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   Chapter 28 No.28

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'It only fine around men' Lilith said, pulling the sheets up to her neck so that they covered her whole body. 'And only if there is one.'

'But I'm only one here.'

'You're not a man.'


Claret sat on the edge of her bed, leaning towards her.

'Are you hiding something?' she teased. 'I would love to know what it is. Is it a secret? Are you keeping secrets from me?'

'There's a lot about me that you don't know' Lilith told her, leaning back and away from her as Claret leant closer. 'And it's none of your business if I choose not to tell you.'

'Oh? But that only makes you all the more curious to me. Your secrets make me burn with interest and desire.'


'Oh yes' Claret purred, leaning closer again. 'You are very interesting.'

'Be interested by yourself then' Lilith said pushing her back, 'and give me space.'

Claret only giggled, grabbing her by the wrists and pushing her back on the bed.

'Get off me Claret.

'But why? I want to have some fun with you.'

'I don't like girls' Lilith objected 'You know that.

'Oh Lilith' she giggled again. 'The more you resist, the more it makes me think you are denying yourself a secret desire. You want me. Admit it.'

'I do not.'

'You do.'

'I do not.'

Claret giggled again, leaning forward to kiss her.

Lilith broke away before their lips could touch, fleeing to the other side of the room.

'Get away from me Claret.'

'Come here' Claret teased, 'let me help you undress.'

'Don't touch me!'

Claret began to chase her around the room, giggling joyfully all the while, jumping over the bed as she pursued her, until Charlotte appeared in the open doorway and rescued Lilith.

'Claret' came her voice sternly. 'Leave her be please.'

'Awwww' Claret whined, slowing to a stop. 'But I was having fun.' She turned back to Lilith, winking then. 'Next time perhaps.'

She sauntered from the room.

'Thank you' Lilith breathed, shoulders slumped. 'It looks like I owe you a favour.'

'I just happened to be in the right place' Charlotte nodded to her. 'I'll leave you to your business' she said, closing the door and giving Lilith at last her privacy again.

About half an hour later and Lilith was ready to go. She had to rush to make it on time, but managed to make herself presentable. Her white hair was washed and dried and tied up in

a plate that was pinned behind her head, leaving her beautiful long neck free and shoulders bare. The dress she wore was striking, low cut, tight fitting and coloured deep blue. Her favourite colour.

'Lilith, hurry up.'

Lilith grabbed her shawl as she hurried through the door, answering Sonya's call, her heels clicking on the cobbled stone streets as she ran towards the carriage.

Sonya leant back from the door she held open, allowing Lilith to climb into the carriage and take a seat, closing the door after her.

'I'm sorry' she panted, fanning herself. 'I didn't mean to keep you waiting.'

'It's alright sister' Bebe answered sitting opposite her; she wore an ostentatious bright yellow dress that matched her yellow painted eyes and yellow hair.

'You look like a flower' Lilith beamed at her.

'Do you like it?' Bebe asked her, patting the skirt of her dress down. 'I bought it yesterday.'

'You always wear the same colours' Sonya grumbled, leaning into her palm as the carriage jolted into motion. 'Cant you be a little different?' she asked Bebe.

'Why would I want to be different' Bebe said waving her away, 'when I like who I am?'

'You don't complain about Lilith always wearing blue' Sapphire, the red haired sister spoke.

'I wear other colours sometimes' Lilith said in protest. She giggled then, glancing at Bebe, Sonya and Sapphire. 'My sisters' she smiled. 'You all look so beautiful today.'

'We look beautiful everyday' Sapphire said, eyes glinting at her.

'And you're no slouch yourself' Bebe said slapping her shoulder. 'No wonder such a princely figure has fallen for you.'

'Princely figure?' Lilith echoed.

'That man last night…Edward was it?'

'Oh him' Lilith said. 'I had all but forgotten about him.'

'Lair' Bebe smirked.

'It's true!'

'Let us not raise our voices' Sapphire waved at them, 'and let us not speak of clients. We have time off for us to enjoy ourselves. I don't want to think about work.'

'Me neither' Sonya added, playing with an earring. 'I'm excited about this show. Oh it's going to be so much fun!' she said clapping her hands.

They reached the theatre, and filled into their seats, from the highest seats at the back, they had the best view of the show. Sapphire instantly began to flirt with a man a few rows down, giving him looks and pretending to blush.

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