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   Chapter 57 No.57

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'Good afternoon' the servant said to Lilith as she stepped through the door. 'Did you have a pleasant outing?'

'I did' Lilith nodded her head. 'Thank you.'

The servant bowed, moving away. Lilith was left alone in the entrance hall. She stepped lightly across the wooden floor towards the dresser, picking up a bundle of letters and leafing through it.

There was several to her husband, a few to Ben regarding which school he would be going to, and one to her, from a distant friend who had lived on the other side of the city, before she moved away to travel.

Lilith opened the letter with a sigh, pulling the slip of paper out and beginning to read.

It was quiet in the hall, the sun shone through the tall windows either side of the front door, lighting the hall inside in a golden glow. Dust could be seen floating in the rays of light through the window, tiny particles sailing through the air and around the room.

It was silent in the hall, Lilith realised as she continued to read the letter. Walter and Ben must both be out she thought, and the servants only emerged from their hiding places if one of them returned home, or rang a bell for their attention.

Lilith was about to put the letter down, when the front door suddenly burst open.

Lilith started, wheeling around in shock, the letters slipping from her grasp. Who she saw standing in the doorway, gave her a second shock.


He stood there in the doorway dramatically, the light shining behind him as he grasped the doorframe either side, panting heavily.

'Lilith' he gasped. 'It's you!'

He exhaled deeply, straightening and running his fingers through his shaggy white blonde hair, flicking back the three long plates that grew on one side. His skin was tanned and his eyes a misty blue. He dressed in handsome black clothes, much like the ones he was wearing when she had first met him, only not faded and worn, but new and clean.

'I'm so glad we finally found you. We've been searing for months! From the very first moment you left us.'

He sauntered over to her, grinning widely.

'I've been longing to see you again' Gael told her, at his words Lilith's eyes instantly glazed over, and she adopted an expression of boredom.

He reached his hand out to touch her, to caress her c

heek, but suddenly, someone caught his wrist.

Gael glanced over at Jaspin wide eyed, who still held Gael's wrist in his grasp.

Lilith watched him.

He was still as handsome as ever, and in the prime of his life. Within the gentle gaze of his steely eyes, Lilith could still see the swell of grief.

'Gael!' came another voice from the door, declaring his arrival. 'Stop harassing her! We didn't come all this way to scare her off again.'

It was Reuben. He was just as Lilith remembered him, a wise looking figure with a strong build, a chiselled jaw and high cheekbones. His blonde hair swept back, and he looked evermore powerful as he strode through the door.

Behind him came Aski, tall with long black hair and light blue eyes. His skin was pale and his frame was slender. Around his neck, he wore a shining red stone that glistened in the sunlight.

'Let him go Jaspin' Aski sighed.

Jaspin released Gael's wrist, and Gael stalked away.

Lilith turned to Jaspin to thank him, but halfway through her sentence, he walked away.

'I'm sorry' Aski said to him, waving his hands in a submissive gesture at her. 'He's just upset you left us.'

'He's upset?' Lilith repeated in surprise.

'You mean a lot to him' Aski explained to her, 'to all of us. We were very sad to see you go.'

'Nice place this' Reuben declared, striding into the hall and taking in their surroundings. 'It's big. Do you live here?'

'Yes' Lilith answered shortly.

'How?' Reuben asked her. 'Last time we met, you were a vagrant, just like the rest of us.'

'I married well.'

'You're married?' Aski said incredulous. 'That was quick.'

'It was a thing of necessity' Lilith explained. 'This is an arrangement that benefits the both of us.'

'So you don't love him?'

'That is not your business' Lilith said to Aski.

'Anyway' Reuben said to Lilith, 'it's a good thing we found you.'


'Because' he said, 'it will take all of us to find the earth maiden.'

'The earth maiden?' Lilith vaguely remembered one of them mentioning this before she left them. 'What is that?'

'Who' Reuben corrected, 'who is that?'

Lilith stared at him.

'She…' he began, 'is….' He fell silent in thought. 'Very dear to all of us' he finished. 'Even you.'

'But I've never met her.'

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