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   Chapter 41 No.41

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'That is a brilliant idea' Reuben nodded.

'There is a forest near here' Lilith spoke. 'We could sleep under the stars, but the trees would protect us from the wind.'

The others nodded at this approvingly.

'I say we should leave immediately' Gael said, 'I'm struggling to keep myself awake now, if I lie down I will surely be fast asleep within seconds.'

'Me too' Aski agreed.

'Let's go now' Gael said, rising to his feet, 'before I fall where I stand.'

'How are we going to pay for this food' Lilith spoke up.

The others faltered.

Her heart began to sink.

'You don't have any money?' she asked the others.

'We've been trapped underground for weeks' Gael told her. 'Of course we've no money.'

'So how do we pay for this?'

'We don't' Gael gleamed at her.

At this point the innkeeper had heard them speaking, and came over to investigate.

'Is there a problem here?' he asked.

'Only if you make one' Gael smiled back.

The others rose to their feet as Gael and the innkeeper began to argue.

'I could have you arrested for this' the innkeeper was saying in a raised voice.

'You've got to find us before you can catch us' Gael answered arrogantly back.

'I think' Lilith finally spoke up after a time, 'that I know how to solve this problem.'

'And how is that young lady?' the innkeeper glowered at her.

'May we speak in private?' she asked him.

The innkeeper faltered at this, suddenly a bit uncertain.

'Please?' Lilith asked kindly, bowing her head shyly, her lips tweaking in a smile.

'Um…' the innkeeper said. 'Alright. I suppose…'

They walked away from the table together, the others staring suspiciously after them.

'Can we go to a room alone?' Lilith asked him in a sly voice under her breath so that only he could hear her.

This time he did not question. They left the main eating area, and went to a quiet room at the back of the inn. Lilith closed the door after her.

'We won't be disturbed here?' she asked him sweetly. 'Will we?'

'No' the innkeeper said. 'We won't.'

'Oh…good.' She bowed her head. 'Now…about payment…'

He waited.

Lilith raised her head; then stepped towards him, sliding her arms around him and kissing him deeply.

He held her back, hands going to her waist and pulling her dress up.

'I've told you several times already' Reuben snapped at Gael, 'we're not leaving without her.'

Gael gru

mbled under his breath, sitting back down with his feet propped up on the table, while the others stood around him.

'What's taking so long?' Gael whined. 'I'm so tired; I want to rest somewhere comfortable to sleep.'

'Be patient' Aski told him calmly. 'She'll get here when she gets here. She's only been gone for a few minutes….look…here she comes now.'

Lilith approached them from the next room. She came alone.

'I've sorted something out with the innkeeper' she said briskly. 'We can go.'

'But what about the food?' Aski spoke.

'I've paid.'

'I thought you said you didn't have any money' Reuben answered flatly.

'I've managed to persuade him to forget about it' Lilith told him.

'How did you do that?' Reuben asked her.

'I'm just good at what I do' Lilith replied in a bored tone, not properly answering the question.

Beside them, Jaspin gave Lilith a strange look.

The five of them left the inn together; they walked the short distance to the woods that grew near the small town and passed the boundary of the trees, stepping lightly on the forest floor.

'Such a beautiful forest' Aski spoke, raising his head to the branches, stroking bark of the tree as he walked past.

'It is…peaceful here' Reuben agreed, following after him.

Lilith walked after Reuben, moving silently. The forest around them was eerily still. The gentle glow of the sunlight touched the lush green leaves in the branches above them, and as the small group moved onwards; their steps were muffled by the soft moss they walked on.

'It's dry' Gael spoke when they had reached a clearing in the forest, kneeling down and running his fingers over the moss. 'And soft' he said, stretching forwards until he was lying on his front.

He rolled onto his back, gazing up as the blue sky above them, shining brightly through the gap in the trees. He brushed his shaggy white-blonde hair back, flicking away the three long plates that grew on one side.

'Join me' he said to the others, reaching a hand up at if to touch the sky. 'It's so…' he let out a sigh, falling asleep without even finishing his sentence. His hand dropped to his side, and he became still.

Reuben was the next to submit himself to sleep, crouching to the ground and coming to lie on his side, like Gael, he too was asleep in seconds. Aski was the next one to lie down, smiling once at Lilith before his body relaxed.

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