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   Chapter 43 No.43

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She stared blankly back at him.


'An ancient line, long lived, and the most powerful of our kind.'

'You think he is here?' Lilith asked him flatly.

'He?' Gael asked. 'Why not she?' he bent his head low to hers. 'It could be any one of us' he whispered seductively. 'It could be you.'

Lilith felt his breath on her lips. He leant forward as if about to kiss her, but then he drew back, smirking at her again and moving away.

Lilith watched Gael watching her, grinning at her wolfishly. Nearby Reuben and Aski were glaring at him. They had not intervened, but were watching Gael very closely.

'So you think we should stick together' Lilith spoke to all three of them. 'Where do we go?'

'To buy some new clothes' Gael said.

'And wash our hair' Aski added.

Reuben looked on silently.

'Buy' Lilith said, feeling the word on her tongue. 'With what money?'

'We've no money' Aski admitted reluctantly. 'We'll steal if we have to.'

'Have you stolen before?' Lilith asked him.

'Nnnnooooo' Aski replied slowly. 'But…how hard can it be?'

'Harder than you might think' Lilith told him. 'I once stole a pair of earrings from a woman, I plucked them from her very ears as she wore them, and she never noticed my hands.'

'You're a thief?' Reuben asked in surprise.

'Not a path I chose willingly you have to understand.'

'So you can steal for us?' Aski spoke.

'If I must' Lilith answered reluctantly. 'It's been a few years since I've been forced to do so…I might be a bit rusty.' Her attention suddenly drifted towards Aski, and the shining red stone he wore around his neck. 'That's a nice jewel you wear' she said striding towards him. 'It's so bright.'

She stumbled then, grabbing onto Aski's shoulders for support as he moved towards her, helping her back to her feet to stand again.

'Are you alright?' he worried.

'Yes' Lilith spoke confidently. 'You however' she said dangling the necklace before his face, 'are out of pocket.'

Aski's hand touched his chest then where the jewel had sat, feeling nothing there.

Lilith smirked at herself, feeling glad her skills had not faded. She handed the necklace back to him.

'That's incredible' Aski said in awe, taking the thing back and clipping it around his neck again. 'How did you learn such a thing?'

'You learn fast on the streets' Lilith told him. 'Or you don't make it.'

Gael threw his head back laughing, clapping his hands at such a spe

ctacle. 'The lady has skill' he declared.

It was at that moment when Jaspin returned. The others noticed his appearance, but said nothing as he took his place silently amongst them.

'We head to the next town then?' Reuben asked. 'That would be the best place for us to go.'

'Let's go then' Aski said clapping his hands.

They left the woods with Reuben leading the way, and Jaspin following a few steps behind them, walking in complete silence.

Chapter Fourteen

Old Habits

The next town they came to was larger than the one they had left, and it was here that the group of five found exactly what they were looking for.

At the edge of the town was a large bathhouse filled with many guests, some of which stayed overnight in rooms that were situated in a floor above the baths. Lilith reluctantly paid entry for all of them, after spending nearly an hour combing the streets outside, looking for targets, misfortunate people to rob.

She dumped the bag of coins upon the counter, the receptionist before her took bag and emptied the contents, counting the amount inside while Lilith and the others waited patiently. The well presented, finely dressed pretty woman glanced up at them, shooting each of them a strange look, especially the men who were filthy, with their dishevelled clothes, dirty skin and greasy hair.

Lilith stood closest to the counter, watching the lady with a deadpan expression. Behind her Reuben and Aski did the same; Jaspin avoided her altogether, instead paying more attention to a nearby wall. Only Gael smiled widely at her, shooting her his most charming smile.

'This is us on a bad day I'm afraid' he explained to the receptionist. 'Soon enough we will return to our best forms! Like a phoenix rising out of the ashes, or a caterpillar morphing into a butterfly!'

'Caterpillars don't morph into butterflies' Lilith said back to him without turning. 'It's the chrysalis that morphs into the butterfly. Idiot.'

Aski and Reuben both laughed at this, Reuben covering his eyes with a hand, almost on the verge of tears as Gael sniggered sheepishly beside him.

'I'm sorry' he said to no one in particular. 'How foolish of me. I should really brush up on my knowledge before handing out compliments.'

'Well' Lilith said finally turning to him, 'you've got a long way to go.'

Aski's laugh heightened, as Reuben's turned into a cackle, the noise of both their mirth drowning out Gael's protests.

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