drop close to the sea, flipping over in the air again and flying straight. They soared across the open world, two angels in their home.

They returned to the cliff edge minutes later, Lilith's wings receded into her back the moment her feet touched the ground.

She sat on the earth, hugging her knees to her and gasping.

She was exhausted.

'You fly so beautifully' she said to Jaspin who stood beside her. He wasn't in the least bit tired. It was as if he hadn't flown at all. 'You're so graceful, so perfect.' She glanced up at him. 'How do you fly like that?'

'I've had a lot of practice' he told her simply.

'I'm so tired…' Lilith sighed, resting her head in her arms.

Her should

ers began to tremble.

'You need to build up your muscle' he told her. 'Fly as often as you can, for as long as you can…and you will become strong.'

She lifted her head up at him.

'Look' Jaspin said, stroking the inside of his own wing. 'Come closer and see.'

Lilith rose gingerly to her feet. She felt a little sick, a little dizzy. But she forced herself to ignore these unpleasant feelings.

She approached Jaspin, and sat what he indicated.

Lilith saw beneath his fingers, a large vein running down his white wing. She knew his black wing had the same vein, as did both of her own wings.

'When we reveal our wings' Jaspin told her, 'we become stronger, but more vulnerable.' He indicated the vein, parting his feathers so that it could be seen. 'This vein is our most vital organ. But if it is cut, then there is no hope.'

'If the vein is damaged' Lilith said stepping back, '…we die.'

Lilith bowed her head.

'Do you still miss her?' Lilith asked out of the blue. 'The woman you grieve for?'

She knew by his expression that she had caught him off guard.

'How did you know?' he asked.

'Because the way you look at me.' Lilith paused. 'What happened?' she asked gently.

'She died' Jaspin sighed. 'Because of me.'

He looked for a moment as if he were about to go on, but he turned suddenly, facing in the direction of the town they had come from.

'Something's wrong' he hissed.

They ran side by side back through the orchard towards the town, heading for the inn they were staying, where the noises were coming from.

When they got there, they were shocked by what they saw. Skidding to a halt they stood with the crowd that howled and threw rocks and waved torches.

Lilith gasped, grabbing onto Jaspin's arms as she saw what the source of their strife was.

Gael was being dragged backwards through the door of the inn and out into the open before the crowd, kicking and screaming as he went. He clawed at the men that held him with a primal rage, snarling as he tried to hurt them.

Lilith noticed then with horror that Aski was being held at the edge of the crowd by many arms.

He was being attacked relentlessly, kicked and punched by several men as others hung behind him with knifes, ready to finish him when needed.

And Reuben lay on his front unmoved in the centre of the clearing the crowd created before the inn. Many figures loomed over him. Lilith thought with terror that he might already be dead.

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