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   Chapter 31 No.31

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'Well, I moved out of my parent's home when I was seventeen. My uncle offered me an apprenticeship as a shoe-maker, it was surprising good pay. I remember the day I first left, my mother, bless her; she was in tears as if she'd never see me again. I remember when I woke that morning…….'

They talked for hours together, each asking the other many questions and finding out much about the other.

The day outside began to darken, and after a time, Edward turned towards the window.

'I should go. We should meet again' Edward said rising. 'Perhaps next time' he turned back to her with a wink, 'you should visit me.'

'I'd like that' she smiled.

'And perhaps…' he added, 'you can think on my offer.'


'My feelings for you' he clarified. 'I…I really care about you…'

He bent forward, brushing her hair back and kissing her on the cheek, before straightening again.

'Until next time' he said. 'Goodbye Lilith.'

'Goodbye' she mumbled at him, watching him as he left.

She sat there for many minutes, until there came a knock on the door.

'Lilith?' it was Charlotte's voice. 'I saw a man leave your room. Are you ready for your next client?'

'Send him away' Lilith called through the closed door. 'I am taking no more clients tonight.'

'I heard you refused to take any more clients last night' Claret told her the next morning at the first possible opportunity. 'It's that Edward again isn't it. You've fallen in love with him.'

'So what if I have' Lilith said stubbornly. 'I heard it was none of your business.'

'But how will you manage such a thing?'

'I will manage' Lilith answered defensively, folding her arms.

'You know it's a conflict of interest right?'

'Claret' Lilith sighed. 'Must you go on? Your words are tiring me now.'

But' Claret persisted, 'you've intrigued me ever further. Who is this man?'

'I have to go' Lilith replied, having finished getting ready and rising from her chair, she headed out of the dressing room.

'You're going to meet him aren't you?' Claret called after her.

Lilith didn't answer, only waved back at her before slipping out of the room.

She left her home, marching through the streets with pride. She looked as always elegant and graceful. Today wearing a dress of deep purple, with a tight black corset and her white hair tied neatly up behind her head. Her shoulders were left bare, and around her neck she wore a necklace made of large amethyst stones set in silver.

She found Edward waiting for her beneath the clock tower where they had agreed to meet. He was dressed handsomely in a fine dark waistcoa

t and fitting clothes.

She sauntered up to him, and he turned towards her, spotting her from a distance.

'My lady' he said to her, taking her hand and kissing it as she curtsied to him. 'You look beautiful.'

She glanced up at him, behind her dark painted eyes.

'I was about to say the same thing about you' she replied.

He flashed her a smile, offering his arm for her to take. Lilith did so graciously, and the two walked together through the streets of the town, side by side.

It was a leisurely stroll as they made their way through the town and towards the park, Edward and Lilith's steps matching one another's, until Lilith slowed.

She turned to look to her side, seeing an old man wearing rags and sitting huddled against the wall. As she watched him, he coughed violently into a rag, leaving black flecks on the cloth.

He shivered violently, even though it was a warm day.

'Don't worry yourself with such things' Edward told her watching her. 'We shouldn't get involved.'

'That poor man.'

'He's sick' Edward whispered urgently under his breath. 'You shouldn't…'

She cut him off, placing her fingers over his lips.

Lilith took her shawl off from around her, bundling it up and approaching the old man.

The beggar continued to shiver as he raised his head, watching her with a distant glazed expression. He looked sickly pale.

Lilith crouched before him, offering the shawl for him to take. Tucked away inside was a small pile of coins, enough to live on comfortably for weeks.

'Take it' Lilith whispered to him. 'It's yours.'

The old man trembled violently; he lifted shaking hands hesitantly towards her, cupping the purple shawl.

Lilith let it slip from her fingers.

'There's enough to buy some medicine' she told him. 'There's enough to seek professional help.'

The old man stared back at her blearily, blinking several times.

Lilith rose, returning to Edward's side.

'That was a noble act' Edward said.

'I won't stand by and do nothing while others suffer' Lilith told him, 'not if I can do something about it.'

He smiled kindly at her. 'That's the Lilith I love' he said. 'I've never met a kinder or more interesting person than you.'

Lilith turned away at this, blushing.

They spent the whole of that day in the park, walking the woods and the lakes at the edge of the town.

They had a picnic, watched an entertainer from the street juggle for them, fed the swans by the lakes and fed the sparrows in the woods from their hands. The little birds were incredibly tame, and would even hop up your arm to sit on your shoulder.

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