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   Chapter 52 No.52

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This was the destination of many hundreds of people. War in the north had driven thousands of people to travel to this place known as the golden country, and they flocked outside the gates of the city. As Lilith walked the path, the main road which led to the great city, she saw hundreds of people sitting on the banks that overlooked the road. Foreigners, many who had travelled on foot for hundreds of miles to be here, in search of a better life now waited outside the city gates, many dying in the process, mainly the very young and old.

The city they sought to enter was already full, and it would be very difficult for any to enter who did not already live there. As Lilith took her place on the floor beside a starving family, she watched as men and women already living in the city, walked back and forth along the road. Some gave the vagrants looks of sadness, others of disgust.

Lilith glanced to the family beside her. This race of people lived in a cold climate, a far off and hostile place where it always snowed, even in summer, and they lived in darkness for six months of the year. Their skin was pale, near pure white, and their hair was either pure white like Lilith's, or white-blonde.

Lilith's grandmother was of this race; that is why her hair was white like theirs.

It was a hard land to live in, their homeland, now wracked with war, it had become unliveable. It was no wonder they travelled all this way, risking death by starvation, drowning or disease. Their life back home was so horrible, many still tried to come here.

One of the men noticed her attention as Lilith watched them, and he spoke to.

'Are you looking for a home too?'

He was extremely skinny, his face gaunt, his eyes distant.

'Yes' Lilith answered him meekly. 'I am.'

It was many months that Lilith lived beside the road, spending every waking moment trying to find food and only just surviving starvation herself. She eventually was seen by one of the officials, who were organising the thousands of foreigners trying to enter their kingdom.

Only few were accepted into the city. One had to speak the language, have certain skills and knowledge and pass several tests before even being considered. Some of these tests were physical, others were written. Though Lilith lacked the qualifications on paper, when sitting the tests, she passed with flying colours. But even so, she was not accepted.

Many more months passed, and she passed every test that was thrown at her, the same ones over and over again, and still she was rejected. She was missing a crucial document, one that had been lost for years now.

Lilith thought back to her younger days, when she was just seventeen years old, in her very last day of school, the day after the New Year.

The day after the New Year celebration, was the day that many took their first steps forward as mature adults, and chose what goals they wished to pursue in

life, which path they wanted to take. Each in their final year would go to school for the last time, and be placed in a category. They were pigeon holed, and forced to live up to specific expectations.

But the document, a piece of car with rounded corners, the document of their highest achievements accomplished since the time they were able to speak, the one that was supposed to follow them for the rest of their lives, Lilith had destroyed. Without it, it was almost impossible to receive further education or decent employment. In the upper class, it was absolutely impossible, even marriage was beyond reach without this document.

But Lilith had torn it in half, in front of all the students and teachers, refusing to be categorised.

'It doesn't matter' Lilith glowered, hugging her knees and shivering against the cold as she sat beside the road. 'I don't need it. I can succeed without it.'

Many more months passed, and Lilith, was at last accepted.

Despite the thousands of people still waiting outside the city, she was the only foreigner so far to be allowed through its gates. She was the first foreigner, granted permission to live here.

'Thanks to you father' she spoke reluctantly to herself, as the gates were opened for her to enter. 'This is all thanks to you, and the vast knowledge I gained in my early years travelling with you, as you tried to sell me…this is all thanks to you.'

She raised her head high, and took her first steps into the golden country, flanked by two officials dressed in red, as they led her to the office of immigration.

The first thing she did when she left the office, doing so alone and free from the officials that had questioned her mercilessly, and swarmed around her for hours, was visit a hospital. She was weak from hunger, and the long months living outside beneath the open sky beside that road had made her gravely ill. But she recovered, and months later, she was thriving.

Chapter Eighteen


Yet again in her life, Lilith had made a new start. She now worked in a pleasure house, not like the one she did before, this one was of a different sort. The men and women the customers came here to see were entertainers, walking pieces of art. Only the most handsome and beautiful were hired to work here, they were dancers, singers and musically gifted. They learnt these skills from a very young age. They were given the most beautiful clothes Lilith had ever seen, and their makeup was exaggerated, but no less beautiful. Unlike the pleasure house Lilith once worked in, these people were not allowed to be touched, like art, they were admired only from a distance. They were protected. Amongst the servants who served the guests, tall and burly men, finely dressed, clung to the walls, hanging around the columns and beside the doors. Their presence alone was enough to deter any unwanted activity, and the guests always behaved themselves.

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