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Chapter Nineteen

A Life Left Behind

Lilith after her husband's death; had a lot of work to do. She sold the home that had become hers, given to her by Walter in his will. She inherited a lot of money from this, but kept only as much as she could carry. The rest she used to buy a home for the pale family, who now cared for Ben, they had promised to raise him as if he were their own, as a thank you for everything Lilith had done for them.

'Goodbye' Lilith said, kneeling to embrace Ben, wiping the tears from his face. 'Be a good boy.'

'I will' he sobbed, as Lilith rose again.

She turned to the family, hugging each of them in turn.

'I will miss all of you' she said to them.

'We will never forget you' the pale father said. 'Thank you for everything.'

'It was my pleasure' Lilith said, grasping him by the shoulder. 'I know you will take good care of Ben' she told them.

'We will.'

Lilith smiled to them.


She turned from them, and walked away.

Lilith travelled away from the good lands, journeying with Reuben, Aski, Gael and Jaspin to places far away.

Places unknown.


'So where are we going?' Lilith asked the others.

They had travelled far from the golden country, and were out in the wilderness.

Lilith had waited many days before asking them this question.

'We are searching for the earth maiden' Reuben told her.


'Because' Reuben said, 'she has the power to cure the sickness.'

Lilith turned to him. 'And you know this?'

'We need you to help us find her' Aski said.

'Why?' Lilith repeated.

'We angels have a natural bond with the earth maiden' Gael told her. 'We are drawn to her. That's why we need as many as possible to find her.'

'So what about the other angels?' Lilith asked. 'Do you think we could find more like us?'

'We've tried' Jaspin spoke up, breaking his many hours of silence. 'But they are elusive.'

They sat in silence around the fire. Lilith hugged her knees as she stared at the dancing flames.

'You know' Gael spoke up, 'the most powerful one of us will be forced to reveal himself soon…or herself.'

'What do you mean?' Lilith asked.

'The black and white angel' Gael breathed, 'is the most powerful one amongst our kind.'

'And you think it's me?' Lilith asked incredulous.

'It could be any one of us' Gael said.

'How do yo

u know?' she asked.

'Because this angel is too powerful to be able to hide from others of our kind' Gael told her. 'We would sense their presence, but not be able to pinpoint them exactly.'

'And you think it's me?' Lilith said again.

Gael moved closer to her, sliding towards her.

'I am sure of it' he told her seductively.

Gael tilted her chin back with a finger, leaning forward and kissing her.

Jaspin raised his head. The others watched Lilith expectantly, wondering what she would do. But she did not return the kiss, nor did she resist.

Gael leant back, smiling. 'Lilith' he said with gentle eyes. 'You haven't changed.'

'It's not me' Lilith told flatly.

'Oh but I think it is' Gael gleamed.

'It could be any one of us' Lilith said. 'Even you.'

'You're right' Gael leant back, smirking.

Reuben and Aski watched silently. Jaspin poked the fire distracted.

That night, the five of them lay on the forest floor to rest. Gael gazed over Lilith's sleeping body as he sat next to her, he smiled warmly.

'Sleep well' he whispered. 'My little seraph.'

He kissed her cheek swiftly, before lying down next to her and giving himself into his dreams. Nearby Jaspin watched him closely for a moment, before he too closed his eyes, and slept.

Days later, the group of five came to a camp, crowded with the sick and dying.

'What is this place?' Lilith asked as they wandered through the bodies of families huddled together around the fires. 'Was there a war? Are these refugees?'

'No' Jaspin answered solemnly from beside her. They slowed to a stop. 'It's the sickness.'

Chapter Twenty

First Flight

'There must have been many that have died' Lilith said in a distant voice, casting her sight out across the mass of suffering. 'A friend of mine died a long time ago, a sister…Claret I think she was called. She was very sick….I never realised how sick until after she died.' She hugged her knees as she sat. 'My grandmother….my husband…gods…I hope Ben will be alright.'

'You cannot protect him from the sickness' Reuben told her, sitting by her side. He scratched at his chin briefly. 'No one can.'

Aski, Reuben and Jaspin had wandered away from them. They were about…somewhere.

'I worry about him' Lilith said mournfully, resting her chin upon her knees. 'I hope he grows to be happy….and dies a good old age.'

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