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   Chapter 51 No.51

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Lilith didn't reply. She didn't respond in any way for that matter.

The watchman frowned at her, tossing the bag of coins up in the air and catching it before tossing it up again. He stopped suddenly, considering her.

'It's strange that such a pretty lady like you would reduce yourself to steal so much.'

Lilith watched him as he walked away, his echoing footsteps receding down the stone corridor.

Her pockets had all been turned out. Everything she had stolen that day had been taken away from her, and she felt lighter for it.

Her cell was bare and small. There was one modest bed in the corner, and a barred window set high in the wall. She stepped over to it, reaching a hand up to hold one of the bars as she peered outside, standing on her tip toes to see.

Outside she saw the gallows, the ropes hanging swinging in the breeze.

Lilith let go of the bars, and turned away from the window.

She moved over to the bed and lay down, feeling instantly at ease.

Lilith closed her eyes and breathed a heavy sigh, arms folded behind her head as she gave herself to sleep.

Outside the prison, Gael had watched Lilith being led, had seen her face peer through the barred window in her cell.

He stepped back from the tall double-gates, gazing across the courtyard where the gallows waited for their next victim to give themselves up to them.

He turn-tailed and ran, heading back to the guesthouse and bursting through the door, stumbling into the room where the others waited. Aski, Reuben and Jaspin all glanced up in alarm at his sudden appearance.

They watched him silently as he doubled over, resting with his hands on his knees and gasping for air.

'Gael' Reuben said at last. 'What on earth is the matter?'

Gael drew another gasp of air, before straightening again.

'Lilith's been arrested!' he blurted.

Reuben, Aski and Jaspin all tensed. Jaspin's eyes flashed at Gael's words.

Back in the prison in her cell, Lilith lay on her bed comfortably, dozing peacefully.

Hours later, she opened her eyes, when she heard the sound of a door opening somewhere further down the corridor.

Lilith sat up quickly, pulling out the lace at the back of her dress that held her corset tight, and using it to tie her hair up. Just before the watchman came into view, she rose to her feet, slipping her dress lower so that her shoulders were exposed.

She moved closer to the bars, halting the watchman in his tracks as he made to simply pass bye.

She stared at him deeply, standing with a hand on her hip, the other limp at her side.


e watchman hesitated, unable to turn away from her.

A slow smile crossed Lilith's face, knowing already she had the man beneath her grasp.

The watchman reached forward, slipping the key into the lock and turning.

The door swung open.

An hour or so later, Lilith returned on her own to the guesthouse. When she walked through the door to their room, her appearance was a surprise to all.

'Oh' Aski said curiously. 'We were just talking about you.'

'How did you get out?' Reuben asked suspiciously.

'They made a mistake' Lilith replied plainly strolling in. 'They believe that a woman is simply not capable of stealing in such a way.' She hesitated then, seeing the large paper upon the table that the others were sat around. It was a crude sketch of the prison she had just left.

Lilith moved closer to it, craning forwards.

She realised with a smirk that they had been planning to break her out. Their ideas seemed to range from using explosives, to impersonating a guard, to getting themselves arrested and somehow breaking her out from the inside.

Each one of their ideas was as foolish as the last, and none had at least a reasonable chance of working, even in the most favourable of circumstances.

Lilith straightened.


She turned and strode away.

The others watched her go in silence.

It was night time outside, and everything was still. For the longest moment, none of them moved; then Jaspin rose to his feet, following after her.

He found her outside, running to catch up with her. Hearing footsteps behind her in the silent night, Lilith turned.

'Oh' she said in surprise. 'It's you.'

She faced him properly now.

'What are you doing here?' she asked him. 'What do you want?'

He didn't speak. He never spoke. Always as ever, he was silent.

'Is it…' she began, 'that you do not want me to leave?'

He didn't answer; he just stared at her, never breaking eye contact.

'I'm sorry' Lilith whispered, turning her back on him again.

Just like years ago when she left the house of pleasure without a second thought, she walked away, moving forwards, seeking a new beginning, seeking a new start.

'I'm sorry' Lilith said to Jaspin. 'You won't see me again.'

Lilith separated from them, wondering in her heart, what Jaspin was thinking.

Why did he come out to see her?

Why does he not speak?

Chapter Seventeen

The Golden Country

Lilith left those lands, and travelled far away, heading to a new country. She boarded a ship and sailed across the waters to a rich and prosperous nation.

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