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   Chapter 56 No.56

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She offered her hand then to the family. There were two parents, a young boy and a young girl below the age of ten, and an older boy in his late teens.

'Come with me' Lilith said to them. 'My husband will offer you a place to live in our home, our home is large; there is enough space for all of you.'

'Thank you' the father said, with tears in his eyes. 'Thank you…'

'Where are your belongings?'

'The only thing we have' the father replied, 'are the clothes that we wear.'

'Come with me' Lilith said to them. 'I'll take you home.'

In the weeks that followed, the streets were becoming more and more crowded with the pale men and women and children that had travelled from the north, and many people, like Lilith had done, were opening their homes to them. The new family had lived with Lilith and her husband since that day they had first been found. Walter was not at first happy with their presence in his home, but over the days that had passed, he had come to terms with it. The pale family were quiet and kept to themselves, and Lilith would often go out with them into the city, helping them to find work so that they could fend for themselves. It had been hard, but the father at least had found a job, but it was not enough for them to be independent, and so for the meantime the family continued to stay with Lilith in the home.

One day, Lilith was walking through the streets of the city alone. It was on this day, in a one in a million chance, that she met a person she had not seen since she was a child.

She slowed to a stop, turning to face him as he walked by her.


Ken stopped in his tracks, turning back to her with a stony expression, which turned gradually into surprise.

'Lilith?' His voice was distant. 'Is that really you?'

The woman by his side that held his arm stared at Lilith hard. Lilith glanced at her before speaking.

'Is that you mother?'

Lilith had never seen her mother before, not once in her life.

Beatrice stared at Lilith for a few seconds, before her expression turned angry.

'Freak' she spat.

Lilith had heard this word directed at her many times before, but this time, it hurt even more, because it came from her.

'What are you doing here?' Ken asked her, with no emotion in his voice.

'Can't you even pretend to be happy to see me father?' Lilith asked him sadly.

'I do not have it in me' he replied.


m glad at least to see you well.'

'Why?' Ken asked.

'Because you are my father' Lilith said to Ken, 'and you are my mother' she said to Beatrice.

'You are not my daughter' Beatrice snarled.

'Yes' Lilith whispered, taking a step towards her. 'I am your daughter.'

'You are dead to me.'

'No matter how much you hate me' Lilith told her mother, 'I will always care for you, because of who you are.' She glanced towards her father, 'both of you.'

'You are not my daughter' Beatrice told her heartlessly again. 'I have no daughter.'

'I will always be your daughter' Lilith told her, stopping before them, 'no matter how much you wish otherwise. I will always love both of you, no matter how much you hate me, because you are my parents.'

She lifted her arms slowly, embracing the both of them.

'I'm so glad to see you again father' Lilith whispered. 'And I'm glad to at last have met you mother' she said. 'After all this time.'

A short time later, the three of them sat around a small round table in a coffee shop.

'What are you doing here?' Lilith asked her parents quietly.

Beatrice glared at her, grinding her teeth, before angrily turning away.

Ken glanced towards his wife, before answering for her.

'We are here to find Beatrice's mother' Ken explained. 'She is one of the pale ones' he said, referring to the nickname given to the foreigners in the north. 'We came here because we knew this was the best place to look for her.'

'My grandmother?' Lilith blinked. 'I've never met her before.' It was from her grandmother, her mother's mother, from whom she had inherited her pure white hair. 'I would be very excited to see her.' She raised her head. 'Do you believe she is alive?'

'We hope so' Ken replied.

Lilith had returned home late that evening. She had spoken with her parents for quite some time; even her mother exchanged at least a few words with her. Lilith had learnt that they were renting a house nearby, where they were going to stay until they found Beatrice's mother. And after some careful wording and the correct timing, Lilith managed to convince the both of them to tell her where they lived, so that she might see them again. Ken agreed to allow her visit them, but she would have a wait a few weeks, for them to come to term with this. Especially her mother. But Lilith left them happy, and when she returned home, she was in a good mood.

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