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   Chapter 26 No.26

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'What sort of beast?' Edward asked curiously. 'A deer? A boar?'

'A dragon.'

'A dragon?'

'Yes' Lilith smiled, 'like the kind you read about in fairy tales. Large leathery wings…fire-breathing…lots of scales…lots of teeth.' She frowned in thought. 'A truly vicious creature it was, with death in its eyes.'

'What were you doing walking in a forest with a dragon?'

'I was looking for gold' Lilith confessed. 'I brought a silver sword with me to defend myself, but alas, the creature was too much for even me to handle. And so I had to run away. I stumbled and fell off a cliff. The thorns that grew out of the rocks scratched my face on the way down, and I've had these scars ever since.'

'A truly fascinating story' Edward said scratching his chin, 'and one I certainly don't doubt the credibility of.'

'I have had…' Lilith admitted, 'an eventful life.' This at least was the truth.

He moved swiftly then, using his weight to push her back on the bed. Lilith gasped in surprise, lifting her hand up suddenly to steady the wine-glass she held, careful not to spill it.

'Let me take that from you' Edward said carefully as he plucked the glass from her fingers and placed it on the table beside the bed. 'There' he said. 'That's better.' He regarded her closely. 'Now. What must I do…' he said, as he slowly lifted the skirt of her dress up her leg, '…for you to tell me your name?'

'Well' Lilith replied out of breath. 'I can think of…a few things…'

He moved himself on top of her then, seemingly suddenly possessed by a powerful lust. Lilith drew a sharp intake of breath as he began to bite at her.

'No' she whispered to him. 'You must not mark me.'

He leant back then, looking into her face.

'You're right. I must not mark such a beautiful flower.'

Lilith blushed as she gazed up at him. She wrapped her arms around the back of his neck, pulling him closer into a kiss.

A fire burned within her as the two became evermore passionate. Lilith's breath came as a shudder as he tore at her clothes, pulling the dress down her shoulders to get to her. Lilith's head swung back as his nails ran down her back. She turned over, so he could untie the rest of her dress and pull it from her. She drew away from him, crawling backwards up the bed and beaconing for him to follow. He began to unbutton his shirt, never taking his eyes from her as he did so. She moved closer towards him, running her fingers over his smooth chest

. His skin was cool like marble and she saw then how lean and muscular he was. His body was beautiful, and perfect, just like the rest of him.

She helped him slip his shirt over his shoulders, and lose the rest his garments before he joined her on the bed.

Lilith leant back as he came bearing down on her. He hesitated for a moment, touching his thumb to his lips in thought as he considered her, eyes roving all over her, taking in ever last detail.

'You're beautiful' he said.

'I was about to say the same about you' Lilith gasped beneath him.

Her hands tightened on the bed sheets beneath her.

'I want you' she breathed, running a hand between her own thighs.

Edward smirked.

He lay down beside her, propped up on an elbow facing her.

'You're just teasing me now aren't you?'

'Is there anything wrong with that?'

'Normally it's me who's doing the teasing' she said to him. 'I'm not used to it being the other way around.'

'I know.' His eyes glinted as he said this. 'I thought it would be nice for you to try something different.'

He moved closer to her, leaning over her with an arm resting across her chest so she could not move.

'I know what you like' he breathed into her ear. 'I know what you want.' He smirked. 'Let me give it to you.'

She drew a sudden sharp intake of breath as he slipped his fingers between her legs, throwing her head back and arching her back. She grasped tightly onto the sheets above her head.

Edward held her down as he worked; smiling as her body tensed and she began to moan.

He moved quickly until she was finished, leaning back as she lay gasping heavily and shaking on the bed, her skin a hot flush. But he gave her little pause, leaning over her again and pulling her legs apart.

'My turn' he whispered to her.

He moved on top of her fully now, moving his hand back between her legs. Lilith tensed again as he pushed inside her, smiling up at him with red cheeks.

He lifted her knees up, running his hand over her chest as he thrust forwards. Lilith moaned in pleasure as Edward moved faster, leaning down and kissing her deeply as he continued.

Outside her door Lilith's sisters began to gather, leaning with their ears pressed against the woods.

'What's he doing to her in there?' Bebe mumbled.

'Whatever it is' Claret said beside her, 'I'm jealous.'

A short time later, the two collapsed on the bed.

'That was….' Lilith gasped, '…incredible.'

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