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   Chapter 27 No.27

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Beside her Edward smirked. He rose quickly from the bed, beginning to change.

'Wait' she whispered to him as he made to leave. 'My name' she said. 'It's Lilith.'

'I know' he said turning back to her with a knowing grin. 'Your sisters told me.'

He bowed his head to her, picking up his waistcoat before leaving, casting her one last look before he closed the door behind him.

After he had gone, Lilith let out a heavy sigh, falling back on the bed and smiling, holding her hands over her heart. She lay there on the bed for minutes, completely naked, feeling a wave of different emotions coursing through her.

She opened her eyes, at last, staring up at the ceiling at the many coloured floating crystals that hung from strings from the beams.

She sighed again deeply, feeling his name on her breath as she spoke it.

'Edward' she smiled gleefully. 'What have you done to me?'

She was deeply distracted that evening. Several times her sisters had to repeat themselves when they spoke to her, and on one occasion, shake her back to the real world.

'What has gotten into you today?' Bebe asked her, removing her hand from her shoulder. 'I hope your fantasies are pleasant ones, because you are spending a lot of time with them.'

They were in the dressing room at this time, preparing for bed.

'I'm sorry' Lilith said, tucking a strand of her white hair behind her ear. 'I was just…I mean…'

'You know' Claret began. 'You've been acting giddy like this ever since that gentleman left your room earlier. Did he do something to you?' Maybe he put you under a spell.'

'I am under no spell' Lilith frowned.

'I wouldn't be so sure' Claret teased.

'What did I tell you about trying to analyse me Claret?' Lilith waved a finger at her. 'I'm not going to give into your games.'

'Just ignore her Lilith' her sister from beside her answered. Sapphire untied her red hair, letting it fall around her shoulders. She admired herself in the mirror briefly, before turning to Lilith. 'She's just jealous.'

'Jealous?' Claret echoed. 'Why would I be jealous?'

'Did you see him?' Sapphire said to Claret. 'What am I saying, of course you saw him, we both did, and I must say' she spoke turning to Lilith now. 'What a handsome young man indeed.' She pulled her dress over her shoulders then, almost completely naked as she crossed the room for her nightdress.

'He asked us your name you know' Sonya cut in.

'It doesn't matter' Lilith waved dismissively at the others. 'It's unlikely I will ever see him again, and if I do, it's

probably because he will be visiting one of you.'

'Do you think so?' Bebe asked enthusiastically. 'I would very much like to receive him.'

'I'm sure you would' Claret frowned.

'It's getting late' Lilith sighed. She was already in her white nightdress. 'I'm going to bed. Goodnight all of you.'

'Are you coming to the theatre with us tomorrow Lilith?' Bebe asked her.

'Sure. What time?'

'Four, or thereabouts.'

'Alright. I'll be there. Sleep well my sisters.'

Lilith returned to her room alone. She lay in bed; the sheets had been changed to fresh ones. She wrapped the blankets tight around her, glancing at the clock on the wall. It was three in the morning. The people in this house always went to bed late because of the manner of their work, and as a result always woke late also. She would not normally wake in the mornings until at least ten, when she would begin her day.

Chapter Eleven

As Days Go By


Lilith started awake, being abruptly ripped from her peaceful sleep and soothing dreams she blinked about her in confusion, wondering whose voice she had heard.

'Lilith!' came the voice again.

Lilith was just sitting up, when something bounced off her head.

'Aaaaaarrrr' she growl. 'Who is that? Why am I woken so rudely and so early?'

'It's not early' Claret sang, standing in the open doorway. 'It's nearly eleven.'

Lilith grumbled to herself, sitting up in bed and staring at the ball that rested on her lap now, the thing that had bounced off her head.

'Why are you throwing things at me?' Lilith glared at her.

'It woke you up didn't it?'

Claret, her tall and skinny sister, was dressed in a brown and black striped dress with a tight corset that matched. Her eyes were painted dark as usual, and she wore long black gloves of laced material.

'It's time to get up' Claret said glowing at her. 'The show at the theatre will start soon.'

'I thought the theatre was at four' Lilith protested.

'Change of plan' Claret beamed. 'It's at twelve.'


'Yeah. You'd better get ready, and be quick about it' Claret grinned widely at her.

'Then get out' Lilith glowered. 'I need to change.'

'Pardon?' Claret laughed.

'I need to dress' Lilith repeated. 'Will you please get out?'

Instead Claret did the opposite, stepping into her room with her hands on her hips. 'How many men have you had' Claret asked him. 'Come now, we are all girls here. Why are you so coy about being naked? That doesn't fit with the manner of your profession at all.'

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