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   Chapter 35 No.35

The Black and White Angel By Lady Lilium Characters: 5393

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Lilith's heart twinged as she sensed something was deeply wrong.

'What happened?' she asked.

Though she spoke quietly, her voice sounded loud in the utterly silent room.

Bebe was the one to speak up. She was sitting closest to her.

As she lifted her head, Lilith saw her yellow eye-makeup running down her face with her tears, her heart sinking further.

Bebe spoke.

'Claret's dead.'

The funeral was shortly after.

Lilith, like every single one of her sisters was caught in a state of shock. They had not realised Claret was this sick, and her sudden death had spread alarm and panic through the house.

Their services were immediately shut down after that, until further notice. The sisters were frightened, not knowing why she had died, each feared for their own lives now.

Lilith stood alone, slightly away from her sisters who huddled together nearby, crying into handkerchiefs and holding each other as the coffin was lowered into the ground.

'They say she threw up black sludge' one of her sisters wept. 'I also heard rumours of a man at the theatre collapsing and doing the same.'

'Shh' the sister beside her whispered as she held her. 'Not now.'

Lilith heard these words, though she stood a distance away. Most of the other sisters must have heard it too. Lilith could sense the misery in the air, mixed with fear and uncertainty.

Behind her black veil she watched as the priest read the sermon over the coffin, as the hole was slowly filled with dirt. Standing mutely, she stared blankly, unresponsive to the situation, besides the silent tears running down her cheeks.

The mood in the house was different after that, and for days the sisters grieved. With no work to do, and not being in the mood for leisure, they just sat around the building, many with hair unkempt, no makeup, some even refusing to get out of their nightdresses for the entire day. Most didn't even eat any more, choosing to stay in their beds. Everyone was thoroughly depressed, and scared.

Weeks passed, weeks of boredom and misery. And though it was selfish of her, Lilith could not keep Edward from her mind. But he hadn't come to visit her. He hadn't even come to knock at the door. Lilith had asked several different people several times, but none had seen nor heard from him.

After several days of this, she decided to go out to look for him herself. He had told her previously about where he lives, and so she went to find him herself. She tidied herself up and chose a dress, blue. Then set off to find him.

She didn't tell her sisters she was going out, they would barely notice anyway, so caught up in their grief still. Lilith chose to walk alone, inst

ead of hiring a carriage. She decided she needed the fresh air, after spending so long indoors. She found the area Edward lived, asked around for directions, then headed where she thought was the right way. There were several houses clustered together here, and she had to ask again for directions at the inn nearby where Edward said he worked. The innkeeper told her he was working today, but was at the moment on his break. He told her he was outside around back, and she thanked him, and went to find him.

Heading around the building, off the main street, she rounded a corner and saw him there. But she pulled back slightly, hovering at the corner, seeing him talking to a woman.

They were speaking in hushed whispers.

Lilith watched closely.

Edward tilted his head, smiling kindly in the same way he used to smile at her. He lifted his hand to brush the woman's cheek lightly, and then he kissed her.

Lilith could not believe what she was seeing.

First she felt shock, then disbelief. Then anger.

Lilith's heart contorted with pure rage at the betrayal. It stung in her heart and hurt more than she thought possible. She snarled. Grinding her teeth and balling her fists. Lilith turned and stormed away, heaving as quickly as she could back to her home.

When she reached her room, she lost all control.

She screamed at the top of her lungs, grabbing a vase and throwing it across the room. It hit the wall and shattered. The flowers crumpled and water spilled everywhere. The door opened and Sonya stumbled in.

'Lilith what on earth…?'

'GET OUT!' Lilith screeched at her. 'Get out you filthy bitch!'

Sonya need not be told twice, she instantly left the room as quickly as she had entered it.

Beyond the door Lilith glimpsed her other sisters beginning to gather outside. She saw Bebe's look of disbelief, and Claret's expression of only mild surprise.

Lilith screamed again, reaching for the next item that was closest in reach. The beautiful and expensive piece she hurled across the room, hitting a painting and knocking it off the wall. The frame cracked as she reached for something else.


She whirled around, seeing Charlotte standing before her, a look of furry in her eyes.

'What is the meaning of this?' she demanded. 'Have you lost your mind?'

Lilith stared at her for several seconds, holding the clock in a hand.

After a time, she let it slip from her grasp.

Lilith crumpled to the floor, covering her face with her hands and balling hysterically.

Charlotte swing the door shut behind her.

She wandered casually across the room, coming to sit upon the bed, tucking her dress behind her legs as she sat.

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