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'The breeze also is fresh' Reuben added.

'I feel like I want to dance and sing and jump around!' Gael said happily, spinning on the spot and stretching his arms out wide.

Jaspin said nothing.

'Tell me miss' the man called Reuben said as he approached her. This time Lilith did not back away. 'How did you find us?'

'I sense you here' she replied. 'It was a strong feeling…something I've never felt before.'

'You're like us then?' Gael smiled at her. She met his gaze and he winked at her. She turned away.

'It's best to ignore him if he's bothering you' Reuben said. 'That's what the rest of us do.'

'Hey!' Gael huffed indignantly.

'Don't ruffle your feathers' Reuben said waving him away, not even looking up as he spoke to Lilith. 'We mean you no harm miss' he said to her, blotting Gael from his mind. 'Would you do me the honour of telling us your name?'

The silent Jaspin looked up expectantly at this.

'It's Lilith' she replied.

Chapter Thirteen

Lilith's Story

The strange band of five returned to the foot of the mountain. Lilith found that her horse had wandered off, and was nowhere to be seen. Lilith's shoulders slumped in disappointment. They would have to walk the rest of the way, wherever they were going.

It was decided that they would head to the nearest town to find something to eat. Lilith pointed the direction, and they began their long walk.

By the time they arrived, they were all exhausted. The group found an inn where they could settle, and the five of them shuffled through the door and picked a table in the corner. Gael winked at the barmaid as she came to take their order. He never took his eyes from her pretty face until she turned and left them, then he let out a sigh and a yawn. Around him the others at the table sat slumped and weary. Aski had his head in his hands, Reuben was yawning widely, and Jaspin sat back in his seat, staring off into nothing and as silent as ever.

'So what's your story then?' Gael asked Lilith when their food had arrived.

'Story?' she repeated. 'I have no story.'

'Of course you have a story' Gael objected. 'Everyone has a story.'

'Then what is yours?' Lilith asked him. 'How did you get trapped inside that cave? And how long were you there?'

'Oh I'm not going to tell you just yet' Gael told her slyly. 'You tell me first about yourself, and I will then tell you about us.'


uben looked up from his meal. 'We were imprisoned there by a strange person wearing a crows mask. They said we had to be kept safe. We had limited food and lived in the dark for weeks.'

Gael rolled his eyes at Reuben.

'What did you need to be kept safe for?' Lilith asked him.

'For you to find us' Reuben replied. 'I know' he added quickly. 'It sounds farfetched doesn't it? I didn't believe it either. But then you came.' He took another bite of bread. 'It's funny how things turn out isn't it?'

'You always must spoil my fun' Gael complained.

'Why did you need me to find you?' Lilith asked.

'So that you can set us free' Reuben explained.

'Then why imprison you in the first place?' Lilith said.

'Reuben' Gael spoke in a singing voice. 'Who's teasing who now?' he shook his head at him. 'Why don't you just tell her?'

'Tell me what?' Lilith asked flatly.

'We are all needed to find the earth maiden' Aski spoke up.

'The earth maiden?' Lilith repeated.

'We will speak about that later' Reuben interrupted. 'I wish to enjoy this meal. Gods only knows how long it's been since any of us had a hot meal.'

'How did you get trapped inside that cave with no way out?' Lilith spoke up.

'Magic' Aski voice.

'I don't believe it' Lilith droned. 'There is no such thing as magic.'

'Of course there isn't' Reuben smiled at her.

Jaspin's attention slid across the room, away from those that sat at the table. He had not spoken a single word yet. Lilith was unsure at this point whether or not he was even able to speak.

'So' Gael sang again. 'What's your story then?'

'There is nothing exciting that I could tell you' Lilith said to her plate. 'I am….uninteresting.'

'I beg to differ.' Gael narrowed his eyes slyly at her. 'I think you have a……very interesting story indeed.' He tilted his head. 'How did you get those scars on your face?'

'It saddens me that you would judge me so.'

'I was merely curious' Gael said in his defence. 'That would be an interesting story indeed.'

Lilith picked at her food reluctantly.

'Perhaps another time.'

'Where should we go after this?' Aski spoke.

'Does it matter where we go?' Reuben said.

'Where will you go?' Gael asked Lilith. 'You have a home don't you? You could take us there.'

'I have no home' Lilith replied. 'My home is where I stand.'

'Then where did you come from?' Gael pressed.

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