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   Chapter 60 No.60

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It was shortly after that, that the others made themselves known again.

Lilith answered the knock on the front door, and saw them standing there.

'Hi' Reuben said quietly. 'We've brought you something.'

Lilith looked down to what he was holding. In his hands was a cake. It was a beautiful piece. A three tier cake painted vibrant colours, intricately detailed with a stream of flowers running down one side.

It was a tradition for many, the day after the New Years fireworks to buy an expensive cake as a token of celebration. The cakes that were produced were expensive and of beautiful designs and delicious tastes. They were in themselves masterpieces, and pieces of art.

'The new year has gone?' Lilith said in disbelief. 'I…I didn't realise. I thought the fireworks….'

'They've been held off this year' Reuben told her. 'There's….been a lot of death in the city recently.'

Lilith pursed her lips. She had known this already, but had tried not to think about. People were beginning to die all around them, and no one knew why.

'I suppose you want to come in?'

They shared the cake between them, Ben and one of the servants joined them also. Walter was away that day.

Lilith was sure they would have pressed her about the earth maiden again, whoever she was, had Ben and the servant not been there. But in their presence, they kept their silence.

They talked for a brief time between them, Lilith keeping mostly silent.

At the earliest opportunity, Lilith showed them the door again.

It was late by the time they left, and Walter only arrived after they had gone, for which Lilith was grateful for. She didn't much feel like tolerating them with her husband around also.

Once the others were gone, and the house was silent, Lilith put Ben to bed.

'Can you read me a bedtime story?' he asked her.

'You're old enough to read yourself a bedtime story' Lilith told him.

'But I want you to read it to me.'

Lilith frowned down at him.

'Alright' she relented, drifting across the room and over to the bookshelf. 'What do you want to read?'

'You pick something' he said to her. 'No matter what it is, I'm sure I will love it.'

Lilith took a book from the shelf, The Lamb and the Shepard. She brought a chair to sit beside Ben's bed; then began to read.

'Far away, in a meadow of blue flowers…was a lamb…'

Later that night, after Lilith had finished the story, she lay on the bed beside B

en, holding him while he slept. Resting on her side, she lay a wing gently across his body, warming him.

Early the next morning, Martin was out of the city, deep in the woods that grew nearby, hunting.

He crouched close to the ground, dressed in a rainproof cloak mottled green and brown, to protect him against the drizzle.

He moved slowly, calculating each footstep as he crept forward.

The deer before him was oblivious to his presence, chewing lazily as it gazed about the woods.

Martin straightened, clinging close to one of the trees as he drew the string of the bow back.

He aimed.

The deer before him tensed suddenly. Martin frowned, holding his posture as he watched.

The deer began to stagger; then collapsed. Martin remained where he was. The deer fell to its knees, stumbling around in circles before falling to its side.

Martin lowered his bow.

The deer began to convulse, it stretched suddenly, head thrown back, before exhaling deeply, breathing its final breath before dying.

Martin stood over the body of the deer. The next week, he was dead.

'This is why we have to find the earth maiden' Reuben said to Lilith, after they had attended his funeral and his body buried.

'Not this again' Lilith grumbled.

She turned to the others, all four of them watching her expectantly.

'I have a life here' Lilith told them, 'a husband, a son.' She glowered. 'I am not going anywhere.'

'It's ok' Aski said confidently. 'We will wait for as long as it takes.'

'I assure you' Lilith growled at him, 'you will be waiting for a long time.'

A few months later, Walter became gravely ill.

Lilith knelt by his bed, holding his hand in hers.

'It pains me to see you like this' she whispered, not trusting her voice to speak properly.

'I'm sorry' Walter mumbled back to her, 'but I am old…its now my time…'

'I can't bear to be parted from you' she sobbed.


'I love you' she whispered to him.

'Oh child…' the edges of Walter's eyes crinkled in a sad smile. 'I wish I could say the same.'

Lilith faltered.

'You still love her don't you?' she asked him. 'Your Molly.'

'Yes…' Walter whispered back staring past her. 'I do.' He drew a steady breath. 'I will join her soon. For that I am sure.' He looked back at Lilith. 'You have been good to me over these last few months…I wanted to thank you…'

Lilith stared at him, holding her breath, not knowing what to say.

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