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   Chapter 50 No.50

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This had all of course been paid for at Lilith's expense, and she was constantly driven to steal for them. Their needs seemed to be growing with every passing day, and all the time they wanted more. Lilith found them more demanding than the host of children she had shared a house with; back so many years ago when she lived with William. The man she had nearly married.

She felt a twinge of sadness at then. It had been a very long time since she had remembered him, and she thought briefly where he was now. What was he doing? Was he happy?'

Lilith raised her head, rising from the bed and making her way to the door.

'Lilith?' Reuben spoke up, taking the cigar from his mouth. 'Where are you going?'

'I'm going out for a moment' she replied without a pause in her stride.

'Won't you stay with us?' he asked. 'It's so…peaceful here.'

'I'm bored' Lilith answered. 'I want something to do.'

'Do you want a massage?' Aski spoke up, turning his head to face her as he lay on his front, the woman behind him still working her hands. 'Oooo' he said. 'It feels so good.'

'No thank you' she told him. 'All I want is some fresh air.'

She left the large grey building, meeting the last figure on the steps outside the guesthouse. Gael was surrounded by several beautiful women, handsomely dressed with their low-cut necklines, hair tied up and jewels around their necks, wrists and hanging from their ears. All the women were fawning over Gael, they seemed to adore him. Lilith paused for a moment, thinking that she couldn't blame them for the way they acted. Gael was incredibly handsome, with a swift tongue, quick wit and a charming smile. There was a time she would have been charmed by a man like him, back in the day when she was like the woman that surrounded him. Now, she cared not.

'Hey Lilith!' he called to her as she strolled past. 'Leaving so soon?'

'Soon?' she turned to him. 'I've been here all day. It's ever so dull.'

'Well' Gael grinned slyly at her, placing an arm each around the women either side of him. 'It's about to get a lot more interesting.'

'I'm afraid' Lilith began, surveying the six evening women, 'there's not enough to go around.'

She marched off before he could say another word, moving quickly through the streets, heading in no particular direction. As she went, her hands slipped in and out of severa

l pockets casually. The act to her had become as easy as taking a step forward, as natural as breathing. This she didn't like.

By the time she reached the end of the street, she had to move more slowly. Her pockets were full and chinked with every step she took. If she wasn't careful, she would likely soon be the next target to be pick pocketed by someone else.

She came to the town square, where there was a modest stage in the centre, around which a crowd had gathered. Lilith glanced either side of her, before turning her eyes upon the stage itself.

Upon the stage was a man dressed in bright colours of yellows and oranges and blues, wearing a strange sort of mask that covered his head. The mask was a bird mask, with a bright yellow beak. Only his mouth could be seen as he spoke, reciting the words he had no doubt spent many days rehearsing. As he spoke, several figures appeared behind him, moving to surround him. They twirled and danced around him, great strips of cloth tied to their wrists as they weaved around the man in the centre of the stage. After a few moments, one of the women grabbed him around the waist, pulling his attention from the crowd onto her. He smiled beneath his beak, bowing and taking the ladies hand.

'My little canary' the man said, 'may I have this dance?'

Her attention began to drift downwards, to the man in front of her. He was an older figure, judging by his lack of hair, and was wealthy, judging by his girth. As far as Lilith could see as she stood behind him, he dressed in handsome blacks. The man however hadn't seemed to accept that they didn't fit him as well as they used to.

Lilith let out a breath, her expression bored as her attention drifted back towards the dancers on the stage. She moved closer to the man, raising her hand towards his pocket.

Before she could slip into his pocket, a hand lashed out, grabbing her around the wrist. Lilith whirled around, meeting the eyes of the man that held her, one of the town's watchmen.

He glared at her through bushy eyebrows, his moustache curled up in a snarl.

'Caught you' he said.

A short time later, and Lilith was shoved forwards, the cell door closed after her. She turned around to face the watchman.

'Your thieving days are over miss' he told her, as Lilith watched him with blank eyes. 'You might even be hung for this.'

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