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   Chapter 47 No.47

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Gael shot a glance sideways at him. 'Yeah' he grinned slyly. 'Let us be free once more, like we used to be.'

That evening as darkness fell, the lanterns hanging in the town shone even brighter. People flocked to the street, food was brought out, and the music and dancing began. By midnight, the fireworks were flashing in the sky, and the party was in full bloom.

Lilith however took no part of it. She sat on a bench, one of many that had been brought out and positioned on the edge of the town square. The benches were now laden with food that the people helped themselves to, taking handfuls of nibbles every so often, or sitting down to enjoy them while they talked in small groups. The town square was where most of the people were now, dancing and having a good time as the fireworks sang above them, being fired from the balconies of many of the houses all around them.

Lilith sat alone on the bench watching it all, not tempted by the food nearby, she instead stared into the throng of happy folk. From where she was she could see Gael, seated on a chair beside the podium where the musicians played. He leant back with a rose in his mouth. Sitting upon his lap was a woman with dark haired tied up, wearing a low-cut dress of vivid red. He held her waist tightly as she leant over him, kissing his neck and chest as he held the rose between his teeth, grinning hungrily at her. A short distance away at one of the benches on the edge of the square, Reuben was drinking with a group of young men, laughing loudly as they spoke over one another in raised voices. A short time later, a pretty young blonde with a tight corset sailed over to him, grabbing him by the arm and whispering into his ear. Lilith saw him smirk. He rose to join her in a dance amongst the crowd.

Lilith shifted in her seat. She glanced to the figure beside her uncertainly. It was Jaspin. Like Lilith, he had chosen to take no part in the celebration, instead choosing to sit where he was.

He watched, with an expression as if waiting for it to all be over.

Lilith turned away again, and looked back to the party.

She saw Aski was playing a duelling game in the crowd nearby, a dangerous looking game that Lilith didn't fully understand, one that involved throwing knives, drinking, and a lot of money bet. Only the bravest of men seemed to be taking part by the look of it Lilith noticed, as she watched she saw the players participating were more mature gentlemen, more sober and more controlled then the young ruffians that surrounded them.

Lilith heard a scream of delight then, and then a cheer. Her eyes drifted the other way again, and she saw Gael lifting the red dressed woman over his shoulde

r, carrying her to one of the public buildings nearby, and inn, and disappearing through the door.

She sighed, and glanced towards Jaspin sitting a short distance from her.

She tried to speak to him.

'You wish for no part in the celebration?'

He turned towards her, indicating that he had heard her speak, but turned away again, keeping his lips tight shut.

Perhaps he really is unable to speak Lilith thought bowing her head. I wonder why he keeps his silence.

Reuben came to them a short while later to see if they were both alright, cheeks flushed with the heat and alcohol.

Lilith told him she was fine. Jaspin answered only with a nod.

A short time after that, Lilith left the party altogether to be alone. She didn't tell the others where she was going, or even that she was going at all. She guessed them to be having too good a time to even notice she was gone, and she was right.

Only one noticed her leave; Jaspin, watching her with his steely grey eyes. He saw her slip through the crowd, hand slithering casually in and out of several pockets as she went. Then she was out of sight.

Lilith returned the next morning to the town square where many people still remained. It was much quieter than the night before, but several had spent the whole night out here, such a beautiful and peaceful and warm night, they had slept outside on the benches, some with only thin blankets and a few pillows to keep them comfortable.

She found Reuben and Aski out here; Jaspin and Gael were not to be seen. Reuben was lying on one of the tables amongst the food which was scattered around him, resting on his back with a cloth over his eyes. Aski was lying on the podium, face-down.

As Lilith watched him, she saw the musicians beginning to rise around him, some still clutching their instruments to them. Aski pushed himself up to a kneeling positing, gingerly getting to his feet. The instant he was standing fairly straight, he lost his balance, stumbling back and tumbling off the podium he crashed into one of the tables behind him, glasses and plates crashing to the ground. Reuben groaned at the noise, hand going to his face and pulling the cloth off him, rubbing his eyes groggily. He sat up, head in his hands. Then he looked up.

'Lilith' he said spotting her. 'Good morning. You look well.'

'You do not' she replied.

They both glanced over towards Aski, who was kneeling with his hand over his mouth, trying not to be sick, and holding the table beside him for support.

'You've lost control of yourselves I see' Lilith noted.

'We did…' Reuben admitted, 'go a little too overboard.' He grinned at her. 'But we had a good time…we had a great time.'

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