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   Chapter 46 No.46

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He straightened again, turning towards the strange group of five that had entered his shop, dressed only in white robes with bare feet. He smiled.

'It would be a pleasure to serve you' he said to them. 'I will fulfil your every desire.'

He hurried past them quickly towards the door, turning the sign over so that to passersby in the street outside it read, 'closed'.

He turned back to them.

'Now' he clapped his hands together. 'What can I do for you?'

The four men all glanced at each other, Lilith did not react.

'Well' Aski said, placing his hands upon his hips. 'What could we ask for?'

'While you think about it' the tailor said, 'let me just summon my helpers.'

He rushed around the counter, scooping up the money as he went, and disappeared through an archway and out of sight. The others heard him calling in the next room.

'Mandy! Sue! Will you come down here for a moment?'

The sound of footsteps could be heard coming down the stairs, and Mandy and Sue rounded the corner through the archway, coming into sight.

'These gentlemen…and lady' he added, nodding to Lilith, 'need our help in finding some new clothes' the tailor explained. 'Can you help them?'

'It would be our pleasure' Mandy bowed politely.

'After all' Sue beamed happily, hands folded neatly before her, 'this is our speciality.'

Lilith was taken to a different room from the men to be measured. The two women worked quickly, taking the sizes of each of the five and finding them clothes that fit, making some adjustments her and there to some of the clothing before proceeding.

Jaspin listened to the woman as she spoke to him, allowing himself to be measured, but never replied to her questions with words. Gael on the other hand was very vocal indeed, loud and more jovial than usual. Lilith could hear him in the next room. By the sound of their giggling, both women Gael was flirting with seemed to be quite taken with him.

The hour passed quickly, and when the woman were finished fitting Lilith, she gazed at the full length mirror that was presented before her.

The dress she wore now as a pretty blue, with black lining and a round neck. Lilith's white hair rested over her shoulders as she observed herself without reaction.

'Do you like it?' one of the women asked uncertainly.

'Its fine' Lilith replied simply. 'Thank you.'

She walked through the archway and back into the other room, passing the woman who held the curtain back for her.

She walked with her head down, but when she lifted her eyes and glanced the others, the sight took her breath away.

They were

all dressed handsomely, in waistcoats, fine-cut trousers and smart black shoes. Aski wore only black, the red jewels he wore around his neck stood out clearly now, as did his light blue eyes. Reuben was dressed in maroon, sweeping his blonde hair back as he turned towards Lilith, giving her that wise look she was quickly becoming familiar with. Gael was wearing a fine fabric of light blue silk pattered in swirls, and Jaspin wore a cream colour, his steely grey eyes watching her silently, his pure silver hair fell like a curtain around his head.

'You're beautiful' Lilith whispered. And then she remembered herself, turning away suddenly and blushing.

Gael smiled, gliding towards her and drawing a slow breath as if about to speak.

He lifted his hand towards her, as if to brush her cheek. But suddenly Jaspin who was standing beside them grabbed his wrist, stopping him.

Gael stared at him uncertainly, before giving Jaspin a sheepish grin.

'Look' Reuben whispered to the others, 'outside…'

The others glanced around.

'The cheery blossoms are falling' Aski voiced. 'They look beautiful.'

'It's the start of the new year?' Lilith breathed. 'I…I didn't know.'

The New Year, and the first day of summer, was marked by the falling cheery blossoms when their petal would fall. Lilith had not seen this spectacle when she lived in the city and town, as it was so build up, but this town was more open.

This was a time that from here on, life was to get better for everyone, until winter came around once more.

'We should celebrate' Aski continued, as the five of them trailed out of the shop to stand in the street, casting his hand out to catch the falling petals, some of them tickling his arm as they sailed by.

Behind him Reuben and Gael were smiling, even Jaspin couldn't hold back a grin as he watched the world around them.

It's all so beautiful Lilith gazed about in wonder, though keeping her expression neutral, like them she thoughts, glancing towards the four men.

She saw them in a different light now, returned to their former magnificence. No longer were they scruffy looking, filthy and starving. Like a polished jewel, they were now…now…


'We've been trapped in darkness for far too long' Gael breathed. 'I want to see everything.'

'We will see everything' Reuben gleamed. 'But first, we must celebrate. It is the start of the New Year after all. There is sure to be a huge party in this town, like there will be in every town and city and village.' He smirked. 'The start of the New Year, this is when things get better for everyone.'

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