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   Chapter 48 No.48

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'I hope it was worth is' Lilith raised an eyebrow, as Reuben clutched his head.

A short time later, once he had gathered himself, Aski came over to join them.

'Morning' he grumbled wearily, 'how are we both feeling?'

'Acceptable' Reuben answered.

'And yourself?' Aski spoke to Lilith. 'Did you not drink at all last night?'

'I did not' Lilith admitted. 'I found that I was not in the mood.'

'Where are Jaspin and Gael?' Reuben asked.

'I don't know' Aski said. 'But if we stay here I'm sure they will return.'

An hour or so later, and Jaspin came to them, about half an hour or so after that, and Gael appeared from one of the houses, looking livelier than all of them.

'Good morning!' he beamed at all of them. 'What a fine morning it is.'

His eyes turned towards Lilith, who stared blankly back at him for a moment, before he looked away.

'What are we going to do now?' Gael asked.

'I have an idea' Reuben voiced, raising his head.

'And what's that?' Aski spoke.

'Cake' Reuben answered. 'Let's get a cake.'

Lilith's eyes widened slightly, and she drew a gasp at this.

It was a tradition for many, the day after the New Years fireworks to buy an expensive cake as a token of celebration. The cakes that were produced were expensive and of beautiful designs and delicious tastes. They were in themselves masterpieces, and pieces of art.

The last time she had enjoyed a cake, was so many years ago, when she was living on the streets with Lily, the young girl who had felt like a sister to her. Tears prickled in her eyes then as she thought of Lily. It had been so many years, and she wondered what she was doing. Where was she now? Was she happy? Lily would have grown up quite a bit in the years that have passed; she would be mature now, beautiful no doubt.

'This sort of thing is usually only shared between family' Lilith objected, feeling suddenly uncertain.

'And who's to say we can't share it amongst friends too' Reuben smirked. 'Come on; let's go find ourselves a nice cake to share. Lilith, do you have enough money?'

She huffed at him then, reaching into her pocket sulkily and scooping out what was there and dumping it into his open hand. Amongst the coins were bracelets and jewels and one silver pocket watch.

'Excellent' Reuben said, sifting through the contents and picking out what he thought he wouldn't need and handing it back to Lilith. 'Jaspin, would you like to come with me and help choose one?'

Jaspin didn't answer; he only unfolded his arms and stepped forward to show he was r

eady to go.

'Excellent' Reuben said again, sliding off the table and straightening up, dusting himself off briefly from the crumbs and bits of food that were stuck to his clothes. 'Let's go.'

A short time later, and the two returned.

'Jaspin helped me chose it' Reuben explained as he unboxed the cake and placed it carefully on the bench before them. 'And I must say, he has very good taste.'

It was a modest sized, two-layer cake, decorated with beautiful and intricate designs of seashells and starfish and pretty swirls to represent the waves in the sea. The whole thing was beautifully painted in painstaking detail that must have taken hours and hours to complete.

'You chose well' Aski noted, gazing down at it. 'Who will do the honours?'

'Jaspin?' Reuben suggested.

Jaspin silently took the knife Reuben offered him, cutting into the cake with careful and delicate precision. He offered the others each a slice, giving the last one to Lilith.

'I…' Lilith hesitated. 'I don't know….'

'Just take it' Gael told her, already helping himself to a second slice. 'It's quite delicious.'

Lilith took the small plate hesitantly from Jaspin who watched her closely; she stared down at the slice. The cake itself was peach and plum sponge, light and beautifully made. The inside of the cake was as perfect as the outside.

Lilith took a small fork from the table beside her, cutting into it and taking a small corner. She popped it into her mouth, and the taste instantly exploded in her mouth.

She swallowed.

'It's delicious.'

Gael beamed at her. 'I knew you'd love it' he said.

Lilith remembered the last cake she had shared with Lily, in a time long past, in another life. The gesture of being offered one of these cakes, even by someone she barely knew was a touching gesture, and as she ate, she felt strange emotions swelling inside her.

When they had eaten their fill of cake, Lilith noticed suddenly a young child hanging around the edge of the square. A young boy, he was filthy, and skinny.

A vagrant Lilith realised, I guess they are everywhere, in every town and city…

She cut another slice of cake, a large piece; then hesitated, instead taking the entire rest of the cake, and wandering over towards the boy, who tensed at the sight of her approaching.

As she did so, the others watched her from behind, curious of her actions.

'Here' Lilith smiled kindly down at the boy, offering the plate with the cake for him to take. 'It's yours.'

The boy didn't move at first, perhaps suspecting a trick.

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