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   Chapter 53 No.53

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The entertainers were never touched.

Being too old to work as an entertainer, Lilith had been accepted as a servant instead. That in itself was hard enough to secure. Having no paperwork, Lilith had to produce a very large deposit before being accepted here, but now she had work, she even owned her own home, though it was tiny, it was comfortable, and it was hers.

One evening, during a shift, Lilith noticed a man watching her, an older gentleman who must have been in his seventies, though still fit and healthy.

He was surrounded by other gentleman about his age, all sitting upon luxurious velvet sofas around a low table. They were playing some sort of card game, as a beautiful female dancer danced nearby. Her face was painted white, which made her red lips and black-lined eyes stand out more. She was utterly captivating as she moved, and all the gentleman's attention was turned towards her, except one.

Lilith moved over to him, thinking that he might want something.

'Can I get you some refreshments sir?' Lilith asked politely, holding the round silver tray in her hands before her.

'It's not refreshments I want' the gentleman replied, speaking in a quiet voice so that the other gentlemen around him could not hear, 'it's you.'

After her shift ended, Lilith waited for him outside the establishment. She turned to face him as he came up behind her.

He was considerably taller than she was, with grey hair slicked back and a handsome smile.

He offered her his arm and she took it, walking with her through the streets and to his home.

A short while later; and Lilith was wandering through the many rooms of his large manor home.

'You live alone in this big house?' she asked him.

'Not alone no.' He came to stand beside her. 'I have a young boy living with me, only twelve. I adopted him some years ago after my wife…' he broke off. 'His name is Ben' he finished.

'What about your wife?' Lilith asked turning to him.

'She died' the gentleman replied sadly. 'She always wanted children, but could have none of her own.'

'How did she die?'

'There are a few servants who live here also' the gentleman continued, 'so I am not alone.'

Lilith raised her head to him, noticing the way he had avoided the question.

'So' the gentleman replied. 'What do you think?'

'I don't even know your name' she told him.

'I'm sorry' he bowed to

her, placing a hand upon his chest. 'How rude of me. It's Walter.'

'I'm Lilith.'

'Such a beautiful name. And unusual.'

'Are you sure about this?' Lilith asked him. 'It's such a strange thing to ask of someone.'

'Strange' Walter nodded, 'but necessary. I am well known in this city, and it is expected of me to make an effort not to die alone.'

Lilith turned away from him, taking in the beautiful rooms, the roaring fireplace, the large portraits of the families that lived in this comfortable manor in days gone by. The many ornaments, stuffed birds in glass jars, finely crafted cabinets, a ticking grandfather clock; the thick and lush carpets, the wide stairs leading to the floor above, the large chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.

'So?' Walter asked expectantly. 'What do you think?'

'Alright' Lilith replied. 'I'll do it.' She turned fully to him, facing him head on now. 'I just want to ask you one thing.'


'Why me?'

'Because you looked so sad' Walter replied, giving her a mournful expression. 'You stood out to me more than anyone else.'

Later that very same day, after selling her tiny home, Lilith stood on the steps of the alter saying her vows.

She never thought she would be married after William had rejected her all those years ago, and never thought it would be like this.

The gathering was only small, with just a handful of people.

That evening, Lilith returned to the manor that was now her home. Walter led her to a bedroom, and Lilith faced the bed, taking off her white gloves and standing with her back to him.

She slipped the white dress off her shoulders, speaking to him.

'I suppose…you want to….'

But she felt a hand suddenly on her shoulder. Walter's touch was gentle. She breathed a slow gasp of surprise as he pulled the dress back up to cover her shoulder.

'I have no interest in anything physical' he told her calmly. 'I won't ever love you. Not like that. This is all for appearance you understand.'

Lilith turned to him in shock, watching with curiosity and confusion and he walked away from her, pausing at the door.

'This is your bedroom' he told her, smiling kindly at her with his hand on the door frame. 'Everything in this room is yours.' He smiled at her again. 'Sleep well.'

He closed the door after him, and Lilith stood there in silence, in the middle of the room staring.

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