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   Chapter 61 No.61

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'Lilith' Walter gasped. 'Could you….get me that over there?'

Lilith looked around to where he was pointing. She saw a small picture propped up on the mantelpiece, the one she had grown very familiar with over the months. One of many he had of his precious Molly, his beloved.

Lilith rose from her seat, making her way slowly across the room and towards the painted picture. She picked it up carefully, gazing down at it. It was a portrait of Molly on a beach, wearing a top hat, a thick dress and heavy furs around her neck. She had a hand up to her forehead, perhaps shielding her eyes from the sun, or brushing her hair back from the wind.

Lilith turned back to Walter, holding the picture in her hands.

She stepped across the room and handed it to him. Walter extended a shaking hand to take it from her.

'Thank you' he whispered. 'Now…please leave me. No one is to enter this room now until tomorrow morning. Not even you. Do you understand?'

'Yes' Lilith spoke quietly. She turned from him, heading to the door.

Before she closed it, she glanced back once last time towards her husband. But he was not looking at her; he was looking at the picture of Molly.

Lilith lowered her eyes, and closed the door.

The next morning, he was dead.

The funeral was the very next day. Many turned up, but Lilith stood at the head of the crowd as the coffin was lowered into the ground, beside the grave of Molly.

It was what he would have wanted.

Lilith only half listened to the words of the priest as the deceased was laid to rest. Only a short time and it was over. The mound of earth was pushed back over Walter's casket, and the many that had turned up, began to disperse. Lilith wandered away from the sea of black-dressed figures that filled the graveyard, and off on her own to a secluded spot beneath the trees that grew at the edges of the field of graves.

She leant against the low branch of a tree, sighing deeply and staring blankly out.

She pulled off her large hat, and the black veil that covered her face, letting the chilled breeze of the cloudy day to cool her skin.

She breathed slowly, thinking about what was to come ahead. She didn't know what she could do now. Without her husband, she couldn't afford the large house she lived in, which meant she would have to sell everything, which meant the family that shared her roof would have to now fend for themselves.

Lilith bowed her head.

Perhaps she would have to start a new life all over again. Perhaps it was time to move on, and travel to differe

nt places where she could grow new roots and start from scratch.

I've done it more than once. I can do it again. But where would I go? She wondered to herself.

'I saw this coming you know' a male voice suddenly spoke.

Lilith tensed slightly in surprise. She looked around to see the speaker behind her.

'Jaspin' she said. 'So you do talk after all.'

'I do' Jaspin said coming beside her and leaning on the same branch a short distance apart from her. 'It's the sickness' he said. 'It starts with a paling of the skin that turns a sickly shade. Then the vomiting. A strange black sludge the body produces…don't know what it is. And then those affected begin to shiver, feeling incredibly cold, even in the heat.' Jaspin glanced at her before continuing. Lilith did not react to his words, but he knew she was still listening. 'Finally, the skin begins to flake away, followed by a gradual deterioration of the muscles, until death comes, as one by one the organs shut down. Many have died from it, and many more will die in days to come.'

'All men die' Lilith replied flatly. 'Eventually.'

'It's always sad when it comes too soon though.'

'He was ready' Lilith answered, looking up across the field. 'He has been ready for a long time.' She looked towards Jaspin. 'What do you want?'

'I wanted to speak to you.'

Lilith waited silently for him to go on.

'We need all five of us…to find the earth maiden.'

'Oh not this again' Lilith huffed. 'Why do we need to find her? Who is she?'

'There are…' Jaspin spoke slowly. 'So many questions…and so many answers. I will tell you, but I don't want a long explanation now.'

Lilith turned away.

'We came here' Jaspin went on, 'to find you. Without you, we can't find her.'


'We need all of us to find her' Jaspin pressed.

'Yes you've said. And I heard you the first time.'

Lilith rose and straightened up.

'I'm sorry Jaspin, but I need time to gather my thoughts. There is much must do now.'

'Of course' Jaspin nodded once. 'We will wait here as long as it takes for you. We can't leave without you, or else our search will be futile.'

Lilith walked away from him without another word.

'Lilith' he called her back.

She paused but did not turn.

'Why do you think you've never truly found happiness in your life? You will never find a place in life unless you accept who you truly are.'

Lilith walked away. She felt his eyes on the back her head she went, but she didn't care. Her mind was far away and on other things at that time.

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