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   Chapter 40 No.40

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'That's in the past.'

'But you must have parents' Gael went on. 'You don't look like a beggar.' He tilted his head to her again. 'What is your story?'

Lilith raised her eyes to him slowly, staring at him deeply.

'My parents disowned me when I was very young' Lilith said. 'My mother hated me. My father was indifferent. When I was born, I was named by a passing stranger because I meant so little to my own parents. And I have lived as a beggar……that's how I got these scars. I was attacked in the streets by a gang.'

Gael drew back in silence. It was clearly not the answer he was expecting to get, and it had caught him a little off-guard.

'Why don't you leave her alone' Aski glared at Gael. 'And mind your own business.'

'I was merely curious' Gael shrugged.

'Keep your curiosity to yourself' Reuben shot. 'And keep your mouth shut.'

Gael leant back with a sigh, turning away from the others and showing his hands in submission. He fell silent. Beside him Jaspin stared down at his lap.

'Let's just keep our minds on the present shall we?' Reuben said. 'At least for the meantime. Let us not think of tomorrow. Let us not think of yesterday. Let us live in today.' He stabbed the lamb on his plate with his fork, lifting it and examining it before taking a bite. 'Mmm' he said. 'Delicious.'

After a time of eating in silence Reuben spoke to Lilith. 'Do you like lamb Lilith?'

She glanced up at him tentatively. 'Oh' she said. 'No. Not really. It's too fatty.'

'But the fat is where the flavour is' Reuben objected.

'I don't like the taste of lamb all that much' Lilith replied meekly.

'She's right' Gael sang happily beside her. 'I like my meat without fat. I like my meat to be lean and beautiful. Like my women.'

'Gael I swear to God, if you don't keep your mouth shut I'm going to cut your fucking tongue out.'

'Is that anyway to speak in front of a lady?' Aski interjected.

'I'm sorry' Gael said hastily, covering his mouth and turning to Lilith. 'You'll have to forgive me, it slipped out.'

'Slip it back in then' Gael smirked.

Reuben snarled at Gael, banging his fist on the table in fury and gritting his teeth, though he didn't speak.

'I'm sorry' Aski said to Lilith. 'We've been trapped together for a long time, though it felt far longer than it's actually been. You'll have to excuse our behaviour.'

The silent Jaspin simply let out a breath and turned his head away, as if pretending the others did not exist to him.

'I'm sorry if we seem……crude to y

ou' Aski finished, 'a little rough around the edges.'

'No matter' Lilith replied casually. 'I'm used to such things anyway.'

Aski opened his mouth as if about to speak, Lilith thought that perhaps he was about to ask of her past, but remembering what Reuben had said, kept his mouth shut.

He just smiled at her, and returned his attention back to his plate. 'We are good people' he said to her. 'I just want you to know that, and because you're like us, I think we should stick together.'

Lilith watched him curiously as he continued to eat, cocking her head slightly at him.

She looked down at her own plate, and the fish that was half eaten. She was starving, and hadn't had a proper meal in ages, not since leaving behind her home at the farm. But despite this, she couldn't bring herself to eat anymore, and so she pushed the plate away and sat back.

Jaspin raised his head and glanced towards her briefly before turning away again.

Lilith waited in silence as the others ate. They ate a vast amount, except for Jaspin, who only ate one plateful of food.

'Is that all you're having Jaspin?' Reuben asked him.

Jaspin didn't answer.

'Don't you even want dessert?' Reuben asked him. 'They have stewed fruit.'

'Jaspin isn't overly fussed on dessert' Aski told him. 'Remember?'

'I just thought you'd eat more, I thought you were starving like the rest of us' Reuben said to him.

Jaspin simply shook his head, but did not speak. It was the first time Lilith had seen him interact in any way with anyone so far.

Lilith was about to ask one of the others why he would not speak, but quickly decided against it. It was perhaps some painful reason, something of the past that should not be spoken of. Perhaps he had had his tongue cut out; perhaps he had been a prisoner.

Lilith observed him closely. He was mature, but well aged. His skin was like marble, and he had a look of wisdom about him.

Lilith stared at him for a few second; then Jaspin glanced at her. Lilith drew a breath and looked away, diverting her attention.

She waited while the others finished eating, having consumed an astonishing amount of food, they all sat back, sighing happily.

'I am weary now' Gael announced. 'I think perhaps we should find a place to rest.'

'We could stay at the inn' Reuben suggested.

'No' Gael and Aski said at once. They exchanged a glance before Aski continued. 'I think we've been indoors and behind walls for too long.' He smiled. 'I would like to sleep under the stars.'

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