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   Chapter 63 No.63

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'Don't we all wish the same' Reuben grumbled. He stiffened slightly as a figure approached them. 'Gael. Is she here?'

'No' he shook his head. 'We cannot find her.' His shoulders slumped in disappointment. 'She is not here.'

'What makes you think she will be here?' Lilith asked them.

'She is healer' Reuben explained, 'the only one who can save us from the sickness. The best place we have a chance to find her…is with the dying.'

'And you really think she can cure the sickness?' Lilith asked.

'We have faith' Reuben told her.

Lilith rose to her feet, moving away. 'I need to be alone' she mumbled.

They did not speak to her. Gael took the empty space on the floor she had occupied, sitting beside Reuben.

The two of them brooded in silence.

Lilith wandered alone, walking away from the mass of people and towards a great tower which grew out of the rocks, built at the very edge of the cliff.

It was an empty building, and an ancient one. A wide tower built high into the sky. Made from the same grey throughout; a rock that had been transported from a quarry hundreds of miles away by thousands of slaves. The windows were all of different sizes and scattered in a disorganised fashion. The rooms inside were just as confused Lilith found, when she entered the tower. Inside, it was a maze. All the rooms were of different sizes, the corridors wound and twisted around, the stairs looped back and forth and up and down. It seemed that in no time at all, Lilith became lost within the tower.

Eventually she came to a window, one that looked out across the horizon.

The sea was utterly still like liquid glass. There was no land she could see, only water and sky. Only blue.

Lilith moved into the next room. Every room she came to was empty.

She stopped suddenly, seeing a man standing before her, a stranger.

Her eyes travelled down his body and to his hand, where he held a knife. Her attention flickered back to his face.

'Usurper' the stranger hissed. 'Betrayers of god.'

'What?' Lilith gasped in shock.

'You five are heathens' the man said. 'You have no place in heaven or on earth.'

He charged towards her then, plunging the knife deep into her navel and pushing her back.

Lilith stumbled; the back of her leg's hit the low wall of the open window. She tipped back, and fell through the window, plummeting towards the sea below her.

Lilith screamed in terror, her primal fear taking over her body. She could no longer control herself. She could not control her wings, as they erupted from her back.

Beautiful large wings as white a

nd pure as snow.

Lilith saw them briefly, before the water hit her.

Fighting towards the surface, Lilith's could not hold her breath any longer. Even through the blood that misted the water, and the tangle of wings around her, she could see the surface moving further away from her, as her heavy clothes and wings pulled her closer to the sea bed.

Something broke through the surface of the water near her. Lilith was already unconscious by the time Jaspin swam towards her, grabbing her around her body and swimming with her towards the light above them. Her wings receded into her back as she lost consciousness, and Jaspin carried her up with relative ease.

He broke the surface of the water, drawing a deep breath and swimming with Lilith towards the shore where the other angels waited, holding his arm tightly around her as he went.

His feet met the sea bed as he reached shallow water. He carried her up the beach, laying her down gently onto dry sand.

'Lilith' Reuben moaned in despair at the sight of the stab wound. 'Oh my god.'

'Help her!' Gael demanded.

Jaspin ignored all of them, pinching Lilith's nose and leaning over her. He placed his mouth over hers, breathing into her.

As Aski watched over them, tears prickling in his eyes and heart racing, he noticed suddenly a strange figure beside him. A figure wearing a plague mask, hooded and cloaked, not an inch of their skin could be seen, they even wore gloves. He couldn't even be sure if it was a man or woman.

The figure ignored them all, seemingly invisible to all of them save for Aski, the figure knelt beside Lilith's unconscious body, lightly touching the wound in her navel. A light grew from the point the masked figure touched. Aski blinked; then the figure was suddenly gone. He wondered suddenly if he had truly seen what he thought he saw. His thoughts were broken suddenly when Lilith drew a deep gasp.

Rolling away from Jaspin she heaved, throwing up water and coughing violently. The others collectively breathed a sigh of relief, laughing and smiling at one another

'You're alright!' Gael cried.

Lilith turned back to them, just as Gael knelt beside her, sweeping her up in his arms.

'I was so worried…'

'Let go of her' Jaspin snapped aggressively shoving him back.

'Jaspin…' Lilith gasped, 'what are you…?'

'Lilith' Jaspin said gentler now. 'Please lay back.'

Lilith did so, and Jaspin leant over her, touching her navel.

'Impossible' he breathed. 'There is no wound…'

'You saved me' Lilith said to Jaspin, sitting up again. 'You saved my life……thank you…'

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