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'It doesn't matter' Reuben shook his head. 'Our kind has a strong bond with her; we feel a natural connection, even if we've never met her before. But we will speak of her later.'

Lilith waited expectantly for them to continue, to speak, to do something. When they did nothing, she let out a heavy sigh.

'I suppose you want to sit down' she offered, 'and have some tea or something.'

'That would be lovely' Aski beamed joyfully, clapping his hands in approval.

A short time later, and the five of them sat around a round table in the tea room.

'A tea room' Aski was saying aloud as he eyes roved around them, 'a room, just for drinking tea…'

Gael watched the servant hungrily as she served each of them one at a time. She glanced his way several times, cheeks blushing as she noticed his attention on her.

She finished serving them and hurried away quickly, clutching the tray to her as she went.

'It's big' Reuben said, 'this place.'

'Yes you've said that once' Lilith replied shortly.

'You know you haven't changed' Gael gleamed at her, resting on his elbows as he leant towards her.

Lilith regarded them; Jaspin as always was utterly silent. She opened her mouth as if to begin pleasantries, but simply began with…

'What do you want?'

Her tea, hot and steaming before her she had not touched.

'Now is that any way to greet us after all this time?' Reuben said to her, 'you wound me.'

'We searched for you for months Lilith' Aski said to her.

'I have a life here now' she told them. 'There is no need for you all to be here.'

'But there is' Reuben said. 'Oh by the way, where is your husband?'

'I don't know' Lilith said. 'He goes out a lot.'

'You don't know where he is?' Gael scoffed.

'I don't have a tracker on him' Lilith turned to him scowling.

They fell silent suddenly, hearing movement nearby and looking up to see a young boy standing in the doorway. Ben, seeing that he had been noticed, slipped back around the corner and out of sight.

Gael smirked.

'Is he yours?' he asked Lilith.

'Don't be stupid' Lilith said pushing her tea away. 'Now unless you have something meaningful to say I see no need in continuing here.'

'I don't understand' Reuben said.

Lilith placed her hands upon the table, pushing her chair back as she rose to stand.

'I'm saying' she began, 'get out.'

'Lilith' Aski spoke up as she made to walk away. 'We angels should stick together.'

She tur

ned back to them. 'Don't use that word.'

'What word?'

'You know.'

Aski rose to his feet. 'Don't tell me you're ashamed of what you are.'

'Being what I am has brought me so much pain and misery in my life' Lilith said mournfully. 'It's the reason I was rejected by my parents in the first place.'

Aski moved over to her, taking her hands in his in an act that surprised her, he had never touched her so tenderly before.

'Lilith' Aski spoke in a gentle voice. 'You can't help being born what you are. If there are those who would reject you for it, then they are the ones in the wrong.'

Lilith gazed into his eyes, and could see that he was genuine. Even so, she didn't want to hear it. She didn't want to be comforted.

'I think you should leave.'


'There is no place for you here.' She spoke to Aski, but she addressed all of them. 'And I don't want you here.'

Aski let go of her. Lilith could see by his demeanour that he was genuinely hurt.

'Do you really mean that?' he asked.

At that moment, Lilith heard the front door open. Marching footsteps came their way; then her husband appeared in the doorway.

Walter faltered, clearly not expecting to see so many strangers in his home.

'Who are these gentlemen?' he asked his wife.

'I…' Lilith began. And then she realised that she didn't know what to say. 'They are travellers' she finished. 'I met them some time ago before I….before I came to this city.'

'Oh' Walter said. 'It's nice to meet you.'

'It's alright' Lilith said hastily when she realised that the others didn't know what to make of him. 'They were just leaving.'

'We have to be patient with her' Reuben said sometime later, after Lilith had eagerly shown them out. 'She's probably settle here. No wonder she doesn't want to leave.'

'Was that her husband we saw?' Aski asked.

'Must have been' Reuben shrugged carelessly.

'He was a bit old wasn't he?' Aski said.

'Lilith said that arrangement was a thing of necessity' Gael mused aloud. 'She said that it was a thing that benefited both of them.'

'What do you think she meant by that?' Reuben asked.

'Who knows?' Gael shrugged, turning away towards the horizon. Beside him Jaspin was silent.

The four of them now sat on the roof of the manor where Lilith lived. She would be oblivious to their presence, and from here they had a good vantage point. They would know if she left the house. They could watch over her.

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