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   Chapter 59 No.59

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'She'll come around' Reuben said, only half heartedly. 'She has to.'

'We can't force her to come with us' Aski said.

'She can't stay here.'

'Why not?' Reuben asked.

'Because….it is happening…'

Aski hugged his knees to him.

'I wonder what she's been through in the months since she left us' he thought aloud.

Lilith walked carefully through the busy streets, making her way forwards towards the home her mother and father rented, where they were staying in their time searching for Beatrice's mother.

Lilith had allowed several weeks to pass before daring this visit. Her father had said he would allow her to visit, but they were not expecting her at any specific time, and as Lilith walked, she felt her stomach twist into knots. She took a deep breath, scratching her sweaty palms as she made her way towards the home.

She didn't remember feeling more anxious in her life. She desperately wanted them to accept her. She didn't know if they would do so, after all this time.

When she found the place, she stood before the door for several minutes, before mustering the courage to knock.

She waited, heart hammering in her chest.

Ken answered the door.

Lilith's heart skipped a beat as she saw from his expression, that he was surprised to see her there.

'Lilith' he said.

'H-hello father.' She forced a smile. 'May I come in?'

He hesitated.

'Wait here a moment.'

Lilith tried not to feel disappointed, nervous and hurt as Ken closed the door again.

Behind her in the street, people passed back and forth. As she waited, she listened, hearing the footsteps and the murmuring of the crowd.

She balled her fists, staring hard at the door; she sent a quick prayer to whichever god might be listening, praying for the door to open again, and for her to be allowed in.

Please she thought. Oh please…

The door opened, and her heart jolted as she saw Ken standing there.

'I've told your mother you're here' he said to her. 'You can come in.'

Lilith set out a deep breath.

'Thank you' she bowed to him, as Ken stepped back, allowing her to enter.

The home was small, the corridor narrow, but at a glance Lilith saw that it was pleasant. It was clean, and comfortable, and warm.

Lilith stood in the hallway awkwardly as her father closed the door behind her. She stared nervously up at him as he regarded her, standing very close to her in the narrow corridor.

'Follow me' he mumbled to her.

Lilith's heels tapped on

the floor as she walked after him. The first room they came to was a living room, homely. And that is when Lilith saw her grandmother for the first time in her life, sitting at a small table on a large sofa, opposite her mother.

Her heart stopped in her chest as she saw her, her breath was completely stolen away.

'Grandmother' Lilith breathed, for a moment; she was unsure how the old lady would react.

But her fears she found were needless, when the old lady broke into a wide smile.

Beatrice watched mutely as her mother rose to her feet at the sight of Lilith, gliding over to her and sweeping her up in her arms.

'My dear granddaughter' she said, embracing her tightly. 'I've finally met you after all this time.'

Tears prickled in Lilith's eyes as she was held, still in shock her arms limp at her side.

'I'm so happy' the old lady said.

'Oh grandmother…'

Her grandmother broke away, letting go of her and brushing the tears from her cheek. Lilith saw she had pale skin, and the same white hair as her.

'We're going to be the best of friends' her grandmother said. 'I just know it.'

But their bond lasted only a short time. It wasn't long later, when Lilith's grandmother died.

'Was it old age?' Lilith asked her father sadly, as she stood by his side in the church, the body of her grandmother lying before her on a stone table, covered by a white cloth.

'No' Ken shook his head. 'It was the illness.'

The last few days of her grandmother's life, her health had deteriorated rapidly. Her skin had become sickly pale and began to flake away. She had shivered violently, even in the hot room beneath the many blankets they had given her, and she had thrown up what looked like black sludge.

'I'm just glad she's not suffering anymore' Lilith spoke quietly.

It had been hard for all of them these last few days, but especially for Lilith's mother. Beatrice had been devastated at her death, and has shut herself in her room, refusing to see anyone, even refusing food. Lilith was beginning to worry for her now.

'Why…?' Lilith whispered. 'Why did this have to happen?'

'She was old' Ken said, trying to comfort her.

'No' Lilith shook her head. 'That wasn't it.'

She buried her face in her hands, crying silently.

Ken placed a hand on her shoulder, and she turned to him, wrapping her arms around him and holding him, he in turn, held her back.

Above them, completely unseen, two of the angels watched, Jaspin and Aski.

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