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   Chapter 25 No.25

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Lilith's plate fell free down her back, he took it, placing it over her shoulder for him to see.

'There' he spoke softly. 'That's better.'

Lilith's breath caught in her throat. For a moment she wasn't sure what to do. She had never met a client so bold and confident. He knew what he was doing, and was as charming as she had been trained to be.

'What is your name?' she asked him.


She purred under her breath approvingly, eyes glinting with warmth.

'Here' she said, circling around him and placing her hands on the shoulders of his waistcoat. 'Let me take this for you.'

'You're trying to undress me already?' he smirked, submitting as she slipped the waistcoat off him.

She chuckled lightly, unable to hold it back.

'We've only just met' Edward went on. 'Shouldn't we exchange names first? I still don't know what you're called.'

'Well' Lilith smiled playfully. 'I feel now I have some power over you.'

He grabbed her then. Suddenly and unexpectedly, shoving her against the wall and pressing his body against hers. Lilith's breath caught in her throat as she stared in surprise back at him.

He was so close to her, she could feel his warm breath on her lips; her heart was racing as he held her wrists up against the wall.

'Do you feel powerful now?' he spoke with a hint of a growl in his voice, holding her tight.

Lilith could only stare back wordlessly.

He smirked at her, before letting go and stepping back.

'Don't worry' he said, sitting back on the bed. 'I promise not to hurt you.'

Lilith was forced to calm her breath. She had never had a client so confident, had never had a client so forward that took the lead. She thought quickly then that she had to take the lead.

She smirked back at him, turning her back on his carelessly and moving towards the drinks cabinet in the corner of the room.

'I think we both need something to help us relax' she said as she poured each of them a glass of red wine.

She sauntered over towards the bed he sat, handing him the tall flute. She sat next to him and crossed her leg over the other, leaning back onto the bed, resting with one hand upon the luxurious blankets, and the other holding the flute.

'Tell me something exciting' she said to Edward.

'When I was young' Edward began, 'I went walking on my own one day. I was not supposed to, my mother was ever so protective of me, but I was very curious about the world in my younger

days. My parents were often angry at me for not listening, and I often got in trouble, but I couldn't resist.'

'And?' Lilith sang happily. 'What did you see?'

Edward flashed a sly grin towards her, before turning away and continuing.

'I would often sneak into the manor of the rich lord that lived nearby and steal all sorts of things to make my family's life better. We were not very well off for money at the time. But after a while I think the lord of the manor was cottoning on, and one day, I saw a great knight on his land. Terrifying he was!' Edward said dramatically. 'A hulking giant of a man, he had a terrible burn that scorched half his face and body. I remember his bare are reaching out for me and that dreadful damaged skin…diseased it looked, and sickly. I managed to escape, but not before a slew the beast where he stood.'

'How?' Lilith said in wonder. 'How did you achieve such a thing?'

'There was a pulley system' Edward explained, 'in the barn where I fled, that was used to hoist up great bales of hay on a large platform to a higher level. I lured the beast to the right spot, and cut the rope that held the platform up, killing him where he stood. He died, but not before he shouted his fury and curses at me. I hear his voice, even today. His body died that day, but his anger still lives, and followed me…'

'That is a wonderful story' Lilith gleamed at him. 'I am frightened now. I hope his spirit doesn't find us here.'

'Oh no' Edward shook his head. 'He only comes when you are most vulnerable. At night, when you sleep.'

'I hope I am safe tonight' Lilith answered. 'You are giving me shivers.'

'Oh don't worry' Edward reassured her. 'He only comes for me. His anger and lust for revenge is never ending. He will get me one day, of that I am sure. But not until I am old and grey, and am ready to be taken.' He smirked at her. 'If he were alive now, I could take him on again, and win.'

When he was finished with his tale, he drained the rest of his wine, placing it on the bedside table. Lilith's heart skipped as he leant over her to reach.

He straightened up again.

'It's your turn now' he said to her. 'You tell me an exciting story. How did you get those scars on your face?'

Lilith stared off into nothing for a moment in thought. Then she spoke.'

'When I was young' she began, 'I was foolish enough to get myself lost in the woods one day, and I stumbled across a strange beast.'

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