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   Chapter 23 No.23

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'I suppose I have' Lilith replied.

'Nevertheless' she went on. 'You are very beautiful, even with those scars.'

The two stared at each other silently for a moment.

'Can I help you at all?' Lilith asked her uncertainly looking up at her.

'As a matter of fact you can' the prostitute beamed, as if she had been waiting for the invitation. 'My name is Charlotte. I live around here.'

'My name is Lilith' Lilith said. 'I live around here also.'

'And that, is the point I was getting to' Charlotte smiled. 'May I sit beside you?'

Charlotte sat without waiting for a reply. 'I must say it isn't very comfortable here is it. And it's a bit wet.'

Lilith glanced to the side towards Charlotte wordlessly.

'How would you like a place to live with a roof and a soft bed?'

'In exchange for what?' Lilith asked slowly, though she knew the answer.

'We like women who are different. They are…interesting…desired.' She winked at Lilith cheekily. 'I could offer you a better life, in exchange for certain…services….'

'I….' Lilith began.

'You don't have to say anything' Charlotte spoke over her happily. 'You will be properly trained so on and so forth. Just say yes and you can begin a new and better life, sleeping in safety every night and all that. Food and a soft bed so on and so forth.' She leant into her. 'Our establishment has a lot of money; we could even find someone to look at your scars.' She smiled. 'So? Yes or no?'

'Yes' Lilith replied without much pause. 'I suppose so.'

Charlotte squeezed her arm excitedly. 'You won't regret it. Trust me; this will be better for both of us.'

'Both of us?'

'Of course. I own the establishment. The most girls I have, the more money I make. Now come' Charlotte said rising. 'Let me help you up.'

Lilith allowed Charlotte to pull her to her feet.

'Walk with me' Charlotte said. 'And leave behind anything you once owned. You won't need it anymore.'

Many months passed, and Lilith's life was now much different than the one she had before. And she had come to find, much to her surprise, that she was actually happy.

She had accepted this new life, and fit into it far better than she could ever have imagined. Her work, was not only business and a way to keep a roof over her head and to eat, it was a way of life, and a life, which she shared with many women, just like her.

Everyone who lived in the house was each different in some way. Outcasts, those with strange habits or special talents. Foreign women, which were especially interesting to those who didn't travel, as they had unusual acc

ents and wonderful tales of other lands. Those who chose to decorate themselves with unusual appearances and styles, and those who naturally looked different. Like Lilith. And truly, for only the second time in her life since William, she felt like she belonged. She felt like she truly fit into this new life, was wanted, and welcomed.

Lilith returned to the house, two women dressed all in black with their hair covered followed after her, carrying the bags with all the things she had bought that day. Lilith had in this new life, more money of her own than she had ever had before. The house was a wonderful place, and she had gained many new sisters when she first moved in, some she preferred more than others, but all were good. In the house, that belonged to Charlotte, the one who owned the business, each woman had their own room where they conducted their business and slept on their own each night, or with a client. They were allowed to do what they like to the room, as long as it was positive and individual. Everything had to be approved by Charlotte, but all the women loved her, she was a kind caring person. She spent more time running the business than taking her own clients these days. She still worked nights sometimes, but inevitably, was aging. Most men chose the younger women, but at times she would still be requested, and she rarely turned them down.

The house was a public building in which everyone was allowed anywhere. And though each had their own rooms, all the women ate together in a communal dining room, prepared together in a large dressing room in the centre of the house, and relaxed together in a room that contained a warm hearth, many luxurious sofas and shelves full of books. In the cupboards in this room were many games like chess and card games that were stored away, and some especially childish games that were designed to always end sexually.

The women of the house were never bored, their work brought in good money, and even though half went to Charlotte for upkeep and her own pocket, the women were all well off. Many spent money on their own luxuries, like visiting the spar, the theatre, expensive parties of expensive gifts. And they were all waited on in the house, by only younger female servants, made to dress all in black, so as not to draw attention away from the women who were the centre of the business.

Lilith entered the large dressing room, nodding to the two servants who followed her carrying the bags.

'Just put those on the floor' she said to them. 'I will sort them out later when my client has gone.'

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