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   Chapter 33 No.33

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He lifted her from the bench, carrying her in his arms and into the woods. They made love again beneath the canopy of the trees, Edward being oh so gentle with her.

Afterwards they lay side by side in the warm night, sleeping for hours on the forest floor, until Edward took her home, kissing her one last time before slipping into the night.

Over the weeks that followed, her love for Edward had blossomed, and with it, a growing concern. A fear stirred in her heart, and she worried that he would leave her, like William had, when he found out what she really was.

She thought to herself, that it might break the relationship, but she couldn't continue with the way things were, knowing this secret in her heart might change him. If she were to lose him, she would rather it sooner, or else the heartache might be worse.

And so, that evening she wrote him a letter.

Later that night, Edward came to her room to find her. Instead in her place he found a note written by her. It said that she had something important to tell him, and that she wanted to meet him at the bridge over the canal by the bakery. He knew the place, and so, he set out to find her.

Lilith waited for him on the bridge, heart racing, and thoughts of how best to tell him running over and over again in her mind. She held her hands tightly together to stop them from shaking, feeling her palms beginning to sweat.

She took a slow and steady breath, but it was not enough to calm her. When she saw Edward approaching her, her heart leapt in her chest, and she began to feel terrified.

I'm going to lose him forever…

'What a pleasant evening we find ourselves' he declared to her. 'What a fine time it is to be alone together.'

'Edward' she said firmly, turning to face him. 'There is something important I have to tell you.'

'As your letter stated' Edward waved her away. 'Let's first go for a boat ride.'


'Why else would you ask to meet by the canal if not for a boat ride?'

'I thought….' she began.

'You thought correct!' Edward interrupted her happily. 'I would love to sail these gentle waters with you by my side.'

Lilith began to feel sick, and she felt that complying with him would make hearing the news even harder when she finally told him.

'I really think…'

'Don't think' he whispered seductively to her, placing his fingers on her lips to silence her. 'Just listen to me. Just trust me.'

A short time later, and they had taken one of the boats docked at the small harbour, and were gently gliding across the waters. Edward was staring at Lilith in silence; Lilith was staring at the water.

'You're very quiet tonight.'

'There is much to worry about for me' Lilith said to the water. 'Fear and worry wracks my mind.'

'Fear?' Edward sighed. 'I suppose I should hear what you wanted to say to me.'

He tilted his head at her, leaning back in the boat.

'So?' he said after a time. 'What was it you wanted to tell me?'

'A growing concern in my heart' Lilith replied. 'Edward…' she said turning to him. 'I am not like other people. Most if they knew what I was would call me a freak. I am…….I am…….'

She could not bring herself to say it out loud, and so she allowed herself to show him instead.

She resigned herself, taking a deep breath and in her mind preparing for the inevitable.

She released them.

From her back grew forth great wings, unfurling and stretching towards the sky.

'You're…' Edward started in shock.

'Yes' Lilith answered, unable to look him in the eye. 'An angel. A fallen angel. A usurper and betrayer of god……there is no place for me in heaven nor on earth.

'I don't believe in such things' Edward answered.

Lilith lifted her gaze, meeting his at last.

'How many other people have you shown?'

'I…' she began. 'None.'

'When was the last time you revealed them?'

Lilith bit her lip nervously.

'Not since I was born' she whispered. 'That's why…my mother rejected me. Because I was born with wings.'

'So you've never flown? Not in your entire life?'

'No' Lilith said weakly. 'My father would never allow it. He didn't even want to see them.'


He reached out to touch them; Lilith tensed as his hand drew nearer her, flinching slightly as his fingers touched her feathers.

'They're so beautiful' Edward said, running his fingers down her wings as if he were playing a harp.

'What?' Lilith breathed.

'They're beautiful' Edward repeated, loudly more firmly this time.

'Do you really think so?'

'I know it.'

Lilith gleamed at him. 'They've caused me…problems in the past, like a curse.'

'These wings are no curse' Edward told her. 'They are a gift. I know you are different to other people, but your differences are not something you should feel ashamed of, but something you should cherish, and hold dear.'

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