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   Chapter 32 No.32

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Lilith smiled with joy as she watched the birds flutter about them, laughing at Edward who had several on his head.

After that, they slipped away to share a secret moment together in the woods, holding each other, enveloped deep in a kiss. They sat together in silence for an age in each other's arms, simply experiencing all that was around them, each enjoying the others company.

They left only when it began to grow dark, Lilith meeting a group of her sisters along the way as Edward walked her home. They saw Lilith and Edward together, giggling and waving at them. Lilith simply frowned in amusement as they went by, pulling Edward so they did not stop.

He walked with her up the steps of their home, pausing at the door.

'It's been fun' he told her.

'Yes it has' she beamed back.

'I hope we can do it again.'

'I hope so too' she replied.

Edward held her hands in his, holding them to his chest. He leant forward as Lilith raised her head, kissing her one last time before they parted ways.

'Until next time' he said to her, drifting back down the path towards the street.

'I'll be waiting' Lilith gleamed, backing towards the front door.

'Goodnight' he said to her, before turning and striding away.

'Goodnight' Lilith whispered after him, before placing a hand on the door and pushing it open.

The servants as usual greeted her at the door, enquiring if there was anything she needed, but Lilith shook her off. When she reached the changing room upstairs, the mood amongst her sisters felt a little different.

'Is everything alright?' she asked one of her sisters.

'Almost' the sister named Classic replied. She had pale skin and wavy hair that was pure white like Lilith's. 'Claret's fallen ill. She won't be taking any clients tonight.'

'Is she alright?' Lilith asked with worry laced in her voice.

'You can go see her if you like' Classic said. 'She's in her room.'

Lilith went to do so immediately.

'I didn't think you would come to visit me' Claret said to her when Lilith entered her room.

'You're my sister' Lilith told her. 'Of course I'd come to visit you.'

Claret smiled weakly, letting out a sigh and holding her hand to her forehead.

'Thank you…' she whispered.

'How are you feeling?' Lilith asked her.

Claret drew a shuddering breath.

'Cold…' she replied.

Lilith leant forward to touch her hand.

'Your skin is freezing' she uttered, drawing


Claret lay in bed, with several blankets already over her, and within the room it was very warm.

'I'll go get you another blanket' Lilith whispered turning away.

She returned shortly after with several, placing them over Claret.

'Thank you' Claret whispered. 'That's awfully kind….'

'Do you want anything else?' Lilith worried. 'Are you hungry?'

'No….I don't think my body could manage to eat anything right now.'

'If there is anything else I could get you' Lilith went on, please say so.

'I will' Claret said.

Lilith straightened. 'I should go now, I have clients tonight.'

'How did your day with Edward go today?'

'Great' Lilith smiled.

Claret blinked slowly. 'Good' she said. 'I'm glad.'

She closed her eyes as if to sleep.

'Are you going to be ok?' Lilith asked.

Claret opened her eyes again.

'I'll be fine' she told him. 'You'll see, in no time at all I will be myself again, and you'll want to get away from me.'

Lilith chuckled to herself at this.

'Goodnight then' she said to Claret, leaning forward and kissing her forehead. 'I hope you get well soon.'

'I promise I will' Claret uttered wearily back. 'Then I will have my way with you.'

'Goodnight Claret' Lilith said sternly, slipping out the room and closing the door after her.

Claret would spend the next few weeks in bed, being cared for by her sisters, and visited often by doctors who still were unable to help her.

They visited now only as habit, and to check on her condition.

Lilith went to her own room to change and did so quickly before her first client arrived.

'I've been waiting for you' she told him seductively. 'Come now, don't linger in doorways, there's much pleasure to be found in here.'

He approached her.

The man took her hand in his, pushing her onto the bed and leaning over her. He made love to her, Lilith arching her back and moaning as he moved inside her, all the while thinking of Edward.

She met with Edward again the next day, unable to keep him from her thoughts. They spent that evening together in the park, staying out late into the night. They sat on a bench beneath the full moon, watching the fireflies floating through the air around them.

Edward caressed her gently, pulling her close.

'Lilith' he whispered into her ear. '…I love you.'

She shuddered as she heard this, her heart racing.

'I love you too' she breathed, heart swelling.

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