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   Chapter 38 No.38

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She reached the top of the cliff behind the boulder, and leaning up against it, pushed with all her might. The boulder tipped over the edge and fell, impacting the ground below with a great crash. When Lilith glanced over the edge tentatively, she saw the boulder had disappeared inside the hole it had created in the mound. Within the hole, everything was dark. It appeared to be a cave inside.

Lilith climbed carefully back down the rocky slope, stepping lightly across the mound once she had reached stable ground again. She leant forward cautiously, staring into the hole. A dim light from the sky above lit a tiny portion of the cave below her, and as Lilith stared down, she saw four faces staring back up at her.

'Be careful!' one of them said angrily. 'You could have killed one of us.'

She gasped stepping back in shock. As she did so, she heard the voices continue.

'Be quiet' another voice snapped. 'You'll scare them away.'

Silence fell again, Lilith almost felt as if they were waiting for her to approach again. She did, cautious of the edge.

'Hey!' another sang jovially. 'It's a girl!'

The one that had spoken moved forwards, stepping into the circle of dim light immediately below Lilith. Tilting his head up at her, Lilith saw him clearer.

He had short shaggy white-blonde hair, with three long plates on one side. His skin was tanned and his eyes a misty blue. He dressed in close-fitting black clothes that must have once looked fine and handsome. Now they were faded and worn at the knees and elbows.

'Hello there young lady' the figure smiled up at her. 'How do you feel about giving me a hand and helping me out of this dreadful pit?'

Lilith didn't speak. Her breath was caught in her throat as she stared down at him in silence.

'Very well' the figure said turning away from her. 'If you will not help me, then I will help myself. Reuben' he said to a figure behind him. 'How about you give me a one up?'

Another figure stepped forwards, bending on a knee and allowing the other one the climb upon his back. The kneeling figure stood with the tanned man on his shoulders, who reached towards Lilith, hands grasping at the edge of the broken ceiling the boulder had fallen through.

Lilith quickly withdrew as the tanned man hauled himself up into the open, lifting his body through the hole and climbing out onto the ground level with he


'Jump boy' he hollered down to one below him. He strained as he helped pull up the man whose shoulders he had stood on moments before.

Reuben was a much older and wiser looking figure than the first that had appeared, with a stronger build, a chiselled jaw and high cheekbones. His stare was intense. He had blonde hair swept back, and though he looked malnourished, he looked powerful still.

Reuben turned to consider Lilith before him. He moved a step closer to her. Lilith moved a step back. The other figure leapt to his side to stare at Lilith.

'What on earth happened to your face?'

Lilith immediately bowed her head, half-turning away and lifting a hand to cover her face. She suddenly felt painfully strong the scars on her face, they tingled uncomfortably, like they had the day after she had first received them.

'Gael' the man named Reuben said in a low voice turning to him. 'You should speak in a more civilized manner when addressing a lady. I thought you knew better.'

'I'm sorry' the man called Gael immediately hastened. 'I spoke without thought.' He bowed to Lilith. 'Please forgive me.'

Lilith did not speak. She only stared back at the two, incredulous.

'Hey!' came another voice from the cave below them. 'We're still down here! I hope you haven't forgotten!'

Reuben moved away from Lilith and towards the edge of the hole to help the others. Gael remained where he was, staring at Lilith with hungry eyes. Lilith could not meet his gaze.

The next to be pulled up, was a tall man. He had long black hair and light blue eyes. His skin was pale and his frame was slender. He stumbled as he straightened, shielding his eyes from the light. Around his neck, he wore a shining red stone that glistened in the sunlight.

'Thank you Reuben' the new figure said.

'Not at all Aski.'

Aski turned to pull up the last still left below them in the cave. Jaspin was a handsome man in the prime of his life. He had a gentle gaze about him, with steely grey eyes to match his hair. But it was not the filthy grey Lilith had once had, but more like pure silver, like the edge of a sword. Lilith stared at him hard, seeing something strange in his eyes as she looked past Gael. Something familiar.

It was grief.

Jaspin met her gaze in silence. He did not speak.

'Ahhh' Aski breathed sighing heavily. 'The sun. It feels so good on my skin.'

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