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   Chapter 49 No.49

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'It's ok' Lilith reassured. 'I used to be homeless once too.'

The boy looked her up and down then, taking in her decent clothes and clean appearance. Lilith could almost see the little cogs in his mind turning.

'Thank you' the boy whispered meekly, taking the cake from her.

'Just promise me' Lilith said, reaching into her pocket and handing the rest of its contents to the boy, the jewels and silver and the last of the coins she carried at that time, 'that you will share this with others who need it.'

Lilith glanced up then, seeing further down the street a small group of children huddle together, equally as dishevelled, though these ones were younger, they appeared to be waiting for the boy to return back to them.

'I will' the boy whispered back, holding the cake in one hand and slipping the precious gifts into his pocket with the other. 'Thank you…'

Lilith nodded to him, smiling widely. 'Make the most of it' she told him. 'Make it last.'

He gave a firm nod to her, turning and slipping away, he returned to the other children who waited a distance away, the children watched her in wonder for a few seconds, before disappearing around the corner and out of sight.

Lilith watched them go warmly, smiling in a way she had not done so in years.

'That was very kind of you' Aski said from behind her. He turned to face her. 'Why did you do it?'

'Because' Lilith answered simply, remembering Charlotte, and how she had offered her a home and a new life away from the cold hard streets. 'One day, someone did something good for me, and when he grows up' she said, looking down the street the boy had run down, 'he will do the same.'

Behind her, Jaspin had watched closely with narrowed eyes, frowning deep in thought.

Chapter Fifteen


Aski lay on his back in the meadow, arms folded behind his head. He smiled up at the sun, reaching a hand up towards it, as if he wanted to touch it, to hold it in his hand.

'Today is a beautiful day' he sighed.

Around him, the others were. Jaspin resting on his side with his back to the others, Reuben sitting against a tree, Gael sitting cross legged, making a daisy chain, and Lilith, she lay beside Aski, staring up at the clouds.

'We should travel the world' Aski said.

Lilith turned to face him.

'What about your old lives?' she asked him. 'Don't any of you have homes to go to?'

'I thought we weren't going to talk about the past' Reuben said.

'I didn't mean…' Lilith began. 'It's just….'

'We could ask you the same thing' Reuben told her. 'Why do you stay with us, instead of going home?'

'I have no home' Lilith replied flatly.

'Neither do we.'

Lilith glanced towards him, before looking away.

'So what are you all going to do t


Gael glanced up from his daisy chain.

'What are we going to do?' he echoed. 'Live.'

'That's not an answer' Lilith said blankly.

'Well what are you going to?' Gael counteracted.

This caught Lilith off guard somewhat. For the last few weeks she had been living with the group of four strangers, simply moving from one place to the next, with no real purpose, no real goal, and constantly stealing from others. It almost felt like back in the days when she was a child, travelling the world with her father, as he sought for a place to leave his daughter, to wash his hands of her.

'I don't know' Lilith admitted. 'I don't know what I'm going to do.'

'Stay with us' Aski said. 'Our kind should stick together. Who knows how many of us are left.'

'It would be nice if we could find others of our kind' Reuben said mournfully.

'It would' Aski said, rolling on his side to face the others. 'But how would we find them? How would we even know where to look?'

'Angels are normally drawn to each other, they sense each other, ' Gael spoke up. 'Don't they.'

'It's true' Aski spoke to the grass. 'But…I feel nothing.'

Nearby, Jaspin rolled onto his back, staring up in silence at the sky.

'What is your purpose?' Lilith asked suddenly, furrowing her brows. 'I feel I do not exist anymore.'

'We only wish to move forwards, to live, to travel' Reuben said.

Lilith took a shuddering breath. 'To what end?' she breathed.

Chapter Sixteen


The next town they came to was a dingy one; it was not at all pleasant. They decided not to stay here for very long, and so moved on, to the next town, then to a village, then to another town, and another after that. The last town they came to was a nice one, and so they decided to stay her for quite some time.

Several days passed, and still they remained. One afternoon found four of them lounging around a luxurious and large room, with tall windows, red velvet curtains, several four-poster beds and a roaring hearth. It was warm in this spacious room, and pleasant. But Lilith did not find it appealing in the slightest, if anything, she hated it. She hated the meaningless of it all, the boredom; the complete uncertainty of the days to come. The others however seemed far more content. Lilith as she sat upon the bed, leaning against the headboard holding her knees, glanced briefly over to them. Reuben lay on a wide leather sofa, his mouth upon a cigar and sucking in deeply. He exhaled slowly, blowing smoke into the air. Nearby Aski lay on his front, a pretty young woman running her hands up and down his bare back, rubbing oils into his skin. And Jaspin, still as silent as ever, sat away from the rest, upon the windowsill, gazing out at the streets beyond.

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