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After a time she moved over to the wardrobe, seeing a few clothes that were roughly her size. She took off her wedding dress and put on a nightdress.

She lay on the bed, feeling strange. Not because of the strange situation that had happened to her so suddenly, but because of the way Walter had acted.

I have no interest in anything physical. I won't ever love you. Not like that.

She slept peacefully that night, waking with the sun hours later.

That morning, her first day ever as a wife in her new home began. She sat down for breakfast with her husband, the servants served her food, and she met Ben for the very first time.

'Hello' the young boy smiled up at her. 'Father says you're going to be living with us now. My name is Ben. It's nice to meet you.'

Months passed, and Lilith was becoming accustomed to her new life. Even the strangeness of it was beginning to wear off.

And in the months that passed, Lilith found in her heart that she was developing feelings for Walter. The strange thing was, it was because Walter didn't want to touch her, that she came to love him.

'I know that makes no sense' Lilith grumble to herself, flicking through the pages of the book.

'Are you alright?' Ben asked her, who sat nearby in the lounge. 'You always flick through books like that when something's bothering you.'

Lilith put the book down. The boy she had found was a smart one, and even though she had spent only a short amount of time in this house as the wife, he had come to know her very well. He had grown very fond of her, and had watched her closely over the months.

And she in turn, had grown fond of him.

Lilith pushed the book away from her, sitting back in her chair.

'Come here' she spoke softly to Ben, opening her arms out.

Ben slid off the sofa, padding over to Lilith and clambering onto her lap.

Lilith wrapped her arms around him, holding the shawl around the both of them. She breathed a heavy sigh.

'I like these days' Ben mumbled, resting his cheek again Lilith's arm. 'These are the best days.'

'They certainly are' Lilith squeezed him tight, before relaxing again.

'I'll have to go to school soon' Ben said forlorn. 'Father says so.'

'Father would be right.'

'Why do I have to go to school?' Ben asked resentfully. 'I'm happy here at home with my books.'

'You have to go out and socialise with other children your own age' Lilith explained to him. 'You need an education if you want a future.'

'But your

education didn't help your future' Ben interrogated. He glanced up at Lilith knowingly. 'Did it.'

Lilith stared down at him, before her expression broke into a smiled.

'Has anyone ever told you, you're too smart for your own good?'

'Yes' Ben gleamed. 'I have been told that before. And for the record, I am going to hold off going to school, for as long as I can. You will have to drag me there kicking and screaming.'

'Yes' Lilith said. 'I felt the same way too.' She closed her eyes. 'Have you decided what you want to do when you grow up?'

'I want to move away from the city' the boy replied. 'I want a simple life. I want to live off the land, and be happy.' He squeezed her arm tight. 'I want to grow my crop, and harvest it every year. I want to rear my own animals, go out in the wood and hunt my own food.'

'You're a country boy at heart.'

'I want to grow up to be a country man.' Ben looked up at her. 'I love the city, I really do; it's where I was born. But I long for the wildness and it's the open lands.'

'Well, Martin should be here soon. He will take you out to the woods; it's a perfect day for it.'

'I love it when Martin comes' Ben gleamed.

'I know.'

An hour or so later, there was a knock at the door.

Lilith was just stepping into the entrance hall as one of the servants was opening the front door.

'Martin' Lilith greeted. 'It's good to see you.'

'Good morning' the young man smiled.

Lilith took in his appearance. He was dressed in basic travelling clothes coloured mottled greens and earthy brown colours, with a hooded cloak resting across his shoulders, and a quiver of arrows at his back. He wore knee-high boots, aged and caked in mud, within his cloak; Lilith saw a collection of knives.

'Is Ben ready to go?'

'He sure is' Lilith replied. 'He's been waiting for you.'

Lilith called the boy from upstairs and he came running as fast as he could, sliding to a stop beside Lilith on the smooth wooden floors.

'Be careful won't you' Lilith told him.

'I will' Ben nodded eagerly. He padded towards Martin, grinning up at him as Martin nodded down at to him. 'Hello Martin, it's good to see you.'

He followed the young man out into the streets, where two horses waited, one for Martin, one for Ben.

Ben clambered up onto his smaller horse, as Martin mounted his.

Lilith stood in the open doorway and waved them away, as they wheeled their horses around, tails flicking as they trotted down the street.

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