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   Chapter 24 No.24

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They obeyed silently and went away.

'Shopping again Lilith?' one of her sisters sighed, sitting on a chair and leaning towards a mirror, tending to her makeup. 'What have you bought this time?'

'Many wonderful things' Lilith smiled with a playful curtsey. 'Dresses and dresses and gold and mirrors and combs.'

'At this rate you will need a new room to put it all' Sonya replied without looking back. 'And I don't think Charlotte will allow that.'

'I wouldn't expect her to' Lilith replied.

Each sister had her own cupboard in the large dressing room, Lilith went to her own, and quickly tried on a new dress she had bought the day before, a dress she intended to work in.

'What do you think?' she asked Sonya. 'Do you think he will like it?'

Sonya put down her brush, and turned to Lilith.

Sonya was a dark-skinned exotic beauty with almond eyes. She was much sought after, and by far the most requested. She spent more time turning clients away than tending to them these days, and still made more money than her sisters.

'It's beautiful' she said silkily. 'I'm jealous.'

'No you're not' Lilith scoffed.

'It is nice though' another sister spoke up, a scantily clad sister who dressed so to always show off the strange tattoos that covered her body. Bethany was her name. 'Where did you get it?'

'I'll show you tomorrow' Lilith said. 'I had this custom made.'

'Is that what you're wearing tonight?' a pale skinned sister asked. She had straight bright blonde hair that reached her jaw line, and always painted her eyes yellow. Her name was Bebe.

'Do you think he will like it?' Lilith asked, surveying herself in the mirror, tilting her head back and forth.

She wore a stunning, low-cut dress made of a shiny light blue and silver material. It clung to her body showing off her curves, and leaving her shoulders bare. She wore long gloves in a matching material, but no jewellery.

'Did you try it on in the shop?' Sonya asked.

'Of course I did' Lilith replied.

'Is that your favourite colour now?' Bebe asked. 'Blue?'

Lilith stared at her reflection; a slow smile crept across her face.

'It's wonderful having so many sisters' Lilith said gleefully. 'I haven't had a sister since…' she trailed off, thinking sadly of Lily and how much she missed her. But she told herself she must not be sad. Lily was most likely living happily back at home, and has most likely completely forgotten about her.

'Why won't you ever speak of your past?' Claret asked her.

'It's best forgotten about' Lilith replied sombrely.

'Is it really that b

ad?' Claret persisted.

'Like I said' Lilith smiled flatly. 'Best forgotten about.'

'I told you my story' Claret said.

'That doesn't mean I have to tell you mine' Lilith replied, pursing her lips as her temper shortened. 'This isn't a game you know.'

Lilith remembered the time Claret had first introduced herself. A strange looking woman she was, unusually tall and skinny, with hair one side short and blonde and the other side long and black. She had raised an eyebrow, the muscles in her thin face twitching.

'I'm Claret. I chose this life to spite my father. But I've decided I like is so much I may even stay forever. The money is especially satisfying. What's your story?'

Lilith had told almost nothing of her own past to anyone over the months she had been here. Not to Claret, or the other girls, or even Charlotte.

'One day' Claret said folding her skinny arms. 'One day you will tell me. I'm simply burning with curiosity. You are so interesting after all.'

'Thank you' Lilith replied sardonically.

'Such a curious puzzle you are' Claret was going on.

'Stop trying to analyze me' Lilith ordered. 'I find it most tiresome.'

'Hey Lilith' Sonya voiced. 'Don't you have a client soon? You don't want to keep him waiting do you?'

'Oh is that the time?' Lilith fussed. 'How do I look?' she asked her sisters.

'Beautiful as ever' Sapphire answered. Her red-haired sister.

'In time!' Claret called after her as Lilith sped through the door. It was typical of her to always have the last word. But Lilith didn't care much for her games.

She hurried down the corridor, pausing briefly to check herself in the mirror before entering the room. And that's when she saw him.

He was incredibly handsome, with wavy blonde hair and perfect features; he was like a prince out of a fairy tale. Lilith faltered at the sight of him, momentarily forgetting herself.

He turned towards her slowly, as the door to the bedroom swung shut behind her.

'You look beautiful.'

Lilith blushed despite herself. For a moment she averted her eyes, brushing a strand of white hair behind her ear, before remembering herself and meeting his gaze again.

She smiled seductively at him.

'I was about to say the same about you' she gleamed at him as she approached. Lilith stopped before him, smiling with soft eyes.

'I like the way you wear your hair' the man said.

Lilith's hair was plated and tied up behind her head, leaving her neck and shoulders exposed.

'Here' he said reaching behind her and pulling out the pin that held her hair up in place.

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