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   Chapter 64 No.64

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Jaspin stared back at her wide-eyed.

He rose slowly then, turning then towards Aski. He punched him hard in the face.

Lilith cried out in shock as Aski fell back. Jaspin bore over him, grabbing Aski's arms as he raised them to defend himself.

'This is all your fault!' Jaspin roared at him, snarling with a rage Lilith had thought incapable of him. For a moment she thought he might kill him. 'You put her life in danger!'

'Jaspin!' Reuben cried, grabbing him and pulling him back. 'Please!'

'You nearly killed her!' Jaspin screamed.

'It would have happened anyway!' Reuben hollered, dragging him away.

Aski crawled back away from him as Jaspin was pulled away.

'What is the meaning of this?' Lilith demanded of Jaspin. 'Why would you do that?'

'He let slip what we are' Jaspin growled at Aski who hugged his knees, still sitting on the sands. 'He told them what we are.'

'I'm so ashamed' Aski said, tears running from his eyes. 'Lilith' he whispered, raising his head. 'I'm so sorry.'

'It's alright' Lilith spoke gently. 'I'm fine.'

'But how?' Reuben breathed. 'You were stabbed. Where is the wound…?'

Lilith touched where the wound had been. There was no pain.

'It's a miracle' Gael beamed. 'You must be blessed.'

'No' Lilith mumbled. 'None of us are blessed.'

'We should get away from here' Reuben said, offering his hand to Aski and helping him to his feet. 'We are no longer welcome here.'

'Were shall we go?' Gael asked.

'The next town is near here' Reuben said. 'We should go there.'

Jaspin turned to Lilith, giving her a strange look.

That night, the five of them stayed at an inn.

Jaspin left the others, and when Lilith went to look for him in the streets, she found him waiting for her. He offered his hand out to her.

'Follow me' he said. 'There is something I wish to show you.'

They walked hand in hand away from the town, to a secluded place a short distance away. Jaspin led Lilith through an orchard where the fruit was ripe and the trees grew close. The full moon above them shone blue light down across the world, basking it in an ethereal glow.

Jaspin let go of Lilith's hand, only when they were deep within the orchard, and could not be seen by prying eyes. He turned to her, lifting his head high as he considered her.

'There is something I haven't told the others' he began. 'Something I wi

sh to keep secret from them. At least for now.'

'And what is that?' Lilith asked tentatively.

'The black and white angel is the most powerful angel that exists. Long lived, and mighty, and has become a legend.'

'It's you' Lilith spoke in the quiet night. 'Isn't it.'


Jaspin turned his back to her.

'I try to keep my identity secret' he continued. 'There are many who wish to harm me, to harm all of us…but…because I am the most powerful…I would be….how should I put it?' he fell silent for a moment. 'I would be the most valuable kill, like a trophy.'

He turned back to her.

'The moment I saw you fall from that tower, the moment I saw your white wings….' He trailed off.

'Lilith…' he said, extending a hand. 'You and I are bound as one. We are meant to be together.'

Her eyes widened as she stared in shock.

'Lilith' he said to her. 'Show me your wings.'

She hesitated then for a moment, as Jaspin stared expectantly. But then she relented.

Lilith drew a deep breath, and revealed her wings.

The brilliant white glow lit up the orchard around them as they erupted from her back, and Jaspin's profile shone in the holy light. He bowed his head, eyes shining.

Lilith straightened her body, curling her wings around her and looking at herself. She had rarely seen her own wings, only a few times in her life.

'They're so beautiful' Jaspin said. 'You're so beautiful.'

Lilith raised her eyes to his.

He stepped towards her, reaching a hand towards her, running his fingers along her wings.

'Lilith' he said. 'Why did you fall from that tower?'

She faltered suddenly, fighting back tears.

'I…' she began. 'I mean I…'

'You can't fly' Jaspin realised in shock. 'Can you.'

Tears began to shimmer in her eyes, and she looked at Jaspin pleading.

'My father forbade me' Lilith whispered. 'My parents both thought I was an abomination...especially my mother. She hated me.'

Jaspin's expression saddened then, his lips turned down and he became sorrowful.

'I was always forced to hide who I truly was' Lilith told him. 'I have never flown before.'

'Well…' Jaspin said. 'Now it's time you learnt.'

He took her by the hand, leading her through the orchard and out into the open. They came to the edge of a cliff, a high drop above the sea below them, and before, wide open skies and a clear breezeless night.

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