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'Dad!' he called. 'There's a woman here!'


Nine years later

Chapter Twelve

The Four Strangers

Lilith was now thirty-four years old or there about. She had stopped keeping track of her birthdays long ago.

For nine years she had lived at this happy place. The barn on the farmland she had chosen to rest at that night had been her home for nine long years. The family that lived there were good to her, and for nine years, they asked almost nothing of her, save from her share of work to keep herself and them going on the farm. They never asked more than what was needed of her, and never asked her of her past. They were always kind to her, always worrying about her, and never mistreated her or parted with her a harsh word. Not once in nine years. And yet, Lilith had never been more unhappy in her life, and she didn't know why.

Lilith worked hard on the farm, but winters were always quiet and boring. The days dragged listlessly by as she stared beyond the rain soaked windows in the spare room where she spent her time alone, watching the storms come and go until another year flew by, where she would once again wear short sleeves and tie her skirt up to work the fields. Despite the hours of work, it was not as hard now as it had been when she had lived with William, where the hours were longer and the work more laborious. She was now a mature woman, and more beautiful, taller and slender than she had ever been. Dan, the young man who had found her sleeping in the barn all those years ago, had grown a deep attraction for her, an attraction that had only grown stronger as each year passed. And even after nine long years, he still loved her, even though, after all that time, remembering her twice broken heart, Lilith had not once returned his affections.

One day, Lilith was off riding alone. She had been asked by the family she lived with to organise a price for the horse they were selling. Not the one she rode, but another back at the farm. The young black and white foal was a spirited and lively thing and would surely fetch a good price. So that's where she was heading now, to a small town where a market that ran once every month would help her find the right buyer. But it was a trip from which she would never return. She would think back later with regret how the family would have worried sick for her, and would have tried to find her. Dan especially would be heartbroken. He would not have understood.

Lilith was riding alone along the dirt road that led to the small town. It was still early morning, and was quiet on this road. She had not seen another on this road for a very long time.

And then something happened that had never happened to her before. She felt a sudden sharp sensation she could not understand. It hit her like a wave, and she was consumed with a powerful urge to follow. She tense

d suddenly, jerking her head to the side towards a cluster of small mountains that sat a few miles from the path. Great grey pinnacles of rock where no humans lived, and very few animals. Beneath her the horse tossed its head nervously, feeling the sudden tension in her and prancing on the spot. Lilith stared at these mountains hard, briefly trying to calm the horse, but never taking her eyes away from the distance. What she felt was unnatural, and yet…so normal. Lilith had never felt this way before; she instinctively knew however, that no one else she had ever known in her life before could ever feel this way. She somehow knew that this feeling was exceptional.

She pulled the horse from the path, and made her way towards the mountains at a hurried pace. The horse quickly tired and slowed its stride. Lilith watched as her destination drew closer agonizingly slow. When she at last reached the base of the mountains, she was forced to leave the horse behind.

Lilith climbed up the side of the steep slope, grabbing the jagged rocks and boulders and pulling herself up onto safer paths. Her ascent up the mountain side was slow and exhausting, but she eventually reached the place that drew her.

Halfway up the small mountain, was an area that was shielded by rock from the rest of the world. There was almost like a clearing in the centre, where a relatively smooth mound of rock grew up in a gentle arch. All around her the walls of the 'clearing' were jagged and harsh-looking. It was an empty isolated world in these mountains. Lilith doubted that anyone had come through here in a very long time.

She stepped into the centre and approached the mound of rock, resting on her knees and running her open palms over the course surface below. She could feel something strong here. The air pulsed and vibrated all around her. She could hear a low humming in her ears.

Lilith lay down on her front, and as she pressed an ear to the ground below her, she swore to herself that she could hear whispering. Several voices all talking over one another.

Lilith drew away again, staring hard down at the ground below.

I have to get in she thought. I have to know what that is.

For hours she sat there at the edge of the 'clearing', staring at the mound before her and wondering how to break it, leaning against a rock with legs tucked up, and arms around her knees. She thought long and hard for something that might help her, until at last, she noticed something. A bolder, high up on a cliff ledge above, sat precariously on the edge as if waiting for her. Lilith suddenly realised that if she pushed it, it would land directly in the centre of the mound. She climbed the cliff edge as quickly and carefully as she could. Her body was shaking as she did so. She was very thirsty, and had not eaten in a while now, but she pushed herself on.

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