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   Chapter 36 No.36

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'Tell me girl' she said to Lilith. 'What is troubling you?'

'Edward' Lilith answered at last in a whisper, not trusting her voice to speak. 'He…….he…..' she buried her face again, crying once more. 'I loved him' she whispered. 'But he…..betrayed me.'

'Ah.' Charlotte said in understanding. She bowed her head. 'He has been dishonest with you.'

'No' Lilith said. 'He has been dishonest with her.'

Charlotte watched her silently.

Lilith raised her head. 'I saw the ring on her finger' she glowered. 'They have been married for a while......or so it appeared.'

'I know it hurts' Charlotte told her. 'But you will get over in time.'

'No……I loved someone once. But when he found out what I really was he rejected me……Edward didn't though. He loved me even though he knew what I was, and for that…I loved him even more. Even more than William. My first love.'

'Sometimes' Charlotte said, 'it's just not meant to be.'

'All my life I've been different. All my life I've tried to find a place for myself in this world, and I thought that twice now, I had succeeded. But I've come to realise….there is no place for people like me in this world.'

'What are you talking about?' Charlotte asked raising an eyebrow. 'We are all outcasts here. You know that.'

'I am different' Lilith replied. 'Different from all of you. I'm sorry. I should have told you.'

Lilith rose to her feet, turning from Charlotte. She paused briefly as she made her way across the room, reaching back to place a thing in Charlotte's open hand. It was a single, long white feather.

Charlotte lifted it curiously in her hand, taking a good long look.


She turned to her, seeing Lilith open the window to her room and pushing it wide.

'I'm sorry' Lilith gasped. 'I can't stay here anymore.'

'Where will you go?'

'I don't know' Lilith answered, as she climbed through the window. 'Away from here. Somewhere far…anywhere.'

'Please don't go' Charlotte said rising. 'We will miss you.'

'I'm sorry' Lilith said again. 'But…I cannot stay.'

She clambered through the window, grabbing onto the drainpipe nearby and climbing smoothly down. Charlotte ran to the window, grabbing the sill with white fingers, staring down in disbelief.

'Lilith!' Charlotte called down to her.

Lilith paused to look back up at her.

Charlotte furrowed her brow, squinting through the dark, struggling to see Lilith. Only seeing her white hair clearly.

'Who are you? Charlotte called down to her. 'You've never really told me.'

'I don't know myself' Lilith answered in a slightly raised voice so that she could be heard. 'I did not have the life I shoul

d have done. My path has changed many times over the years.' She raised her head. 'Thank you for taking me in. Thank you for all you have done. But I have to go now….I have to move on.'

She turned from the window without a backwards glance; she turned from the life she had become so happy in. She thought she would stay with her sisters, thought she would build a future here. But it was not meant to be. Lilith brushed tears from her eyes at the thought of her sisters, realising, she would never see any of them ever again.

Lilith blinked furiously, glaring through the night as she stormed away from her home, heaving in no particular direction. It was shortly after that, she noticed she was being followed by several male figures.

Lilith glanced back without slowing her pace. She marched around the corner. The men followed after her. They walked past the place she hid, and onwards, slowing as they looked about for where she had gone. One of them pointed in a certain direction down one of the streets. The others went down this way.

Above them, from the rooftops, Lilith watched, perfectly safe. She leant back, away from the edge, and sat against the tiles, knees folded up. She shuddered in the cold, rubbing her arms vigorously as she began to shiver. Her whole body began to shake. She began to sob again, burying her face in her folded arms.

She gasped suddenly at movement at her side. Lilith jerked her head upwards to see a figure standing on the rooftop with her. A cloaked figure, wearing a crow's mask.

'It's you!' she said. 'I haven't seen you since….what are you doing here?'

The figure simply regarded her with empty eyes.

'What will you do now?' the figure asked her.

Lilith stared silently back at the figure, unsure of what to say.

'Don't give up' the figure spoke urgently, before vanishing before her very eyes.

Lilith stared at the spot the masked figure had stood, wondering in her mind what she would do now.

She stayed on the rooftop for several hours, curled up and lying on her side. When she decided to go, she did so swiftly. Lilith left the town altogether, and walked along the roads leading away to other places. She walked in sight of the road, but kept a distance from them, for her own safety.

She walked for hours, until she finally came across an empty barn, where she found shelter from the coming rain. She collapsed in a hay pile, feeling utterly exhausted, both physically and emotionally drained. She slept a deep sleep, and did not wake until the next morning, when she was discovered by one who lived at the farm. A young gentleman went into the barn and found her there.

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