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   Chapter 45 No.45

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'How do you not know what your parents do for work?' Sammy persisted, as Lilith's patience shortened.

'My parents and I do not exactly see eye to eye' Lilith explained through gritted teeth. 'We don't speak to one another.'

'Why not?'

Lilith's eyes flashed, she shot an expression of fury towards Sammy.

'I'm an angel' she said.

Sammy froze, her expression that of shock, and then disgust.

'You have no place in heaven or on earth' she sneered, before moving away again.

Lilith watched Sammy move back towards the middle of the pool and rejoin her friends, glancing back at Lilith scornfully.

Lilith turned away from her angrily, heart hammering inside her chest.

After that, she washed quickly and left the pool as soon as she could, taking one of the clean white robes offered to guests on their way out. She picked up her things and made her way back to reception to wait for the others. It was only a short time later that they appeared.

'You look ravishing' Gael immediately said to her.

Lilith turned her sullen eyes towards him quietly, the anger that had enveloped her heart had quickly dissipated, and she had returned now to her listless self.

'You looked beautiful before' Gael said to her, 'but now…' he smiled a perfect smile, 'you look heavenly.'

He reached out a hand to touch her face; she caught him by the wrist suddenly before he could touch her, staring at him without emotion.

'Keep your hands to yourself' she told him flatly.

Gael balked then, stumbling mentally, as Reuben smirked behind him.

'I told you didn't I?' he said to Aski. 'The woman can look after herself.'

Behind them Jaspin looked on in silence.

'So where should we go now?' Reuben asked the others, as Gael took his hand back.

'I think the best course of action' Gael declared dramatically, 'is to buy some new clothes.'

He and the others wore the same white robes as Lilith wore, their original clothes they had entered with they had discarded.

'We need a tailor' Aski said. 'Lilith, do you think you could steal some more money for us?'

'I would prefer you keep your voice down when talking about that' Lilith said to him deadpan.

'Would you do it for us?' he asked her nicely. 'Please?'

'Alright' she sighed. 'I need some new clothes myself too.'

The group of five walked through the town a short while later, still wearing their white robes they had taken from the bathhouse, they walked the streets with bare feet.

'This is a wonderful town' Reuben cried joyfully, throwing his arms out and twirling as he went. 'Look at the beautiful lights on the strings that hang above us, they shine l

ike jewels!'

Lilith raised her head to the black wires that zigzagged the streets above their heads, from these wires hung tiny lanterns in glass of many different and bright colours, inside which burned little fires.

These lights glowed ever brighter, as the sky began to darken, and the day draw to its end.

'Hurry' Gael prompted, 'we have to reach the tailors soon or they will close.'

Lilith followed after the others, walking a distance from them. It was a large town they had come to, the streets were busy with people, but not so many that it made it difficult to move. Lilith 'accidentally' tripped and stumbled into several people along the way, her hand like lighting slipping in and out of their pockets, snatching from them whatever they carried.

By the time she caught up with the others and reached the tailors, she had more than enough to pay for whatever they would spend.

'There you are' Reuben glanced back at her. 'What took you so long?'

She gave him a stoic expression and said nothing.

'We're at the tailors' Reuben said pointing to the building they stood directly in front of, as if it weren't obvious. 'Do you want to go in before us?'


'Ladies first' Reuben answered, 'and all that.'

Lilith let out a sigh and a tut, ascending the steps of the shop situated on the corner, and opening the door. The little bell above her head rang as the door opened, and she was immediately greeted by the shopkeeper.

'Good evening madam, ' the tailor bowed, 'and gentleman' he added, seeing the other four trail into the shop after Lilith. 'And to what do I owe the pleasure?'

'We need some new clothes' Reuben told the man confidently, striding around Lilith and standing in front of her.

'All of you?' the tailor asked.

'All of us' Reuben nodded.

'We're closing soon actually' the tailor said.

'That's ok' Reuben said, waving the man away. 'Lilith has enough to pay for the trouble, don't you Lilith?' he spoke back to her.

She glared at him in annoyance, huffing impatiently. Lilith approached the tailor, walking around Reuben and slipping her hand into her pocket as she did so. She strode up to the counter, dumping a pile of coins onto the table, before reaching back into her pocket and scooping up another handful of coins, before dumping them on the table too.

She did this several times, until all her pockets were empty. Then she stepped back, and watched the tailor expectantly.

The tailor leant forwards towards the counter, eyes roving over the now large pile of coins. He didn't count them; it was clear at a glance that the amount was more than worth his trouble.

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