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   Chapter 29 No.29

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'Stop it' Bebe hissed. 'It's annoying.'

'I'm just having some fun' Sapphire said in her defence.

'Well do it elsewhere' Bebe said in an angry whisper. 'We're not working.'

Sapphire sighed dramatically, turning away and beginning to fan herself.

Beside them Lilith watched as the show began.

The show was a romantic comedy, about seven men professing their love for a man's daughter, but the father finding none of them worthy. So the father set tasks for each of them to prove their worth, most of which the men would fail in amusing ways, for the tasks themselves were impossible. Only one man was able to succeed through the tasks, not by completion, but by trickery. It was towards the end of the performance, when this one man, cleverer than all the rest, stood at the top of a cliff, on the stage a set of stairs painted and disguised as a mountain. The task was to reach the moon and bring it back as a gift for the daughter. Each of the previous six men had failed of course, and as the audience laughed and clapped their approval, the final man stepped forward to complete the task. He was a tall and slender figure, dressed in a purple suit with his face hidden by a laughing mask, as he made a mockery of the father's tasks. He stood at the height of the cliff, or in this case, the set of stairs, delivering a speech as he professed his love for the daughter. The moon, a hanging prop just out of reach, shone brightly above all their heads as the audience listened to the clever man speak. He faltered suddenly; the audience hanging onto his every word began to murmur amongst themselves at the pause. The clever man gathered himself, and continued, starting his sentence from the beginning, but again he couldn't finish.

Lilith as she watched furrowed her brow, her sisters either side of her glancing at each other.

The purpled dressed figure on the stage laughed suddenly, as if it had been nothing, and once again began his sentence over. But suddenly he stumbled, foot slipping off the top of the stairs. He fell down to the stage, and all the actors suddenly rushed to him, exclaiming and fussing to see if he was alright. The actor removed his laughing mask, and the audience all gasped in shock at the sight of him. His face was pale and sickly-looking, his skin flaking away. He began to shiver violently, as if he were freezing, despite many of those around him wearing short sleeves. His hand went to his mouth suddenly, his body convulsed, and he threw up what looked like thick-black sludge.

'The show is over!' one of the actors called, trying to shield the man from t

he audience, standing before him with his arms out. 'Hurry! Someone close the curtains!'

'I just want to put it from my mind' Lilith said to the others as they rode in the carriage back to their home. 'I want to just forget about this whole nasty business.'

'Me too' Bebe said glumly. 'It was horrible. What do you think was wrong with him?'

'Let's just…go home' Lilith said quietly, not wishing for an answer. 'I have a client tonight anyway.'

'Tonight is ages away' Sonya told her. 'We have hours yet, why don't we…?'

'No' Lilith interrupted. 'Just leave me be.' She turned from them towards the window, staring out at the town go by.

'Lilith?' Sapphire spoke up. 'Are you alright?'

'I'm fine' she mumbled. 'If you have plans….just make them between yourselves. I wish to be left alone.'

The carriage pulled up before their home shortly after, and Lilith was the first out, walking briskly towards the building, handing her shawl to the servants waiting inside to receive them and marching quickly upstairs before anyone could ask her another question.

When she entered her room however, she was pleasantly surprised to find Edward waiting for her.

He turned to her, with the same gentle expression as he had the night before, and smiled.

'I…had to see you.'

'I must say I wasn't expecting this' she said suddenly flustered. 'I…I thought my client was coming later….tonight….I mean…'

'I couldn't wait until tonight' Edward told her. 'You…left an impression on me' Edward confessed.

'As you did with me' Lilith beamed, gliding towards him having gathered herself. 'We can start early. Here' she said, reaching to unbutton his shirt, 'let me help you.'

'No' Edward said, grasping her hand gently. 'I…I want to talk with you.'


He smiled.

'I want to get to know you' he said.

Lilith gave a nod. 'Alright then. Let me get us something to drink.'

'No' Edward said again. 'I want a clear head.'

'Very well' Lilith continued not missing a step. She reached the drinks cabinet, sifting through several bottles before finding the right one and pouring them each a glass.

'Here' Lilith said handing it to him. 'Relax' she smiled when he hesitated, 'it's just honey water.'

Edward took it from her gratefully, downing it immediately and placing it upon the bedside table.

'Oh' Lilith coughed into her hand. She suddenly got the impression that he drank it to get rid of it, and that he didn't really want it at all.

She placed her own glass back down again without drinking.

'Is there something specific you wanted from me?' she asked him.

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