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   Chapter 34 No.34

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'Edward…' Lilith breathed.

'The reason I love you' Edward said, 'is because you are different.'

Lilith blinked the tears from her eyes, her heart swelling with pure joy and happiness.

'Oh Edward' Lilith shuddered, over wash with emotion. '…I love you…'

She reached towards him, pushing him back gently down against the boat. Their lips touched, and Lilith held his hands in hers as their boat moved gently across the water, her beautiful wings outstretched, the feathers at the tips trailing in the water. The moon above them lit the world below in a celestial silver glow, the town lightened further by the many lamps that burned brightly now in their glass holders, held up by posts that were painted black, it looked like the lights were floating.

Lilith closed the kiss, leaning back she looked into his face, laughing and crying at the same time as she caressed him.

'I think' Edward spoke slowly and carefully, 'we should make our way back to the shore.'

They helped each other row across the still water, one to each oar on either side of the boat and matching each other's rhythm perfectly. They reached shallow water at a quieter section of the town, the boat bumped gently against the soft bank, and Edward leapt off the boat, pulling it up the grass and leaving it there to rest.

He straightened, holding a hand out for Lilith to take, she did so, and he led her from the boat and up the grassy bank. Concealed by the blank walls of the buildings around them, they had their own little world here within the town, a world they shared together.

Edward let go of Lilith, facing her and gliding backwards. He slowed to a stop, smiling at her.

She moved closer, falling into him, her mighty wings were glowing, lighting up the grassy verge around and casting shadows upon the walls behind him.

'Lilith…' Edward breathed. He took her wrist in his hand, slipping his other hand around her waist. He pulled her close, their lips touching again. 'Let us be together, here, now and forever.'

He pulled her down upon the grass on top of him.

'I love you Lilith.'

She leant over him, reaching forward to touch him gently, the wings that grew from her receded into her back, all signs of their existence vanishing.

'You've stolen my heart' she whispered to him.

He watched her, eyes piercing into hers.

He sat up slowly, pushing her to the side and rolling on top of her. His lips hovered over hers as he hesitated.

My angel' he spoke softly to her. 'Mine and mine alone.'

She held him in a heated embrace, protecting him from the

chill of the night, as they made love under the stars

'Would fate have us live a life as one' she asked him as they lay side by side, 'or is this love's blind chance?'

She turned her head towards him; he was smiling at her silently.

'Look' she whispered, facing ahead again towards the sky, 'a shooting star.'

The tiny comet left a silver trail as it shot through the sky, before quickly disappearing.

'Are the stars not beautiful tonight?' she asked him, pointing upwards and reaching out as if wanting to touch them.

But Edward would not look at the sky, only at her.

'You're not looking' she pouted.

'You're right' he smirked at her. 'I'm looking at something far more beautiful.'

She rolled over on her side, hands together placed beneath her head as she watched him with a smile upon her lips.

'Edward…' she said. 'I'm so tired…' her eyelids drooped.

'Are you alright?' he asked with concern, reaching to touch her. 'You're boiling hot…your skin…'

'It's always like that' she said opening her eyes. 'Always.'

'You look exhausted.'

'I've not revealed my wings…' she mumbled to him, 'for a very long time…. It's….tiring.'

Her eyes closed again, and she fell still, breathing slowly.

Edward watched her for a moment, before sitting up and lifting her in his arms, making his way back to the boat and placing her gently down.

He returned the boat where they had found it, carrying her in his arms through the streets and back towards her home.

'It's alright' he said quickly to the ladies of the house as they began to protest in alarm. 'She's fine, she's just sleeping.'

They allowed him to take her to her room, watching from the doorway as he lay her down on her bed ever so carefully. He sat by her side, brushing back the hair from her face and leaning forward, kissing her forehead before leaving.

When he had gone, Lilith's sisters all went into her room to check on her.

'Sister? Lilith? Are you well?'

'I've never been happier' she mumbled to them without opening her eyes. 'But I'm….so tired….'

Satisfied she was well they left her alone, closing the door and leaving her in silence.

The next morning, she rose early, full of life and joy. She strolled from her room humming to herself, making her way to the dressing room to choose a dress to wear that day. She entered the room with a spring in her step, but slowed quickly, seeing her sisters around her sitting about the room. Normally they would be talking animatedly together, laughing and joking and smiling. Now they sat in sullen silence.

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