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   Chapter 42 No.42

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Now it was only Lilith and Jaspin left. Jaspin stared at Lilith silently, before turning and walking away. He came to rest a short distance away from the others, choosing to separate himself from them. Lilith wondered briefly why he could exclude himself.

As Jaspin lay down with his back to her, Lilith saw she was the only one standing.

She let out a sigh, before lying down too, resting on her side briefly before rolling onto her back.

She wondered then about the strange men she found herself surrounded with, and wondered what she would do tomorrow.

'When it comes' Lilith whispered to herself, closing her eyes.

Exhausted from walking so far and eating a large meal, she was quickly floating through her dreams, dreaming of pleasant things.

The five of them slept peacefully that evening, and the whole of the night into the next morning. Lilith only woke because she felt a touch on her cheek. She opened her eyes; the first thing she saw was a little white flower, sprouting from the moss before her. She turned her head, looking up she gasped in surprise to see Gael was leaning over her. He had been watching her sleep. Lilith sat up and drew back, leaning away from him and breathing slowly to calm the pace of her heart which had quickened.

'What are you doing?' she asked of him.

'You're so beautiful when you sleep' he said, reaching for her to caress her cheek, 'even with those scars.'

Lilith didn't react as he touched her skin tenderly. Gael smirked at her, drawing back.

'It's been too long since I've had a woman' he said to her.

'Well you're not having this one.'

'We'll see about that' he smirked again. 'I'm sure you will fall in love with me soon' he gleamed at her wagging a finger.

'We'll see about that' Lilith answered shortly.

'Gael leave her alone' Reuben snapped, rising to his feet nearby.

Gael moved away as Aski nearby began to rise. He stood tall, stretching and reaching his hands into the sky. He pulled his long black hair behind his shoulders and straightened the chain around his neck that held the shining red stone, glistening in the sunlight.

'That meal and sleep did us a lot of good' Reuben spoke, 'but I think we need to clean ourselves up, and buy some new clothes.'

'And wash our hair' Aski chipped in, rubbing his hands on his clothes to get off the feeling of grease after he had touched his hair.

'You're right about the clothes certainly' Gael said, picking at a loose threat on his sleeve. 'I feel like a beggar in these. I want to look my finest, like I usually do.'

'You preen yourself like a cat would do' Aski noted.


And why not?' Gael shrugged. 'Cats are noble creatures.'

'Arse licking vermin' Reuben grumbled.

'Hey' Gael scowled, placing his hands on his hips. 'I object to that. You know the race of Tithites used to worship cats?'

'Yes' Reuben turned to him. 'They also used to practice incest. Why do you think their race died out?'

Gael was about to retort, when Lilith spoke over him.

'Where is Jaspin?'

The three men all looked towards her; then glanced around.

'I'm sure he's about somewhere' Aski said casually. 'I wouldn't worry.'

'Does he normally wander off?' Lilith asked uncertainly.

'Don't know' Aski shrugged. 'We don't really know him.'

Lilith's cheek twitched at that. 'Do…' she began slowly, 'none of you know each other?'

'Not until we were trapped in that cave' Reuben said.

'By that figure in a crows mask' Lilith mumbled. 'I remember.' Could it be the same figure I saw myself, all that time ago? She thought. 'So what happens from here?' she asked aloud.

'We stick together' Reuben said. 'There are very few of our kind now.'

'Some would see that as a blessing' Lilith grumbled.

'Speak up' Reuben said loudly.

Lilith raised her head to him. 'We are freaks' he called loudly. 'All of us.'

'And who told you that?' Reuben frowned.

'Many' Lilith answered, speaking in a normal tone now, 'throughout my life.'

'Hey' Aski said to her, moving closer. 'If we are freaks' he said placing a comforting hand on her shoulder, 'then we are freaks together.'

She turned her head to him. His smile was kind and friendly, not the lustful one that Gael would give her.

'Reuben is right' Aski told her. 'We should stick together. I won't speak of the past, but you said yourself that you had no home to return to. That is true?'

'It is still true' Lilith spoke meekly, turning away. 'But it is not the first time I've been forced to make a fresh start. I am more than capable of caring for myself.'

'A lady alone in the world?' Aski questioned, moving his hand away from her.

'Look at my face' Lilith said turning her head to face him again. 'I endured this and lived, thrived even. I can handle whatever the world has to offer me.'

'If you say so' Aski replied.

'Even so' Gael spoke up, 'we should stick together, I've rarely seen our own kind, and to have five of us gathered together…well…' he said stepping back and crossing his arms, 'that is something that does not happen very often.' His eyes lifted to Lilith's then, and he glided over to her. 'You never know' he said lifting her chin with a finger, 'one of us might even be the black and white angel.'

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