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   Chapter 55 No.55

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She closed the tall black door, shutting out the noise of the outside world, the murmur of the crowd, the clatter of horse's hooves and the grinding of the carriage wheels on the cobbled streets.

Through the closed door, Lilith could still hear a bell ringing in the distance, its sound muffled through the wood.

'He is a happy child' came a voice from behind her. 'Is he not?'

Lilith stepped back from the door; she turned to face her husband.

'Yes Walter' she told him. 'He is.'

A short time later she put on her boots and took her coat, heading to the door.

'Are you going out?' Walter asked her.

Lilith paused at the door, hesitating. It would normally be at this point that a normal married couple; would normally embrace each other, perhaps smile; perhaps share a kiss.

'I'm just going to the shops' she told him quietly. 'I will be back in a few hours.'

'Ok' Walter nodded, tucking his newspaper under his arm. 'I will see you when you get back.'

He walked away from her.

Lilith hung back, lingering in the doorway as she watched him go.

He walked away from her, without a backwards glance.

Lilith felt a sinking in her heart, trying to ignore the feeling as she turned to face the outside world.

Lilith closed the tall black door behind her, stepping down and into the streets, her short heels clicking on the cobbles as she made her way.

She hadn't walked for more than a few minutes, when she heard a commotion in the streets.

Lilith slowed to a stop. She turned her head slowly towards the raised voice.

She saw a man confronting a family who were all huddled together. A crowd of people formed a circle around them.

Lilith listened to what the man was saying.

'Go home' he ordered, 'and stay there where you belong.'

In the months that passed, the migrant crisis had worsened, as thousands more 'pale' folk travelled from their homeland to be here, camping outside the city. After a time, the leaders who ran the city had been forced to open their gates to at least some of them.

This had caused tension for those already living within the city. As far as the residents were concerned, the foreigners were pests, who were taking their homes, eating their food, taking their jobs, and crowding the city. Their perfect and easy life in the golden lands was being dampened, thanks to the immigrants.

'There is no place for you here' the man was shouting at the family. 'Nobody wants you.'

Lilith turned on her heel and marched over towards him.

'What is the meaning of this?' Lilith demanded of him.

The man rounded on her, seeing Lilith's light skin and white hair, his expression grew ever more sour.

'Another foreigner' he scowled. 'Filth' he spat. 'You have no place living in this city. Crawl back to your icy caves in t

he north where you belong.'

'This is where I belong' Lilith told him. 'I was born on these soils. My father is a lord, my mother is a lady, and I was raised with the best education in the best school. If anyone has a place here' she narrowed her eyes, 'it's me.'

'You're a foreigner' the man growled persistently.

'Everyone is a foreigner' Lilith replied curtly, 'if you search far enough back in the family tree.'

'I was born in this city' the man said, 'I belong here.' He indicated family of five nearby, their skin pale; their hair light. 'You were not born in this city. You do not belong here. You're as bad as these albino freaks.'

Lilith's eye twitched.

She balled her fist and punched him hard in the face.

Caught by surprise the man fell back. Lilith ignored the gasps simultaneously from the crowd around her. She stood over the man, rubbing her first firmly.

The man rose to his feet swiftly, advancing onto her, their faces inches apart. He snarled as blood ran from his nose, but Lilith did not falter, but was as calm and indifferent as she always was.

'These people are human beings' she told him quietly. 'You should be grateful you were born here, and not in their homeland which is ravaged by war.' She narrowed her eyes. 'You could be in their position' she told him, 'you might yet be in the future. And wouldn't you want people to help you if you were in need?'

But Lilith knew her words were falling on deaf ears. The man was still angry, he wanted to strike her; she saw this. But he dared not, not in front of a crowd of people. It was bad that she had hit him, but it would be far worse if he hit her back.

'My husband is a rich man' Lilith told him, 'with influence. Don't do anything you'll regret, for your own sake.'

The man stormed off furiously, pushing his way through the crowd and disappearing.

Lilith turned then to the family behind her.

'Are you alright?' she asked them.

They didn't answer, only stared back at her. Lilith could see they were still shaken.

Lilith spoke to the crowd around them, speaking loudly.

'Those of you who would persecute these people are no better than the terrorists that drive them from their home. Life is hard enough without us causing harm to each other, and we to help those in need. Yes we have limited space, but we live life well in this city. We will only suffer minor inconveniences, for a benefit that to these people' she indicated the family, 'is vast. Yes it will be harder to find jobs, harder to provide food and homes, but we all share this world together, and if we cannot rely on each other, then who can we trust?' she listened to the ringing silence as the people around her watched in silence. 'Remember' Lilith spoke, 'remember……you might be in their position one day.'

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